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Big Wangs (Hollywood) In a part of town where even sports bars can have velvet ropes, Big Wangs is a relaxed and welcome retreat for ex-frat boys and their sorority counterparts who just wanna have fun in a friendly, no-frills sports bar. Los Angeles United States 34.099599 -118.329105
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Big Wangs (Hollywood) - Sports Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review In a part of town where even sports bars can have velvet ropes, Big Wangs is a relaxed and welcome retreat for ex-frat boys and their sorority counterparts who just wanna have fun in a friendly, no-frills sports bar. While... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M–F 11am–2am, Sa–Su 9am–2am

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Party Earth Big Wangs (Hollywood) Review

The Scene

In a part of town where even sports bars can have velvet ropes, Big Wangs is a relaxed and welcome retreat for ex-frat boys and their sorority counterparts who just wanna have fun in a friendly, no-frills sports bar.

In a part of town where even sports bars can have velvet ropes, Big Wangs is a relaxed and welcome retreat for ex-frat boys and their sorority counterparts who just wanna have fun in a friendly, no-frills sports bar.

While a steady stream of friends and daters clamor around the pool and beer pong tables up front, the real draw here is just through the archway in the main bar area, where twenty flat-screen TVs and their uninterrupted flow of sports broadcasts bring in waves of cheering fans, especially during football season when the place can get pretty rowdy.

Die-hard fans of both beer and sports often show up early and stay the whole day huddled on stools around tall tables, but once the final whistle blows on the screen, the real games begin as jocks and preppy guys start shouting pick-up lines to ex-cheerleaders over the thump of hip-hop and Top 40 tunes.

Football aside, Big Wangs is a great neighborhood party spot where the best passes are made between the guys and the girls, and flirting is a contact sport.

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Tip from Lucas:

Definitely go for the best NFL season special in town – fifty wings and three pitchers of beer for $90. Great way for you and your group to start the night.

  • Crowd

    Rowdy frat and sorority types, preps, and jocks, 21 to 30.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJ plays selector nightly after 10pm. Special nights include Pizza and Pitchers on Mondays, Karaoke after 10pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Wing Night on Wednesdays, and Sunday Funday. Pool tables. Beer pong. Flat-screen TVs.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Standard bar food including burgers and wings. Happy Hour M–F 3–7pm. Late-night Happy Hour nightly 10pm–midnight.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $6–$18, salads $5–$10, entrées $9–$15. Beer $3–$10 or $9–$14/pitcher, wine $6, cocktails $9+, mixed drinks $6+, shots $7+. Valet $5–$10 from morning to night.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Jerseys or t-shirts with jeans for guys, sports gear or jeans and t-shirts for girls. Modest dress code enforced.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fridays and Saturdays are always a good bet, but Big Wangs is busy any time there’s a big game or a popular team playing – especially on Sundays during football season.

  • Close By

    Capitol City Sports Grille (1615 North Cahuenga Boulevard) is a more refined and more expensive version of Big Wangs.

Big Wangs (Hollywood) User Reviews

Average rating:
Josie L. Sep 15, 2013
They're awesome; love going there for the environment, people and of course, the food! :D
Do you have nofunditis? If so, Big Wangs has the cure!
Nia S. Aug 19, 2013
Do you love sports, beer, and chicken wings? Are you on a tight budget? Is Hooters too expensive? If so, then Big Wangs is for you! Their amazing specials, delicious food, and carefree environment makes Big Wangs an ideal hangout for people suffering from nofunditis. Nofunditis is a condition that many of us suffer from and usually occurs around the first of every month. The symptoms of this unfortunate illness is lack of funding, lack of attending social events, and boredom due to the first symptom. Fortunately, Big Wangs offers a cure for those suffering from this disease. I'm sure you're thinking, "how can Big Wangs cure me?" Well, here's how... Mondays- $5 Burger with Purchase of Beverage, for you carnivores! Taco Tuesdays- $1 Tacos w/ $3 Margaritas & Karaoke! Wang Wednesdays- $0.25 Wang Specials, no your eyes are not tricking you! Thursdays- $0.20 Boneless Bites in Orders of 20! Super Sundays - Buy a Specialty Margarita and get your DINDIN FOR FREE. Yes, I love the word free as well! In addition to amazing deals and specials, Big Wangs also offer great service that will have you coming back for more. The servers are very attentive and outgoing and make the whole experience worth coming out for a night, despite your illness. Many have said that the Big Wang staff can heal their sickness any day of the week! Therefore, get out of bed and throw on whatever smells clean (cause you can't afford to do your laundry) and come party at Big Wangs! You'll leave feeling happy, semi-healthy, and hopeful.
Go Back To College!
David A. Apr 11, 2013
For those of us who had the best time in college and want to re-live those days, Big Wangs brings you back. It's like packing everything great about your college experience and putting it all in one place. Their major clientele are the sports fans. If there is a big game, you are bound to see it on one of the many TV screens they have inside. They serve you on long tables that go from one side to the other - like the lunch room at Hogwarts, but with more beer. The great thing is that no matter what night you go, it will always be different. My favorite thing is the Beer Wheel. What is the Beer Wheel you ask? They spin the wheel every hour and whatever beer it lands on, that brand will have the happy hour price. It's great when it lands on your favorite beer - mine is New Castle, I never would have known I loved it so much if they hadn't landed on it one night while I was there supporting my Lakers. The only downside to this place is that it's so popular, everyone wants to go! Which means, getting a table (especially on a busy game night) will be tough. You need to get there early to make sure you have a place to sit. It can get pretty crowded too, plus the bathrooms aren't very clean. But it's worth a visit just to try their Happy Hour Specials. 3-7pm and 10pm-Close. The food is incredibly cheap at great quality. The best day to go with a party is Wednesdays when they have 25 cent wings! I also recommend the Pizza Fries, regular french fries with marinara and mozzarella. MMMMmm!
Wang-tastic - Happy Hour Galore + Great Energy
Mary D. Mar 28, 2013
GREAT Hangout for you and your friends. What makes Big Wangs one of my favorite spots is that there's daily specials going on everyday. Plus they have DOUBLE the Happy Hour, one from 3-7pm and 10-close. So basically, you need to be careful. Peep the daily specials Big Wangs has: Mon- $5 Burger with Purchase of Beverage Taco Tues- $1 Tacos w/ $3 Margaritas + Karaoke Night Wang Wed- $0.25 Wang Special WHAT. A QUARTER?! YES. Thurs- $0.20 Boneless Bites in Orders of 20. Sunday Super- Buy a Specialty Margarita and get your Supper Fo' FREE. The servers are friendly and attentive, but most importantly the Happy Hour is the best. Not only do they have the longest happy hour in LA, they also play some good music, and when there's a game, you can view it from the multiple screens sprawled throughout the room. My favorite day would have to be Tuesday because the music is always vibrant with the karaoke and the $1 tacos with the $3 margaritas ensure that I'll have GREAT time. BOMB food + GREAT crowd + GOOD music = Happy Elainne. And I'm sure you'll be happy too with the Happy Hour Double Time.
Great wings, a million TVs with sports of all kinds playing at all times
Adrian G. Feb 19, 2013
This is a must for Hollywood-ians interested in good, affordable sports bar food. Their tasty chicken wings come in a variety of flavors (and even boneless for the lazy folk). Atmosphere-wise, it can be described as a sports fan's heaven. Just about every major sporting event of a given day/night is on, and is readily available since Big Wangs' has a lot of TVs. It can be hard sometimes to get the attention of your server, but that's par for the course with sports bars. If you're into the bar thing, they have a plethora of beers on tap, too. Given its location in the middle of Hollywood, Big Wangs is one of the best destinations for people interested in a fun night at the sports bar - but without having to spend a ton of money.
A nice place, when you like sports or not.
Michael B. Jan 15, 2013
If you like sports, particularly college football, Big Wangs is ideally the place for you. It is THE quintessential sports bar. What do I mean by that? Games on every TV, wings constantly being served up and beer that never seems to stop pouring. I can recommend the place even if you're not into sports. The service is great, the prices reasonable and I've never had a bad time there, even when not paying any attention to the game. A friendly, if sometimes rowdy when it comes down to the last play, crowd seals the deal. So I guess my point here is... why not? Do you like Buffalo wings? Do you like beer? Do you like places that actually give you the opportunity to meet nice and interesting people? If so, then Big Wangs just might be your cup of tea.
Good food, cold beer, and sports
Brett C. Dec 5, 2012
Big Wangs is a great place to watch a game. I went to watch a Bears/Packers Sunday night game and not only was my group of eight able to get a table-the last one-pretty close to kickoff, but we demolished the $90 NFL special before the end of the first quarter. Needless to say it’s a great deal. The food is above average for a sports bar (especially their sliders), and their daily/game day/happy hour specials (25 cent wings on Wednesdays!) make everything very reasonably priced. They even have a beer wheel with rotating beer specials. About halfway through the Bears game we noticed one of the Backstreet Boys sitting at the table across from us, so there’s potential for celebrity sightings here as well. It did get more crowded as the night went on, so I can imagine it would be harder to keep up with the game without a table, but the atmosphere was lively and festive. For a fun night of watching sports, drinking beer, and eating wings, check out Big Wangs.
Cool place
Brittney B. Dec 3, 2012
I came here on a Sunday night by accident actually. My friends and I were supposed to meet up at the North Hollywood location but I misheard. I decided to stay and eat first before I relocated. The place was definitely empty.Maybe this would appeal more to the hearty, chicken wing loving sports guy. It's a little farther away than the usual USC crowd goes to, so I suspect that the normal age range is a bit older than college kids. The wings had the right amount of spice and the fries were soft and simple, just how I prefer them. Although I just ordered water as my beverage, they gave me this huge, tall glass. I can only imagine what sizes their beers come in! They also have awesome deals during happy hour deal on Sunday nights. Also, I love being able to choose the music on their jukebox for about a quarter. Cool.
Georgina S. Dec 1, 2012
Big Wangs is fun. My sorority took us here one day as a game-day date dash with another fraternity. It was fun, but nothing special. Maybe this would appeal more to the hearty, chicken wing loving sports guy. It's a little farther away than the usual USC crowd goes to, so I suspect that the normal age range is a bit older than college kids. Still young, but probably more graduate students and new post-grads. Big Wangs is super crowded on game days and sporting events which is always fun. I love crowded sports lounges with a fun, young crowd. Guys, check this out with your bros!
Fun Sports Bar
Greg S. Nov 20, 2012
Big Wangs is an extremely lively sports bar which can get pretty loud at times. They have a great happy hour for both food and drinks with some food options for about $5. For a game, Big Wangs is the place to be, the wings are great and there are plenty TV’s but don’t expect too much here as it is a typical sports bar and not the five star dining experience you might be craving. Overall Big Wangs is an energetic sports bar and a great place to hang out to watch the game with friends. I definitely would not recommend Big Wangs if you are looking for over the top food and service because that is not what you will be getting.
Packed During Football Season
Danny M. Nov 17, 2012
Big Wang’s is a solid sports bar in Hollywood – lots of TVs, good sports bar grub, pitchers of beer, etc. My only real commentary is that if you want to get a seat to watch your football team on Saturdays or Sundays in the fall, make sure to get there early because the place gets packed. People will be wearing their jerseys and coming in groups to support their alma mater or favorite NFL team, and some will be glued to multiple games while cheering (or lamenting) about their gambling wagers or fantasy football team. Either way, this is a place where you’ll see a lot of dudes drinking a lot of beer, eating wings, and cheering (or cursing) the TVs.
Classic Sports Bar, Not For Everybody
Axel F. Oct 19, 2012
Let me preface this review by mentioning that I’m a Boston sports fan. Some sports bars in Los Angeles I don’t even step foot in. That said, Big Wangs is one of the more inviting places in Los Angeles for fans of any team to go and catch a game. The crowd there is usually more diverse compared to other sports bars in the area and not just strictly Lakers / Dodgers / Yankees as you’ll find at the likes of other spots in the area. It’s a pretty big space and, when full, really turns into a raucous, rowdy, sports bar with a diverse group of fans. The food is greasy, fatty, stuffing and all the other qualities that come to mind when thinking of bar food. It’s one of the few places in Hollywood to get wings and watch sports though so it does stand apart in that regard. Waitresses are personable and will treat you with familiarity and the crowd is always rowdy and way into the games. There is no shortage of TVs and the layout allow for lots of people to pack it in – and it is always usually pretty full as long as there is some major sport on TV. Let me emphasize again that this place gets Crowded (with a Capital C). If there is a game of any importance on you’d better expect it to be standing room only. You need to get there two hours early if a playoff game is coming on and you want a place to sit and you’d also better bring a group with you if you’re trying to reserve a table. I’ve always found day games to be the best time to visit because the amount of people is at a much more reasonable volume and the crowd is usually more casual than the try-hards and die-hards you can expect to run into at night. Drinks are cheap. There is always some special running on drinks and/or food so those are two big pluses. Parking is a nightmare and expect a lot more dudes than chicks. Overall, it’s an okay place to catch a game depending on how into a game you want to get. I’ve always had a good time and I suspect most other sports fans would as well but only if you're prepared for what you're going to get.
Your Game is Always on
Paul F. Oct 15, 2012
The best and worst times to go to Big Wangs is during any major sporting event. The place simply gets packed and unless you arrived early, you're going to struggle for a seat. But the energy of the bar during any major sporting event is second to none. Big Wangs delivers on every level with enough TVs for any and every game. Tons of places to sit with big groups or small. And great, greasy bar food to nurse that Sunday morning hangover during football scene. So if you're looking for a great sports bar in LA, check out Big Wangs, just get there early for a chance at parking and a place to sit.
Show Up Drunk for the Best Time
Victor H. Oct 4, 2012
A friend and I stumbled over to Big Wangs after getting drunk at Stout next door which by the way has some of the best burgers in LA. The bouncer was super nice to let us in considering our state or maybe we played it off well. There was a DJ spinning, people talking and eating, and lots of action going overall going on in the bar. The crowd was young and really there to have some fun. My friend and I drank the night away and danced to the music from the DJ as the place started to get emptier and emptier throughout the night. We were so drunk we didn't care. They have a photo booth but when we went to take pictures it was out of order, bummer. Hopefully they fixed it by now. Overall I really like the atmosphere of this place because its fun and wild. The crowd is great and you can show up drunk.
Giant TVs and Beer
Jessi T. Sep 13, 2012
What more could you possible want in a sports bar?! Love that I can watch all my football teams and all the players on my fantasy teams at once and get my drink on!!
Sports bar is as sports bar does...
Jayson M. Aug 21, 2012
You want a fancy date place? A romantic night out? A chic hangout for the girls? Then why on earth would you come to a sports bar???? This is where you come to yell at the TVs, eat wings that will probably kill you (but you don’t care, they’re soooooo goooood!), and guzzle cheap beer. Happy Hour is especially good if you are on a budget. Their parking lot defies physics, however. I don’t know how they manage to cram so many cars in there….I usually walk.
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