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Bar Lubitsch A communist era-inspired lounge, Bar Lubitsch fills up on the weekends when fun-loving, twenty-something professionals turn up to let their hair down on the dance floor. Los Angeles United States 34.090517 -118.356777
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Bar Lubitsch - Bar | Lounge | Vodka Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review A communist era-inspired lounge, Bar Lubitsch fills up on the weekends when fun-loving, twenty-something professionals turn up to let their hair down on the dance floor. Kitschy yet classy, the space consists of... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M–F 6pm–2am, Sa–Su 8pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Bar Lubitsch Review

The Scene

A communist era-inspired lounge, Bar Lubitsch fills up on the weekends when fun-loving, twenty-something professionals turn up to let their hair down on the dance floor.

A communist era-inspired lounge, Bar Lubitsch fills up on the weekends when fun-loving, twenty-something professionals turn up to let their hair down on the dance floor.

Kitschy yet classy, the space consists of three distinct areas, including an ivied patio where smokers gather to mingle and a front room whose red and black booths are generally packed with flirty young singles.

Red dominates the décor, with Soviet memorabilia adorning the walls and mirrors with Cyrillic writing that twists the “Bread, Peace, and Land” slogan into “Beer, Wine, and Vodka” – and vodka there is, as evidenced by the display of two hundred bottles behind the main bar.

Those in the mood to dance their faces off can head down the corridor to the red-brick Red Room, a rowdy tavern space where animated revelers can also sprawl on the long upholstered banquettes or clamor at the bar for Ninotchkas, a potent cocktail of vanilla vodka, muddled strawberries, sugar, and champagne.

The venue is generally less rambunctious on weeknights, when successful folks from the fashion and music industries show up to drink their flaming Molotov cocktails and catch some live music or weekly comedy acts.

Bar Lubitsch takes it up a few notches on the weekends, though, when the DJ starts spinning and the tightly packed dance floor becomes the epicenter of vodka-fueled energy.

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Tip from Emma:

The back room gets packed on the weekends and everyone is dancing like crazy. Get a spot underneath the air conditioning vent, wear a tank or prepare to sweat.

  • Crowd

    Young professionals on weekends, successful film, music, and fashion industry types on weeknights, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJ spins a mix of jazz, oldies, 80s, 90s, and funk on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in the Red Room. Mondays features live music, and Local Band Night on Tuesdays features local artists playing their originals. Comedy Night on Thursdays.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Patrons can order selections from Jones Hollywood (7205 Santa Monica Boulevard), served until 10pm. Valet parking available on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and North Spaulding Avenue.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $4.25–$13.50, soups/salads $3–$9.50, entrées $7.50–$13.95. Beer $6, wine $9–$18, cocktails $12, shots $9–$14. Valet $6.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Dressier on weekends, casual on weeknights. Ranges from stylish and vintage dresses to heels and jeans for girls; trendy denims and designer t-shirts to button-downs and jeans for guys.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fridays and Saturdays are best for the biggest party scene, when the back room is wild, the DJ spins hits from every genre, and beautiful people let loose.

  • Close By

    The Hudson (1114 North Crescent Heights Boulevard) is another lively bar with a DJ and a comparably stylish crowd.

Bar Lubitsch User Reviews

Average rating:
Business in the front, PARTY in the back
Jon D. Aug 27, 2013
For you pour souls who have yet to be exposed to the greatness that is West Hollywood hot spot Bar Lubitsch, I offer you a hug. This truly is the Swiss Army knife of clubs/lounges with a little bit of everything for everyone. The facade is a bit nondescript, but if you're paying attention you'll notice the red neon sign against brick just above the iron gate. The bouncers are cool, calm, collected, but don't try to blow past them with a simple baseball hat on. I mean, c'mon -- this is LA, and though the dress code is minimal, just rock a stylish hat if head apparel is required (gals need not worry). After a quick fist pound to my boy at the door, who looks eerily similar to Taj Gbison of Chicago Bulls fame, you'll pass through an enclosed smoking deck before entering the bustling bar. And I do mean BUSTLING! Get here on its best nights of Friday and Saturday anytime after 10p and the bar will be jumping. This is a great area to mingle and meet, grab easy drinks from sexy and cordial bartenders. This is where you get your social BUSINESS done. But for those of you interested in a livelier night, just follow the music through the bar, past the winding hallway, and into the back where all hell breaks loose. The back is truly where the PARTY is. If the front bar is bustling by 10p, then the club/dance floor in the back is an absolute madhouse by then. Be prepared for a great blend of old hip-hop and top 40 blasting through the speakers as hundreds of boys and girls PACK the room. Claustrophobics need not apply. This back room gets hot, rowdy, and fun quickly -- and if you need drinks to keep your inner rager happy, there's a smaller bar back here with equally cool bartenders. Bouncers start the mass patron clear-out at around 1:45a, but are generally cool and not pushy about this drunken dance. If you're a post party snacker like myself, there's a great late night Mexican joint just west of The Lube on Santa Monica blvd. in a little strip mall (cash only!). And for those who step into The Lube and can't handle it, feel free to walk west a few blocks to spots like The Hudson and Surly Goat for a less intense experience.
Communists For The Win!
C B. Mar 19, 2013
"The Lube" is a great amalgamation of a place: part bar, part lounge, part club, it's got decent drinks, interesting people, and a fun-loving but relaxed atmosphere. It's hard to find this good of a combination anywhere else. Enter the nice outdoor patio / smoking area (saying a friendly hello to the doormen Connor and Haji on the way) where people can sit and chat without shouting over loud music. Move inside to the first bar area and find it a little more active - with patrons sitting in booths or mingling at the bar. The decor is kitschy Communist, and the bar specializes in vodka (though because vodka and I don't get along well, I usually go for a whiskey drink, which are decent - middlingly strong.) Friday Night Lights fans should ask for a Scott Porter Fruit Loop shot - I once hung out with Jason Street himself here. Also sighted: Topher Grace and Matt Damon. But celebrities are pretty rare really come to mingle with the crowd of anonymous people: They're not too hipster, not too snooty, a good mix. I always seem to meet interesting people - not too creepy or sketchy - just young 20 and 30-something professionals or students trying to enjoy a night on the town. Though fair warning to my tall ladies: there always seems to be a lot of short men on the dance floor. And yes! now the dance floor: Wind your way from the first bar down the hall to the dance room where on Fridays and Saturdays, it's packed with white people dancing to old school hip hop. The DJs vary, as does their success, but when it's hopping, it's hopping, and I've had more fabulous nights here than not.
The Only Place that still plays REAL Hip Hop
Chi S. Mar 19, 2013
My favorite spot to go when I want to hear some good Hip Hop ie Tupac, Biggie, Coolio, Snoop. They still mix in what's good from today's Hip Hop and the DJ just makes you want to dance all night. What I love is that this place isn't pretentious like the mainstream clubs you'll find in Hollywood. Great looking women who are approachable, and a cool environment make this place one of my choice venues when I want to BOOGIE! Check it out on the Fri, Sat, Sunday I believe they have comedy night which was chill but fun as well
Something for everyone!
Bobbi G. Mar 12, 2013
I think the people who submitted these poor reviews just like to stick their nose in the air and couldn't do it here because it's probably one of the least pretentious places in LA. How can you go wrong with a club that has an area for every taste? Want to dance a jig? The back room has a decent sized dance floor for your pleasure, playing a mix of 80, 90's, hop hop, and today's hits. There's a VIP section, the people are laid back, and the vibe is uplifting. Not in the mood to dance? No problem! Lounge around up front in the pub section and have yourself one of the many varieties of cocktails. I had a flaming Molotov which was absolutely scrumptious, and from what I saw the selection of vodka was plentiful. Unfortunately I'm not aware how much anything was because it was my birthday and all the drinks were bought for me. To top it all off, the red lights and Russian propaganda make you feel like you're a real life spy. I would highly recommend going to Bar Lubitsch for any event, but particularly if you are wanting to accommodate a large group of people because as we all know everyone wants to do their own thing, even though they say they're laid back and "go with the flow."
Party 'til the End
Kelsey A. Feb 26, 2013
Bar Lubitsch holds a secure spot on my West Hollywood pub crawl lineup. This Russian vodka bar features three areas: a lush green patio which gets packed with smokers, a front room with booths and Communist paraphernalia, and a Red Room that hosts the dance floor and DJ booth. Lubitsch gets packed on the weekends. The wait in line can be a bit tedious, but the crowd is eclectic enough to keep your wait entertaining. Once inside, I usually make a beeline towards the back where a DJ is spinning. Everyone is crammed together but the strong (and expensive) specialty drinks keep everyone moving. Dress lightly during the summer: this old dive doesn't have the best ventilation and it can get pretty steamy. On weeknights they have live bands and other shows in the Red Room. Occasionally there is an extra fee to get in the back, but it only costs about $5. Bar Lubitsch is always my last stop because you are sure to end the night dancing, singing along, and forgetting about how awful your hangover will be in the morning.
Jason D. Feb 22, 2013
If you like vodka, Bar Lubitsch is the place for you. They have a wide selection of interesting cocktails. I'm partial to the Moscow Mule, and they make a good one here. You'll usually find a younger crowd here on the weekends, artists and hipsters grooving together on the dance floor. The back area gets quite crowded as others have mentioned, but if you need a breather just head to the front and there tends to be a bit more open air. A word of warning - there's not many other venues in this area, so plan to spend your entire night here or plan to take a cab to West Hollywood or Hollywood. Parking can be scarce as well so be prepared to walk if you drive yourself. Overall this place can be hit or miss - try it and see for yourself whether it's your vibe or not.
Dark, crowded, and cold. Not my idea of fun.
silvia m. Feb 5, 2013
I am not a fan of Bar Lubitsch even if a few of my friends seem to love this place. I went there quite a few times and never had fun, so maybe I’m just biased. It’s too dark, too crowded and too cold for my taste. Also, parking is not easy to find, so be prepared for that. The venue is divided into three sections: the outside smoking patio which is always unbelievably packed – and I thought that nobody smoked in LA lol; the main room, with booths and a full bar; and a smaller back room which serves as dance floor and has a second bar. I’m not into dancing, but believe me when I say that you’ll have more room to move in your own bedroom or bathroom. Every time I went there – once there was even a cover to get in as a band was playing – it was overcrowded, too loud, and VERY sweaty. I know that quite a few people love Lubitsch’s vodka selection, but I’m not one of those. Also, I was there during summer and the air conditioning in the main room was so cold that once I actually had to go home and wear something warmer before coming back to meet my friends. All in all, this place is not my idea of fun.
Highschool...take two
Jarone A. Feb 2, 2013
Remember the 'cool' kids from your high school, the ones who started drinking freshman year and everyone thought were so cool? Well that is who you will find at Bar Lubitsch…that’s if you even get in after waiting in line! Whether you get lucky finding a spot on Santa Monica or paying for a public valet, you have wasted your time or money. After waiting in line for a good 45 minutes you might get in to this loud and extremely overly crowded bar/wannabe club. Divided into three sections: an outside, room with booths and a bar, and room with a dj and a bar, each section becomes more and more crowded; you feel like a packed sardine and everywhere you turn you are bumped or rudely pushed away. You can’t hear anything anyone is saying and soon start thinking, why did I even wait in line to come in. The crowd is full of pretentious people who think they are cooler than those who go to trendy Hollywood clubs, but are actually only this way because they can’t get into those clubs! After hearing all the buzz around this place I am left to think what is actually so appealing about this place?
Calling All Comrades
Lauren Z. Oct 17, 2012
Bar Lubitsch has a little bit of everything. Basically, whatever your mood, this place has an option for you. The front half of this place is a lively bar complete with a beautiful early 1900s bar front, cozy booths, mirrored soviet propaganda posters, and knockoff chandlers reminiscent of the Romanov's Winter place. while there, be sure to take advantage of their extensive vodka selection (and dont be afraid to ask the bartenders for some help or a recommendation). As you make your way to the back half of the bar, the music builds and everything becomes awash in a warm crimson. Here you'll find another full service bar, a packed dance floor, VIP booths, and a bit more precious seating. Most weekends it gets pretty packed, but there's usually enough room to dance comfortably; the music is a combination of today's top 20 hits and a good smattering of hit songs from the 80s, 90s, and 00s. Overall: This place is great. The prices are so-so but the staff is friendly. Sure, its trendy, but it also stands up overtime. Also, be sure to get a Moscow Mules. За тебя!
Just a solid spot
Paul F. Oct 2, 2012
If there's one thing to say about Lubitsch - it's always been consistent. The fad bars like Winston's and Crown Bar came and went, and Lubitsch remained steady. It's probably for a few reasons. 1. The lines are never disastrously long and the door guys not as discerning. 2. The drink prices aren't that expensive. 3. The crowd isn't the slightest bit pretentious. 4. They have everything from crazy nights of dancing to stand up comedy. As you walk in, there's an open iron-gated patio in front for partiers looking to catch a smoke or a break. Once inside, you're hit by the Russian red theme of the place and the cavalcade of vodka bottles lined up behind the bar on the right-hand side. There are booths throughout the main room as well. If you keep walking straight back, you'll encounter the hallway where you think the spot might end with a couple of bathrooms. But if you wind your way through, you'll discover an entire other room in the back with a second bar and lots of 20 somethings dancing to DJ-spun tunes. All in all a fun spot, and will probably remain so, regardless of what other trendy bars slide in around it.
the only straight bar in west hollywood
Joanne C. Sep 25, 2012
Bar Lubitsch is a great place to bring a mixed group of friends on the rowdy Santa Monica Blvd strip in West Hollywood. I've had my birthday party there twice already and both times were a hit. Fridays and Saturdays are the best day to go if your group likes to dance. The DJ in the back room plays good 90s music (Aaliyah, Destiny's Child, etc) mixed with modern hip hop (Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye, etc). Every song is a good surprise and the crowd is wild. It's also great for people who'd rather sit out because, hey, we all have friends who just aren't the dancing type. Booths line all around the dance floor and plenty of mingling folks take advantage of it. No shame in being a lounger here--all are accepted! Weekdays are much more mellow. The back room has live music and when it's over the dance floor is much more subdued. There's no DJ but the friendly owner will play songs off your iPod (or iPhone, 'cause we still carries around an iPod these days?) if you really have an itch to dance. Even then, he might make comments about your music choice. "Dance....Ass....Remix?" *smile* He'll let you do whatever though if you just smile. The bar area is especially cool for vodka drinkers as that's their poison of choice. The red lighting in the room makes every conversation look like a secret meeting, which is definitely part of the fun. Enjoy good company, awesome decor and fun music at the only straight bar in West Hollywood. You probably won't be having as much fun as the people partying at Rage across the street...but really, who can compete with that?
relaxed, friendly environment
Marla S. Sep 3, 2012
The patio at Bar Lubistch is one of the best places to hang out in Los Angeles and get a drink. It's relatively quiet (and the dark, intimate setting gives the illusion of peace and quiet long after the bar has gotten crowded) but because the bar allows smoking on the patio, it is also quite a popular place for people to pop out, have a smoke, and pop back into the bar. The people who work there are nice and welcoming. They've got a great selection of Vodka and Beer at relatively reasonable prices (ie: it could be way, way worse). They don't serve food but you can order from either Joe's or Swingers and have it delivered. It was a little confusing on how it worked at first but the bartenders were super helpful in how the process worked and getting food went off more or less without a hitch (plus Swingers is quite delicious). I would highly recommend this bar. It's further east than most of the bars on Santa Monica but is still a great experience and worth the trip.
Still Solid
Sara G. Aug 14, 2012
Bar Lubitsch is one of those LA spots where you can bank on having a good time. It's divided into different spaces, which is nice - it breaks up the energy so while it always feels lively, it never feels overwhelming. It's also one of those places that is great for a birthday party or event - everyone is fairly contained so your group will look sizeable no matter the turnout, and it will appease friends that need an outdoor area to have a smoke. Bar Lubitsch is fun, the staff is friendly, and the music is good. There's generally always dancing if that's your thing, but you can easily sit it out (without feeling awkward) if it's not. Plus, every time I've been there I've found the crowd to be good looking and minimally douchey....which can be difficult to find in LA.
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