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Beer gardens in Los Angeles are increasingly popular, from the classic lederhosen-sporting German brauhaus to the new-age hip beer gardens catering to the younger crowd. Excellent places to share a pint with friends or party the night away in standard German fashion, L.A. beer gardens are the perfect spot to kick back and down some beers.

For classic German-style fun, Red Lion Tavern is a must. Offering an excellent selection of authentic German brews, this kitschy and funky tavern is both a laid-back daytime watering hole and a nighttime packed-to-the-rafters party house. Anyone with a soft spot for an authentic and rowdy evening downing steins of strong beer should definitely check out the Tavern for a night to (not) remember.

For a more modern take on the German watering hole, check out The Biergarten at the Standard Downtown. Less kitschy than the Red Lion, The Biergarten is almost a spoof on the authentic German brewhouse, with waitresses clad in printed t-shirts mimicking the lederhosen of the old country. True to its roots, however, The Biergarten is the spot to be for getting sloshed on beer and devouring sausages.

Less interested in getting blau and more interested in savoring a pint or two? Check out some of L.A.’s more laid-back beer gardens, home to more authentic German brews and some fantastic German fare. Wurstküche offers a variety of gourmet grilled sausages, while On the Waterfront Café serves up traditional Bavarian pretzels, imported directly from Munich.

While beer gardens in many cities have gone in new and less authentic directions, beer gardens in Los Angeles keep the German spirit alive. Strong German ales and hearty socialization hold strong in these L.A. watering holes.

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