Bigfoot West

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Bigfoot West Between the faux-log cabin walls, the mounted buck heads, and the hipsters wearing flannel, Bigfoot West seems more like an indie hunting lodge than a hip bar serving high-end specialty cocktails. Los Angeles United States 34.015616 -118.41319
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Bigfoot West - Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Between the faux-log cabin walls, the mounted buck heads, and the hipsters wearing flannel, Bigfoot West seems more like an indie hunting lodge than a hip bar serving high-end specialty cocktails. But that’s just what... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 5pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Bigfoot West Review

The Scene

Between the faux-log cabin walls, the mounted buck heads, and the hipsters wearing flannel, Bigfoot West seems more like an indie hunting lodge than a hip bar serving high-end specialty cocktails.

Between the faux-log cabin walls, the mounted buck heads, and the hipsters wearing flannel, Bigfoot West seems more like an indie hunting lodge than a hip bar serving high-end specialty cocktails.

But that’s just what patrons will find once they step past the smoking patio out front and belly up to the square center bar to savor such concoctions as Smokey’s Moonshine and the Girl Scout Cookie.

An upbeat, outgoing vibe prevails as chatty groups of girls celebrating birthdays flirt with scruffy dudes at the four sided bar ordering Makers before settling in on the banquettes and red leather booths beneath the watchful eye of the taxidermy, while a couple of huge corner booths overflow with raucous young professionals letting off steam.

The place is usually packed to the rough-hewn rafters with creative types and grown-up indie kids by 11pm on weekends, when the booze-driven flirtation reaches its peak.

In fact, whiskey is the spirit of choice here, and while the list doesn't rival its Silver Lake sister bar Thirsty Crow, the Bigfoot West bartenders know their way around a single malt – as do most of the hip patrons.

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Tip from Emma:

Welcome to Hollywood! The wooden walls came from the set of Yes Man, so as you sip a Wild Turkey 101, you might just be leaning against the same spot that Jim Carrey did. All righty, then!

  • Crowd

    Westside hipsters, creative young professionals, groups, and indie kids, mid-20s to mid-30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live bluegrass band all day on Sundays, ambient jazz the rest of the time.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Empanadas can be ordered by phone at the bar. Happy Hour daily 5–9pm.

  • Prices

    Beer $5+, wine $9+, cocktails $8+. Valet $5.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: flannel or plaid button-downs and jeans for guys, nice jeans and blouses for women.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday nights for a packed crowd.

  • Close By

    Oldfield’s Liquor Room (10899 Venice Boulevard) down the street is a brasserie-style bar with hand-crafted cocktails and owned by the same people as Bigfoot West.

Bigfoot West User Reviews

Average rating:
Goodtimes to be had here!
Shannon D. May 30, 2013
I've never had a bad time here. Been here for chilled nights where I want to sit back and relax and have a drink. Been here for crazy nights too, where my skinny brother becomes this tough guy who thinks he can outdrink anybody. Nice try, bro. Point is, you just can't go wrong here! The pours are great, albeit a steep price for some of their specialty cocktails, the bartenders are amazing and social. The decor inside is unrivaled for the area. They definitely got that cabin feel down. For drinks, I'd say try the Girl Scout Cookie and have a Pickleback. You won't be disappointed! Also, I love that you'll never know who you'll meet here, it's just such an eclectic mix. I've met people who have come 30 miles away. That's gotta be a good sign! The fact that my brother lives just around the corner from Bigfoot, it makes choosing a place to go out so easy. Last but not least, THERE'S NO TV. Thank god. That's probably why I've had some of the most interesting conversations here, no frills, no fancies, no fucks given!
West isn't the Best
Amy L. May 24, 2013
All of you big foot fanatics I have found a place for you oh and greasers too! Big foot west has a great feel to it, with a dark atmosphere, a fire place and big booths. This would be a perfect place for a date, with the log cabin decor. The drinks are rather pricey, but hey its LA. They have their own specialty drinks. My favorite is the toasted marshmallow. It has a burning marshmallow on top. If you like vanilla and Irsh creme this is a must try! Every night they do something different, which keeps it fun. The night I went it was bingo night and definitely added to my experience everyone was really into it and having a good time, but you don't have to go to big foot west for this it's available at all locations. I would recommend getting there by 9 or 10 at the latest because it will get crowded and hard to find a place to sit. You can make reservations for a big comfy booth or a spot by the fire place. Even with reservations there is no one taking your order you have to go the bar. I have been to Big Foot Lodge in Los Feliz and would have to say I prefer it there better. West is bigger, but there was much to do by that area. The other bars were closed down and it was rather hard to find a taxi. I would say this place is worth a try if you like a laid back environment, but I wouldn't make it a must!
Toasty in Flannel
Sophia R. Feb 7, 2013
If you've been wondering where all the bearded hipsters in flannel congregate on a Friday night - look no further than Big Foot West. Order a pint of something ale'ish and settle down amongst the rustic, amber lit interior. This log cabin is located in Culver City - and neighbors a tiny Pho restaurant for when you're ready to start sobering up. Talkative and chatty company, the Big Foot Westians are not your typical LA bar creepers. With that hint of NorCal friendliness, Big Foot West will have you vowing to learn the banjo by the end of the night.
Gaston's Living Room
Corey H. Jan 15, 2013
Bigfoot West is like walking into Gaston's living room, sans Belle and sans the Beast. With an all wood interior, wood log ceilings and wood trim around the bar, the flavor is charmingly rustic with a hint of aggression. The dimly lit, warm lighting makes it hard to see someones face from across the room. It's almost mysterious, the way any good bar should be. The atmosphere screams "make me an Old Fashion," but you're not going to get one if you don't ask nicely. You could order a beer too, but you probably wouldn't fit in if you ordered anything else. It's not really a "vodka soda with a splash of cran" kind of place. Which is exactly the reason I keep going back.
Tree Stump Stools
S T. Jan 15, 2013
My arrival here at 6:00 on a Thursday night stands as a clearer memory than my departure at 8:30, and that’s for the most part a good thing. Walking in, I found my friends sitting at tables by the bar. A few other groups had set up in the corner stalls, which are convenient for parties of about five to eight. The music and other patrons’ conversations didn’t affect our ability to hear each other at this point, and ordering from the bartender was no problem. Select drinks go for $5 from 5:00 to 9:00, and I started off with an Old Fashioned. The drink was stiff which I appreciated. After finishing my second cocktail, I looked around and noticed the place had become a bit more crowded. Not uncomfortably crowded though. Getting my third drink was easy too, with the bartender quickly taking our order. Perhaps it was the strength of the drinks or that other people standing in the area were unintentionally dividing our group, but some of the initial 6:00 charm had disappeared. This wasn’t unexpected, particularly for a popular locale, and was of no one’s fault; however much of the idiosyncrasy I liked about the place upon arrival – low-key atmosphere, log cabin-themed décor, friendly staff – were blocked by dozens of thirsty customers to transform it, from my perspective, into more and more of just another spot where you buy drinks. Still, I was able to sit on and appreciate the tree stump stool.
Wear your flannel
Danny S. Oct 5, 2012
Sometimes you want to be among nature, you know? And Bigfoot West delivers. By nature of course I mean hipsters cavorting in their natural element. This bar definitely knows what its theme is, and it's carved out a nice niche for itself (how many log cabin / Yellowstone mountain lodge bars can you name?). Cocktails are good, definitely unique. The toasted marshmallow (served on fire in a mason jar) is definitely a must-have at least once. It's tastes like a (very expensive) white Russian with a marshmallow on top. Almost always very crowded, but definitely an experience worth checking out at least once.
Haven't been in a year but....
Dana G. Oct 5, 2012
this place used to be the jam. Crowded every night with good looking people and great cocktails. Parking was always easy on side streets and I could count on good street meat vendors to be there when the bar closed and my vodka buzz was making me hungry. Something hilarious always happens here, whether it's some random guy trying to barge in on my date and order me a drink, or 2 Venezuelan gentlemen arguing over something and ending up getting thrown on the curb. I recommend trying it for yourself and seeing if it strikes your fancy. I find it less pretentious than most LA spots and a fun time every time.
Good for Culver City
Chris M. Sep 11, 2012
I agree with the other reviewer. I have friends that live near Bigfoot West and are there all the time, and if I lived close I would too. But out of the bars within a 20 minute drive Bigfoot West always seems to disappoint, maybe because it doesn't live up to the movie version in "Yes Man". Seats are nearly impossible to find on weekends and I feel like an idiot as I keep circling and hoping. The place tries to act like a dive bar or a roadside bar you might find near Yellowstone, but then charges you too much even for a domestic light beer. I like the decor especially the ceiling, but it just reminds me of a similar bar I went to in Montana before embarking on a 4 day camping trip where I got a Miller Lite for $2 and then I remember I am in LA. It is slightly too far from Downtown Culver City to really be in the mix to move around to a few bars so I am committing to one bar for the night with Bigfoot West and always end up having a good time, but not as good as it could be.
One of Culver City's Better Haunts
Daniel H. Aug 16, 2012
I have friends that absolutely love Bigfoot West, but I'm just lukewarm towards it. The people never seem quite as social as everyone says, the drinks are a few dollars overpriced (if you i didn't mind prices then i'd probably give the place a 3/4), and when it's busy, it can take forever to order. That being said, I really like that they have a little outdoor patio in front where you can cool off from the hot conditions inside and be able to have a more intimate conversation with friends. The decor is pretty cool, a kitschy combination of old west and mountain town, which always entertains. A lot of hipster Culver City twenty and thirty-something year olds hang out here, and you'll find yourself in a sea of flannel on the weekends.
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