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Chateau Marmont Perched on the Sunset Strip hillside and modeled after a French villa, Chateau Marmont is perhaps Hollywood's most historic celebrity hideaway, most likely thanks to a staff known to turn a blind eye to outrageous behavior... Los Angeles United States 34.0978443 -118.3682744
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Chateau Marmont - Historic Bar | Hotel Bar | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Perched on the Sunset Strip hillside and modeled after a French villa, Chateau Marmont is perhaps Hollywood’s most historic celebrity hideaway, most likely thanks to a staff known to turn a blind eye to outrageous behavior... ... read full review

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    Daily 7am–11pm

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth Chateau Marmont Review

The Scene

Perched on the Sunset Strip hillside and modeled after a French villa, Chateau Marmont is perhaps Hollywood's most historic celebrity hideaway, most likely thanks to a staff known to turn a blind eye to outrageous behavior...

Perched on the Sunset Strip hillside and modeled after a French villa, Chateau Marmont is perhaps Hollywood’s most historic celebrity hideaway, most likely thanks to a staff known to turn a blind eye to outrageous behavior – after all, this is the place where John Belushi overdosed, Jim Morrison fell off the roof, and members of Led Zeppelin rode their motorcycles through the lobby.

Nowadays, this fairy-tale castle is usually full of mostly A-list guests from the worlds of fashion, music, and film who check in to enjoy a few lazy and luxurious days of international cuisine and poolside cocktails.

A vintage Hollywood lobby featuring gothic arches, antique lamps, and fringed velvet drapes provides a lush ambiance for the jet setters lounging on mismatched antique divans and armchairs, while the formal dining room and its opulent Viennese coffee house décor of antique chandeliers and brocade walls offers a handful of tables for diners in the mood for a gourmet meal.

Fashionable patrons who prefer to see and be seen, however, will want to make their way to the garden terrace, where industry people show up by day for power lunches or laid-back afternoon cocktails, and the crème de la crème flock in at night to loll on woven wicker chairs and sip cocktails amid the flowering vines, palm trees, tiki torches, and flickering candles.

One of the rare high-end venues that eschews the fickle nature of normal Hollywood hotspots, Chateau Marmont endures as a go-to spot where celebs can mix and mingle without fear of reading about their escapades in the gossip blogs the next day.

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Tip from Adriana:

Walk-ins aren’t usually admitted, so be sure to call and make a reservation before you go. Seats in the garden terrace usually get filled first, so it’s a good idea to reserve up to a week in advance.

  • Crowd

    A-listers and people from the film, fashion, and music industries, mid-20s to 50s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Pool for hotel guests only.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Menu of European-influenced entrées and shared plates including crab and avocado, grilled rosemary prawns, rustic lamb sandwiches, and lemon-roasted bass, served until 10:30pm. Reservations only.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $13–$25, entrées $25–$58. Beer $7+, wine $10+, cocktails $15. Valet $12/three hours or $28/over three hours.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Jeans are allowed, but guests are generally dressier: slacks, button-downs, dresses, heels.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any day for lunch, dinner, or after-work drinks, Sundays for brunch, and weekends for afternoon or early evening cocktails.

  • Close By

    Adjacent Bar Marmont (8171 West Sunset Boulevard) offers the same food menu and a more sociable, late-night drinking scene.

Chateau Marmont User Reviews

Average rating:
Hollywood Historic
Cmc Cristina C. Apr 30, 2013
Built in 1927 the Chateau Marmont captures old-world Hollywood while entertaining today's biggest stars. A chic and classy experience off of Sunset Blvd, with an illuminated "Chateau Marmont" sign. The hotel is set amidst a private garden, with panoramic views of star-studded Hollywood. Although on the expensive side, for a special night out in Hollywood this hotel proves to be a lovely setting. Captivating interior decor of a by gone era with an indoor bar, and restaurant terrace, known for being captured in a variety of shows and movies. Who know's perhaps you will catch a glimpse of a star roaming the grounds. I visited for my birthday and had a lovely dinner on the terrace, however, service does not exactly live up to the prestige and history the food is good and the ambiance is a wonder to treasure.
Kim D. Apr 1, 2013
Sorry if it's harsh, but Chateau is overrated. Unless you're a tourist, celebrity, or guest of the hotel, there are much better options in Los Angeles. It's beautiful, yes, but in an eccentric, vintage kind of way. The restaurant Garden is absolutely stunning, this is the only reason I may suggest going. With outstanding food and fantastic ambiance, the patio is hardly rivaled. However, for a hotel of this caliber, their customer service is pretty bad. Only visit Chateau Marmont if you have deep pockets and want to check it off the bucket list.
A Slice of Heaven On Earth
C B. Mar 19, 2013
Those on a budget: save your pennies for a meal here. The food and the valet parking is expensive. But it will be worth it… If you love the history of Hollywood, if you love celebrity sightings, if you love feeling like you’re at a castle in France, if you love eating a giant plate of French fries for dessert, if you love a relaxing, glorious, I’m-at-the-heart-of-it-all feeling, then go to the Chateau. Call to make reservations here at least a week in advance. (Make sure you go to the hotel, and not the crowded Bar Marmont just down the street.) Drive up to the hotel valet – just off Sunset Boulevard with a neon sign and usually a small line of taxis and black town cars. Walk back into the building, take a left, go up some stairs, and head to the host stand. The small bar area to your right and the indoor seating are both very nice, but if you can, get a table outside on the patio. That’s where everybody wants to be, and where the stars are usually tucked back in the corners. I had the luck of going on Golden Globes weekend, and had an overwhelmingly unforgettable experience. But if you’re not here to drool over celebrities, good for you. Enjoy the splendor of being tucked away amongst exotic flora while the walls of a white castle rise around you. You can’t really be an impatient person here. While the servers are well-informed, they often wander off for long periods of time — probably because they are used to giving the dining celebrities their space. And don’t get nervous, giggly, or awkward about being out of place here. I’ve seen celebrities themselves starstruck here, peering over their menus towards other tables, trying to figure out how to network and schmooze. But just sit back, relax, and enjoy every moment you’re at the Chateau. Pretend, for just a moment, that you belong here. And you will.
Allison M. Feb 4, 2013
SImply stepping into this lounge is romantic. The atmosphere is soothing, everywhere you look, more than likely, you are staring at a Hollywood star. The waiters and bartenders are some of the sweetest people I have ever met, they always really want to talk to you. But beware, if you are sitting next to Brad Pitt, you will not get service for a long while. It is pricey and rightly so. The most exciting part is simply walking around this private mansion, you truly feel like a star.
Nostalgic ambiance
Lina F. Jan 7, 2013
Absolutely the best lobby/bar in the city. It's a gorgeous hacienda-style room with cathedral ceilings. The couches are amazingly comfy, and you will not feel like leaving once you settle in to this infamous lounge. There is a piano, and waiter service. You can go into the small restaurant/bar, but I recommend staying out there in the great room. The rooms are nothing to write home about, in fact they're sort of 60's bunker feeling, but the history of this place makes its own sweet ambience. The location, on a knoll above the Sunset Strip, adds to its allure and its privacy. It's easy to see why it is a favored celebrity hangout. The place feels not like a hotel, but like a private mansion you happened to sneak into... Even if you're not staying here, it is a great idea to valet your car, pop in for a spell in the great room, and then wander down to Sunset Blvd for some fun. Your car will be safe and easy to find in the wee hours of the morning. It's not cheap to valet, but worth it. The nostalgic feeling is everywhere and we enjoyed knowing we sat, swam or ate in the exact places Hollywood legends - past and present - had years before! From warm cookie delivery and great room service, to meals on the terrace our family enjoyed our stay and royal treatment. We were able to "star-gaze" morning, noon, and night. Famous faces we saw during our stay were Heath Ledger, Ricky Munez, Josh Hartnett, Colin Firth, Sarah Gilbert, Jerry Stiller (who yelled at the kids), Nicky Kat, etc. This hotel is the most amazing place. It is more like an experience. Besides the history of celebrities and rock star parties, you feel like a rock star just walking in. It has the old hollywood style and extremely comfortable. Pool is amazing, bar is amazing and down bedding makes you never want to get out of bed and sleep all day feeling like a star. Don't hesitate to stay here.
Maggie W. Dec 9, 2012
If you love Stephanie Holmes and want to see her in her natural habitat I strongly advise visiting Chateau Marmont. You will catch her in various locations around the bar but she will definitely have cut the line to get in (she never waits). She can usually be found at the bar shmoozing and being shmoozed by the who's who of LA, and she will undoubtably look good.
Old Hollywood glamor
Nisha S. Dec 3, 2012
The Chateau Marmont screams Hollywood glamor. When you step out of your car onto the cobblestone driveway at the foot of the Hollywood hills, it makes you feel as if you’re about to enter a castle. The vintage, art-deco décor in the hotel gives it a cool vibe. There’s a small lobby area that’s great to sit down in and order tea on a rainy day. Around the corner is the restaurant, which features red and black booths and mirrored walls. There’s also a bar area that’s good for drinks at night. My favorite place to dine at the Chateau Marmont is outside. When you sit in the outdoor patio, you’re surrounded by lush greenery. The setting is totally calm and relaxing. You kind of feel like you’re in a secret hideout. The food at Chateau Marmont won’t disappoint. At lunch I like to get one of their salads like the beet salad or a burger and fries. For dinner, the gnocchi and branzino are tasty. I’ve never stayed overnight at the Chateau, but if you do happen to stay there, walk down to Bar Marmont, the hotel’s bar/lounge for some tasty mixology drinks. Tons of celebrities have been seen at the Chateau Marmont over the years. My most exciting celebrity spotting at Chateau Marmont was of Terry Richardson, my favorite fashion photographer.
A Landmark Los Angeles Scene
Reid S. Nov 29, 2012
The moment you enter Chateau Marmont, you don't merely enter a hotel but a whole new world instead. The busy, thriving street of Sunset Strip works perfectly to balance out the slightly removed, nestled cove the Chateau Marmont lies in. Upon entrance of the Chateau, it is easy to forget that you are not in a vintage, European estate and the quaint yet glamorous ambiance is present in every detail as minuscule as the brick driveway and velvet-lined curtains. While the restaurant staff does tend to get a reputation for being pretentious, sometimes justifiably, with an open mind one can find the staff to be actually quite accommodating and courteous. To be fair, it does seem as if the friendliness of the staff depends on the amount and quality of champagne bottles you choose to purchase upon arrival. However, despite the sometimes iffy service, the food never fails to embrace a fresh, organic and naturally delicious flavor very representative of LA cuisine. Ranging from the garden fresh Nicoise Salad to the hearty yet understated burger, you really can’t go wrong with choosing an item off the menu. The outdoor courtyard creates a quaint, comforting and almost whimsical environment, granted you can overcome the struggle to make a reservation for an outdoor table. The fact that you are probably seated next to Brad Pitt or someone of the likes doesn’t seem to hurt the positive environment, either! Look around, because chances are the reason your waiter may not be servicing your table is that he or she is fawning over a nearby celeb.
Celeb Favorite
Kathleen E. Nov 29, 2012
Chateau is very snotty. It is difficult to even get to the hotel and then be guided to the restaurant if it is your first time. Nine out of ten times, you will see a celebrity. There food is over priced but they have great wine and customer service. The outdoor seating is very nice and serene. It can be great for people watching but you slowly start to realize that everyone is there to see a celebrity.
LA at it's finest
Sarah B. Nov 28, 2012
Feel like a celebrity and experience this LA hotspot. If you've got a special occasion this is the place to go, reservations are a must. The food was great and the service was above par. All in all a great night.
one of my favorite nights
Callie S. Nov 19, 2012
When you are in the mood to feel glamorous and have a casual run in with a celebrity, go to Chateau Marmont. I went there after i saw a concert at the Roxy and I had amazing truffle french fries. My friend and I didn't have a reservation, which is usually a problem at this hotspot, therefore we sat inside, which was also very nice. The service is amazing and the ambiance is stellar. It isn't cheap though, which is why it is not an every night kind of restaurant!
Sammi T. Nov 13, 2012
oh em gee... celebs on celebs on celebs. everywhere. this place is so fun and a great place to hang out with friends on a lazy sunday. please order the calamari at the restaurant and enjoy a drink at the pool. this is one of the LA hotspots and one of essentials that you truly can't miss out on.
Definition of LA
Lexie S. Nov 13, 2012
I go here usually for the bar/dinner scene because its less expensive, I have never actually stayed here. This is the perfect spot to sum up LA. It is classy, nice, high-priced and infused with Hollywood! Enjoy fine dining, dress classy, and the odds are in your favor when it comes to luckily seeing a celeb sighting right before your eyes! The restaurant can be very expensive but I stick to the bar scene because they have a menu in the bar as well (which is very reasonably priced) and very good might I add! I almost always see a celebrity every time I'm there! If you're looking to treat yourself--you have come to the right place!
LA vibes
Lucy A. Nov 1, 2012
I like to take friends who are visiting from out of town here because it gives off a very stereotypical LA vibe - and usually includes a celebrity sighting. Although it can be pretty pricey, you're paying for the name and the reputation that Chateau Marmont has. I only suggest eating there if you can get a table outside on the patio, as the inside can be a little stuffy. After your meal try sneaking around and exploring the hotel - it's pretty cool!
Pricey and poor service
Sunset E. Oct 5, 2012
Chateau Marmont is a famous place in LA where celebrities go frequently... The decor is older and the rooms look older... Drinks are 14 at least before tip.... Had dinner with some friends and all our meals were cold... However amazing frites!!! Parking is insanely expensive!!! The service wasn't great when I went but if you want a quiet upscale spot this is your place!!!
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