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Cha Cha Lounge A magnet for Silver Lake denizens, Cha Cha Lounge is a kitschy party bar where cheap drinks and a wacky décor keep the crowds of alternative types and young professionals coming. Los Angeles United States 34.099381 -118.259586
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Cha Cha Lounge - Bar | Dive Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review A magnet for Silver Lake denizens, Cha Cha Lounge is a kitschy party bar where cheap drinks and a wacky décor keep the crowds of alternative types and young professionals coming. Scruffy patrons stepping into the one-room... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 5pm–2am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Cha Cha Lounge Review

The Scene

A magnet for Silver Lake denizens, Cha Cha Lounge is a kitschy party bar where cheap drinks and a wacky décor keep the crowds of alternative types and young professionals coming.

A magnet for Silver Lake denizens, Cha Cha Lounge is a kitschy party bar where cheap drinks and a wacky décor keep the crowds of alternative types and young professionals coming.

Scruffy patrons stepping into the one-room bar will find themselves bathed in the red glow of Christmas lights and confronted with the giant mural of a waterfall that dominates one side of the room, while the sombrero-covered ceiling, 90s playlist, and collection of black-light paintings of Richard Prior, Don Rickles, and Gary Coleman – hanging alongside paintings of topless women – provide plenty of targets for jokesters.

Post-modern lovebirds pile into the photo booth in back for ironic self-portraits, while other revelers opt for some friendly competition at the two foosball tables, or kick back on the banquettes with a few friends.

There’s no retreating to quiet corners beginning on Thursday, however, when the venue transforms into an incredibly loud and overflowing meat market where singles fueled by PBRs and tequila do their best to impress the ladies with their vinyl collections.

Although patrons will need to elbow their way through hordes of people to get to the boxy bar, Cha Cha Lounge is one of those places where no one minds getting up close and personal.

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Tip from Jonah:

There’s not a lot of space to maneuver on the left side of the bar near the waterfall mural, so fewer people go there when it gets packed. If you can get a seat in that area, you’ll always have the bartender’s attention, even when it’s crowded.

  • Crowd

    Silver Lake hipsters and young professionals, 20s to mid-30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin usually every night from 10pm. Highlights include Wednesday’s Forming night of punk and rock, and Thursday’s hip-hop and 80s music.

    Two foosball tables, free Tu–W. Tabletop video game console. Photo booth. Free Wi-Fi. Check the calendar for special events.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Happy Hour M–Sa 5–9pm and Su all night. Vending machine with snacks and novelty items.

  • Prices

    Snacks $1+. Beer $3–$6, mixed drinks $6+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Hipster chic: flannel, t-shirts, and skinny jeans for guys and girls alike, with hoodies in the winter.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Sundays for all-night Happy Hour and Margar Mondays for cheap margaritas, though Fridays and Saturdays draw a capacity crowd and lines around the block.

  • Close By

    Red Lion Tavern (2366 Glendale Blvd) across the street offers some of the best German beer in town.

Cha Cha Lounge User Reviews

Average rating:
It's hard to describe, but fun wouldn't be a bad word choice.
Laramie M. Aug 9, 2013
The Cha Cha lounge is: a hipster hang out, sticky, fair priced, decorated by the child of Dia de Los Muertos and Christmas. All of these would be apt descriptions of the bar. But despite all the chaos on the walls and different personalities that can be found here, it's a good time, every time. It's another one of those bars that just seems to find things and put them up on walls. Christmas lights, skulls, and sombreros seem to be the favorites. It's a place you can take a small group of friends and get a booth, play some foosball, or just go crazy with the shots. Make sure to get there early to avoid the lines and the crowding. The service is friendly and quick, and they seem to be enjoying themselves as much as the customers. Worth checking out if you’re in the silver lake area. Also, they have some good deals, so make sure to check to see if you can get your particular poison at a discount.
Fairly trendy, fairly priced
Nico S. Aug 9, 2013
If you drive down the 2300 block of Glendale blvd late on a Friday or Saturday night, you will probably notice a huge line outside of the Cha Cha lounge. If you haven't been, then you probably wonder what all that's all about. This bar is a cross between a dive bar and hipster hang out; it's dark inside, the floor is sticky and it smells like old booze. The first thing you notice is the Mexican day of the dead themed decoration throughout the place complete with paper cut outs and a cabana style bar. The crowd here varies day to day; on the weekends there is usually the trendy crowd that show up and pack the place from 9:00 pm until they close. The Cha Cha is the kind of place you can't really put a label on though. Sure there are the hipsters there and the overflow from the red lion but people from all walks of life come through. I have actually run into Drew Barrymore at this bar on one occasion, we played Foosball (true story). If you like big crowds and people watching the weekend nights are definitely the time to come check this bar out. The week days get fewer patrons but the specials like margarita Mondays attract loungers everyday of the week. On to the logistics of this establishment; they have reasonably priced drinks. PBR is on tap and always $2.00 a glass. The smoking section is out in the front and you can not take your drinks out there. It does get very crowded in this place on Friday and Saturday nights; if you get there after 9:30 pm expect to wait in line but that's how many great bars are in L.A. Unless you get there early you can forget about getting a seat on the weekends and the wait time for another round might be around 15-20 mins. All things considered, this is a very trendy place with a chill vibe and strong margaritas. The prices aren't too steep and the atmosphere is just right if you're in the right company. Check it out on a Monday night if you want to avoid the weekend rush and grab a margarita for $3.
Great place to chill out and drink for cheap!
Michael V. May 14, 2013
Looking for a cool, hipster-ish bar that gets you drunk for cheap? This is the place to go! It has such a great atmosphere that you will be wanting more. The crowd is very mixed with all kinds of cool kids. What I first noticed was the sign outside the entrance. "if you are homophobic, racist, sexiest or just an asshole, please don't come in' . That says a lot. The music always seems to surprise me with their hip-hop, rock, indie tracks. You don't even have to be a hipster! The Cha Cha Lounge is darkly lit with really cool decor that keeps your eye balls very busy. I would definitely recommend this joint to anyone looking for a good time!
On The List Of Reasonably Priced Drinks, The Cha Cha Ranks High
Alfredo M. May 13, 2013
Comparing The Cha Cha Lounge to a dive bar falls far too short from what this dingy, dimly lit, dark pub is all about. Boozing at a cheap rate is exactly what this spot is perfect for. On some nights, you may even find celebrities, such as actors, musicians and even professional skateboarders roaming through the rouge colored ambience seemingly in a trance of a Pabst Blue Ribbon induced coma. The crowd is quite eclectic, but of course, the hipster dominance is palpable and completely obvious. The music, blasting from all corners of the area, can vary from Tupac to Metallica--sometimes even during the same night. The bartenders are gracious and the patrons are loyal. If you are looking for an inexpensive night on the town, this is your destination. As a prime location centered around the bohemian community of Silverlake and Echo Park, you are sure to enjoy your evening, even if it only entails observing detailed paintings of shirtless women lining the mirror covered walls.
Cha Cha your way to the Cha Cha Lounge
Marisa S. Feb 6, 2013
Don't let the name fool you! You don't have to practice your Cha Cha to feel safe here. Music diversity as well as the people - young and opens folks all around ready to spark up a conversation. Colorful walls with art and red lighting to sooth the mood.
Where so many nights start - and end.
Anna-Vera D. Nov 8, 2012
They don’t want you to find it, the first time around. It’s hidden, dark, with 20 and 30-something ‘regulars’ sidling in early each night. The scene changes, but will always suck you in that darkened doorway, not releasing you until they hit the fluorescents. This hole-in-the-wall, under-lit, over-embellished collection of kitsch (and varied cheap beer) asks you to roll your eyes on the way in. And you can’t help it; it’s overwhelming. Sombreros, tiki lamps, masks and bamboo stick out of the walls unabashed, audacious, vibrating a little as punk-rock pours into the ears of the inhabitants. They sip beer and tequila, sandwiched into booths or on stools. A crowd gathers, but it’s not too vast. The music gets louder and the drinks get stronger. We stay.
If a trendy hipster and a Dia de los Muertos skeleton designed a house together...
Tess E. Oct 16, 2012
Don’t be surprised or embarrassed if you unknowingly walk right past the Cha Cha Lounge’s humble entrance. Beneath a neon sign that reads only “Lounge” and shines like a beacon to the residents of Silverlake, you will find a single door that acts as the portal to a seemingly unassuming neighborhood watering hole that, in actuality, is anything but subtle. Remember that friend in high school whose utterly suburban parents insisted upon decorating their yard with tropical tiki torches to add flair to an otherwise dismal space? Combine the aesthetics of that friend’s yard with an overabundance of cheeky pop culture memorabilia and you have the interior of the Cha Cha Lounge. It is undeniably tacky. It slightly resembles the decorating scheme of a freshman year dorm room (did someone say foosball table?). And you will love it and absolutely never tire of looking at it. The Cha Cha Lounge’s clientele is young and therefore representative of the primary demographic of Silverlake, the understatedly sexy younger sister of loud, attention-seeking Echo Park. The establishment’s regulars are writers, artists, musicians, and local celebrities. They are beautiful, they are drunk, and they want you to join them.
Hipster Central
D1ΔИΔ Ø. Oct 4, 2012
If you're looking for hot spots in Silverlake, this is one of them. It's almost mandatory for people to come here. It's more than just an attraction and good experience, it's a novelty of its own. The whole place is filled with some of the most random decor. I think half the stuff on their vending machine is probably more expensive than one drink lol. If you do buy anything at their vending machine, buy the mini sombrero!!!! So awesome! They even have match books inside the vending machine for free. Their photo booth is also great! It's actually one of the known LA bars that has a photobooth. This place has a nice vibe where the crowd mainly consists of twenty something year-olds. I have no complaints.
A Silver Lake Gem
S.K. M. Oct 4, 2012
Silver Lake’s Cha Cha Lounge is a beloved neighborhood institution and a hipster mecca of sorts. Like many a popular drinking hole, Cha Cha's easy to drive past. Outside decor at the small bar on busy Glendale Boulevard is limited to a no-frills rooftop "LOUNGE" sign. But what it lacks in flashiness and space, it makes up for in quirkiness and charm. The inside is an explosion of a tiki hut and spring break in Ensenada. The music can also be eclectic — everything from rock to 1990s slow jams. The typical Cha Cha patron tends to be of the hipster persuasion. But because the lounge speaks the universal language of cheap drinks and loud music, it attracts people from all walks of life. No dance floor? No problem. Partiers in their 20s and 30s come for the cheap drinks and pretense-free fun. The Cha Cha experience includes a game on one of the foosball tables and shots from the tiny photo booth that you later won't remember taking. Parking can be a pain. Lots are few and far between, and only the lucky enjoy street parking on Glendale (try the smaller adjacent streets). There’s also a long wait at the door after 10 p.m. The dive bar gets packed surprisingly fast, even on weekdays. Winning seats at one of the few banquettes or tiny tables is also a matter of luck and timing. Be prepared to wade through a slow-moving sea of plaid and beards. A big plus: the bartenders are friendly and quick. You might leave with a hoarse voice and PBR-scented clothes, but all challenges and nuisances aside, the cheap drinks and hazy memories will make the experience worth it.
Come Early and Stay Late!
Angelica A. Oct 2, 2012
Though you wouldn't guess it from its all black, somewhat desolate, windowless exterior, The Cha Cha Lounge is jam packed full of wonderfully tacky decorations, fun people, great music, and friendly bartenders. What makes this place great is that it doesn't take itself too seriously; obvious enough to guess from portraits of Gary Coleman to Rotweilers to Pink Sombreros hanging on the walls, and the vending machine and photo booth at the back are definitely an added plus. If you come here on a weekend expect large crowds, lines as the bar and not much seating unless you arrive early. However, this place is great for people watching and cheap drinks; drinking whilst people watching, or even people watching after lots of drinking. The late it gets, the more intoxicated the crowd, the more you begin to understand the choice of decor and begin to think "hey, those chile peppers lights would look great in my apartment ." Also, their dj nights every once in a while feature guests on the vinyl in a corner booth, and they never disappoint. Sundays' full time punkx is a good time. All in all, this place is a gem, wonderful for after work drinks during the week, and a hot spot on fridays and saturdays.
Lots to See and Do
Victor H. Sep 19, 2012
There is a lot going on at Cha Cha Lounge from the moment you go in you'll notice the incredible amount of decoration and random objects all over the place. From the cool to the bizzare like the portrait of Paquita La Del Barrio on one of their tables. There's mirrors along one wall of the venue in case you want to make sure your hair is looking just right. The bar is enormous but for some reason only has 2 bartenders working it and there's a small marked area for ordering and it gets crowded. The great thing is the drinks are very affordable that I don't mind the wait. Towards the back of the room you'll find a couple of foosball tables, a photo booth and a raised area with tables, seats and a large couch. Along side the foosball table you'll find some foosball experts waiting to challenge you. The bathrooms are extremely small and one time ran into a girl in the men's restroom which can only mean one thing, ladies get ready to wait in line if you need to tinkle. I don't know who Kesha is but I learnt she is a celebrity and she was there that night. So I guess this is a good spot for celebrity spotting? She definitely had an entourage around her. Overall Cha Cha has enough things happening that you'll find yourself involved in some sort of fun. Oh I almost forgot this place is hipster galore.
Fun Fun Fun!
Ross S. Sep 18, 2012
This place is fun. The tiki theme is cute. The frozen margaritas are delicious and cheap. They have a photo booth and also a vending machine that sells '80s items like Alf/Gremlins trading cards. You can also play Foosball. It's never unbearably crowded either.
Silverlake's Premiere Dive Bar
Daniel B. Aug 23, 2012
Unpretentious to say the least, Cha Cha Lounge is a place where community and conversation take center stage. Leave your swag and stilettos at home, or you might feel out of place under the festive streamers and garage art that litter the ceilings and walls. Cha Cha Lounge is a great place to meet authentic people, grab cheap drinks, and escape the next terrible pop song blasting in every other bar in LA.
Hip, local bar
Ria S. Aug 10, 2012
Cha Cha Lounge definitely fits in well in its neighborhood of Silverlake thanks to its eclectic decorations and young, hip crowd. Not only is this bar relatively cheap compared to other bars in Los Angeles, it also has a vibe unluck any others. There are arcade games, vending machines that dispense CDs and toys, a photobooth, and more. The ambiance is fun and the dress code is hip. Across the street is a German beer garden, called Red Lion Tavern, and sometimes there are food trucks right outside. If you are interested in a fun, dive type of bar, Cha Cha Lounge is definitely what you are looking for!
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