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Why Detail is Key When Planning An Engagement Party

Why Detail is Key When Planning An Engagement Party


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Oct 26, 2015 —  When a dazzling ring’s been purchased from the likes of 77 Diamonds and the proposal’s been and gone, why not celebrate your upcoming nuptials with an ever-important engagement party?

A pre-wedding bash is the perfect opportunity to unite friends and family from afar and toast this special event in your life – but if you do plan such an occasion, be sure to focus on the details.

In order for a bash like this to be a success you must plan meticulously and consider things from all angles, so here are a few tips to help you out:

Think carefully about who you invite

If you’re all loved up, you’ll probably want to shout about your feelings to anyone who will listen, but this doesn’t mean you should send an invite to everyone in your phonebook. Those you invite to your engagement party will probably expect to come to your actual wedding, so think carefully about who you want to join you on your big day.

If you do want to invite people to the engagement party but not the wedding itself, give them a head’s up by writing a small note on the invitation such as: “As our wedding will be an intimate affair, we’d be honoured if you could celebrate our recent engagement on (insert date) at (insert venue) from (insert times).”

Think about the style of your invitation

While you’ll want your engagement party invites to be of good taste, don’t let them upstage your actual wedding invites. Instead, keep them relatively plain so your guests aren’t disappointed when they receive your formal wedding invitation. You’ll find lots of invitation ideas online via sites like Pinterest but one unique thing you could do is write, ‘she said yes’ in a fancy font followed by the details of your party and RSVP details. This one-sided DIY invite design is relatively simple but it’ll get the message across in a cute and original way.

Think about when and where you’ll host the party

Ideally, your engagement party should take place shortly after the proposal when you’re still buzzing from the excitement but before the serious wedding planning begins. And when it comes to where you’ll host the party, remember that you want your actual wedding venue to be the real show stopper, so perhaps opt for an events room in a hotel or hire out a village hall or pub. If you’re looking to cut the cost of your wedding (including the engagement party) you could even pop up a marquee in your back garden or simply invite close friends and relatives round for a dinner party.

Think about meetings and seating arrangements

If you’ve been going out with your partner for a long time, your two families will have already met, so you might not have to worry about introductions. If they haven’t been in each other’s company before, however, it might be wise to invite the important people from both clans to your home the day before the party so they can meet properly in a relaxed, calm environment – and not when you’re running around trying to meet and greet everyone on the day.

Similarly, if you’ve got competitive in-laws or family members that don’t see eye-to-eye, think about your seating arrangements carefully and don’t put feuding relatives close together. Let’s face it, there’s always some kind of family drama brewing at big events, so it’s best to diffuse it where possible.

An engagement party is a great way to celebrate your love for one another, but be sure to think through all the details carefully to help things run smoothly.

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