London Singles Overview

Elk Bar - Bar | Beer Garden in London

As a hustling, bustling hub of trade and commerce, making new friends in the U.K. capital city may seem difficult. But singles in London are in luck with the thriving social scene that's found in this modern metropolis.

Roadhouse in Covent Garden is a solid spot to catch some tunes, sip a cold brew, and get chatty with the hottie at the bar. A casual music venue, this joint starts out easy and steams up as the night progresses. Very laid-back in atmosphere, it’s the ideal breeding ground for Mr. Right, or even Mr. Right Now.

South London Pacific in the South Bank neighborhood is a tiki bar filled with young and fun denizens. With the dance floor becoming a hotbed of gyrating couples who most likely met only an hour before, it’s a popular haunt for the London singles scene.

Or check out Tiger Tiger in Central London. The expansive club attracts a wall-to-wall crowd in their 20s and 30s. While traversing the venue’s multiple floors, patrons are sure to find a gaggle of flirty folks looking to mingle.

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