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Camden Markets Technically composed of several adjoining independent markets, Camden Markets attract roughly a hundred thousand people every weekend, all eager to experience the area's people, sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. London England 51.5388799 -0.142551
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Camden Markets - Farmer's Market | Flea Market | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area in London.
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Party Earth Review Technically composed of several adjoining independent markets, Camden Markets attract roughly a hundred thousand people every weekend, all eager to experience the area’s people, sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. Punks... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Stores and stalls: Daily approximately 10am–6pm
    Camden Lock Village: Daily 10am–8:30pm
    Electric Market: Su 10am–6pm

  • Recommended as:

    • Day Spot

Party Earth Camden Markets Review

The Scene

Technically composed of several adjoining independent markets, Camden Markets attract roughly a hundred thousand people every weekend, all eager to experience the area's people, sights, sounds, smells, and tastes.

Technically composed of several adjoining independent markets, Camden Markets attract roughly a hundred thousand people every weekend, all eager to experience the area’s people, sights, sounds, smells, and tastes.

Punks, hippies, and other creative types congregate in the area to buy and sell art, jewelry, and get tatted, or just join the large crowds aimlessly wandering, people-watching, and nibbling on ethnic food.

The promise of cheap new duds is a big draw for university students, while the sugar-crazed won’t have to walk far to find fresh fudge, homemade pies, and other delectable desserts.

Flea market mavens specifically looking for crafts and antiques head to the original market at Camden Lock, and foodies cruise through Inverness Street Market for fresh ingredients to garnish their Welsh rarebit.

More of an eclectic vibe dominates Camden Stables, where a maze of stalls and shops sell alternative fashion-school designer clothes and piercing paraphernalia, while the Buck Street and Electric Ballroom’s Markets sell mostly vintage clothing and vinyls to hipsters looking for that limited edition Ziggy Stardust LP.

Regardless of what’s on the agenda – be it a day of browsing, a quick trip for a cupcake fix, or serious shopping for a new tongue ring – there’s no doubt that Camden Markets can be everything to everyone.

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Tip from Emma:

Show up at Camden Town at 11am to start your own self-guided food tour. You can explore the neighborhood and its many narrow alleys, all while sampling ethnic eats and awesome basement coffee shops.

  • Crowd

    All ages and walks of life.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Shopping and people-watching. Live music at the Dingwalls club at Camden Lock and socializing over mojitos and paella at The Cuban, a restaurant in Stables Market.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Reasonably priced ethnic foods and snacks.

  • Prices

    Food averages £4 at the stalls. Various price ranges in the different markets.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Sunday afternoons for the biggest crowds, or Saturdays for slightly more elbow room.

  • Close By

    Regent’s Park is just south on Oval Road, and features the city’s largest grass sporting area, a boating lake, beautiful flower gardens, the London Zoo, and an open air theater.

Camden Markets User Reviews

Average rating:
Camden has Literally Everything
Kim H. Sep 21, 2013
What a great way to spend an afternoon. Shopping at the market offers something for everyone. Use Morrison's ATM It is open from 11am-6pm. Toilets are available but they are on the bottom level of the Market. The Market offers great food, bargains on clothes, bags, jewellery and gifts but don't be afraid to barter with the people in the shops. If you are too shy to barter, ask for the price and then say "Its too much for you" - normally they will bring the price down!
Crazy Camden Community
Gloria A. Jul 3, 2013
When someone recommended I visit Camden Town, their tone was neither positive or negative, which left me with lingering curiosity of this idiosyncratic area. So of course, I grab my camera, some monies, and all 10 pounds of the curiosity I was carrying on my shoulder, and hit the tube to find out for myself. Right away, I notice interestingly-dressed people getting onto the tube headed towards Camden. Mind you, it was a Friday late afternoon, so the teenage crowd was out in full effect. Finally, I made my way towards the exit into the street and I had immediate flashbacks of my childhood growing up in San Francisco. So many colors. So many people. So much noise (visually). I didn't know where to start, which direction to walk, or how tight to clutch my purse. I just knew that I needed a shot. Or ten. The atmosphere was outrageous and it definitely caught me off guard. It's not somewhere I'd go for a quiet night out, but it's definitely a place I'd recommend for a crazy adventure. The food markets were incredible, reasonably priced, and very tempting. Lots of great pubs in the area and a couple entertaining street performers too. Not to mention in the souvenir shops, you can easily haggle down the prices and find ways to get what you want for cheap. Or maybe that was just me ;) Overall, I'd recommend it for its colorful environment of people. This comes with a warning that there might be things that can't be unseen. Lots of interesting fashion senses will be on display, so practice your best non-judgmental face, although they have it coming. Would I go back in a heartbeat? Of course. But is it my first town of choice? Not quite. But enjoyable and full of surprise nonetheless!
Camden: London's most eclectic market
Emily F. May 4, 2013
Camden market is like a world of its own within the largely residential and more relaxed North London. The high street has a unique blend of heavily-pierced punks and tattoo parlors with touristy t-shirt shops (often with more marijuana paraphernalia and tongue-in-cheek graphic t-shirts than found in the rest of London). A trip to Camden High Street and markets is a fun shopping and eating experience with a grittier vibe than other popular markets like Portobello. Within the stables, you can find stalls selling everything from vintage clothes and old books to rave clothing and gothic outfits. Cyberdog, a staple rave clothing store, is a fun place to peruse neon and space-age looking clothes and accessories. Additionally, you can find many of the same style of hand-made dresses and girly t-shirts as on Portobello road, but at lower prices. Besides clothes, you can find vintage posters, one of a kind art, furniture, and odds and ends from around the world. Foodwise, the stables is filled with mostly greasy Asian food that’s hit or miss. During the summer, there are stalls outside the stables (closer to the Lock) that offer everything from shawarmas to tacos. Check out the fruit drink stalls that serve both alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks in hollowed-out pineapples. Overall, you could spend an entire day in Camden exploring the high street and markets. Be sure to bring plenty of cash!
Camden is bigger than my wallet
Veronika S. Apr 17, 2013
Whenever I visit London, Camden Town and the markets are a must. There is something about this place that always makes my money melt into thin air. If it's the crazy shops with their exceptional jewellery and fashion, or the numerous food stands with all kinds of international food you could ever deam about, I can never decide on what to eat or what to buy. Camden has something for everyone, vintage clothes, book stores, tattoo parlors, piercing studios, small boutiques of ambitious designers, and many other knick-knacky things. All in all, Camden is the most lively, diverse and colorful neighborhood in London, and it's definitely worth more than one visit!
Go Here, and Bring Money to Spend
Sidney H. Apr 9, 2013
Food and fashion, is there anything better in life? Camden Market has that and more. It's off-beat, massive, and fun. The shops are as varied as can be, with vendors selling 100% leather handbags and wallets, homemade steampunk-inspired jewelry, vintage dresses, old used books and records, and knock-offs galore. There is literally something for everyone here, and the fashion is vastly cheaper, and sometimes even more exciting, than trying to shop in shops like Top Shop and H&M. Now, I'm definitely not going to exclude the food here. Camden Market offers the craziest variety of international foods anyone could ever desire. You could make a vacation out of the food there alone, and it is all delicious. Best part, most of the time the Asian restaurants will be handing out samples, so, free food! I got a hefty cone of fish and chips, complete with vinegar and tartar sauce that was well-worth the five pounds. Get to Camden early and plan to spend all day. I'd also recommend going there first on your trip so you don't end up spending all your money on more expensive things throughout the city before you even get to Camden because once you get there, you'll regret having spent money anywhere else.
London: Camden-style
William C. Feb 25, 2013
Camden market is the counter-culture alternative to the creaky poshness of Westminster or the snobbery of the City. While at times it can appear somewhat Disney-like, the market does provide a charming haven for the "other" side of London culture. Hop off the tube at Camden and you are immediately immersed in a colorful mélange of Goths, tattoo parlors, pubs, food stalls, shopping and hundreds of tourists. Visitors beware; there is plenty to do, so plan for a day trip. The markets themselves range from the techno music club/clothing store (Cyberdog) to little clothing and jewelry boutiques to antique furniture and vintage knickknacks squirreled away in the Stables. Prices in the market can be steep, however there are some really good finds in and amongst the oddities and you will always come home with something unique. For the savvy shopper, there are also some excellent boutique stores dotted on the surrounding streets. At least half the fun of coming to Camden is to people-watch and soak up the vibrant atmosphere. Plenty of time can be spent browsing and staring open-mouthed at some of the biggest boots and Mohawks known to mankind. Punks, rockers, Goths and hippies all mingle happily amid the stalls. Once the energy levels get low, be sure to check out any of the numerous food stalls. You will find Crepes next to Argentinian steak burgers across from authentic Ghanaian or Iraqi cuisine and just down the road from a line of Chinese vendors. If you can name it, you will probably find it among the Camden food stalls. For a moment away from the hustle and bustle, have a seat on the edge of the canal and watch the barges navigate the locks while you eat. The market and surround area can be just as much fun to visit after dark. Be sure to check out The Electric Ballroom or venture just down the road to take advantage of any of the many good pubs in the area. Alternatively sit back in the heart of the market and sip a mojito in The Cuban. As the food stalls close prices drop, so it’s a good time to pick up a bargain bite. Camden really has something for everyone and for the casual tourist, it makes a pleasant change from the museums and palace tours. Even for the more established London-ite, Camden and its markets provide a welcome burst of color and alternative culture that is a huge part of the city's history.
Camden O Camden
Sam L. Jan 8, 2013
Camden is something that you MUST SEE while you're in London. It is eclectic and funky to say the least--tattoo parlours, shops, food stalls, you can pretty much find it all in Camden. However, the markets have become somewhat of a tourist trap. Along the main drags are lots of tacky tourist gifts, overpriced of course. If you really wander through though, you can find all different kinds of clothing, art, jewelery, and foods of every nationality and get great deals. And of course, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, you could navigate the neighboring houses and find the late Amy Winehouse's old residence and pay tribute to the fallen star. Overall, it's worthwhile to see, you just have to see past some of the tackiness that you'll get in any major city.
LOVE Camden
Julie T. Dec 13, 2012
Beware, it is very touristy... However despite how crowded it is, it is a center for young artists and crafters to share their products and a place for them to become noticed. It's a culture center where everyone shows off their style- Camden is a great place to people watch, find inspiration, and find out new trends that come from the young locals. You could roam around for hours and still not see everything that Camden offers. Wonderful for shopping from cheap touristy things to new trends, to music ts to vintage apparel. Great outdoor food areas with places that always offer samples. Just make sure that you stick close to your friends because it's really easy to loose people/ get lost if you don't have good sense of direction!
Eclectic/Goth/Punk/Indie/Whatever You Want It To Be
Lauren M. Dec 11, 2012
Camden is a fun place to go whether you're in it for the food, the nick nacks or the people-watching. While Camden's not the goth/punk mecca it used to be, it's still full of loads of interesting musicians and artists who are either selling their wares or playing on the street. It's a great place to go for cheaper, one-of-a-kind gifts for a friend, or to eat something exotic and different (there are a variety of food stalls, in addition to some great local pubs and restaurants). It's very easy to get from the High Street (and the tube) to the markets, which makes it a good day out for families as well. Plus, if you get sick of perusing stalls or eating, there's always Primrose Hill nearby (arguably within walking distance, but definitely accessible by bus). I recommend going at least once. It might not be your scene, but it's part of London's history.
been taken over by tourists
Sam R. Dec 10, 2012
Camden used to be known for being alternative and edgy but really now its just a tourist trap. The market’s prices aren’t even good, and everyone knows Cyberdog so they head straight there. Some of the bars are great, but the market is a waste of time.
Camden is Crazy
Tara R. Dec 6, 2012
But crazy in a good way. The Market is gritty, "alternative" as it can be considering its mass tourist appeal, and seemingly never-ending. There's vintage in the Stables Markets, street food across the road, hippie pockets and Goth basement stores and the rave store, which is perhaps the coolest store I’ve been to in my entire life, and I’ve been to some pretty cool stores. This place would have a four if I hadn’t gotten food poisoning from one of the street food stalls. It looks greasy and good, but it is something I would not recommend unless you want the London equivalent of Montezuma’s revenge.
My Obsession
Alli H. Nov 14, 2012
Camden Market is one of the coolest places you can go in London. I was studying abroad in the spring and didn't discover it until my last month there, but then went at least twice a week. It's hard to figure out exactly where Camden Market starts and ends but I suggest just walking into whatever entrances you see or through the t-shirt stands then make your way towards the middle. You can find anything here. It has clothes, home decor, vintage trinkets, foods, etc. And you can bargain so I'd definitely recommend naming your price then saying you'll go find it somewhere else and by the time you do a loop of the place, they'll come down to your price. I love the little vintage London street signs. Definitely a must, you could spend hours there!
For a different shopping and food experience to the West End
Alisa S. Nov 3, 2012
Being a north Londoner, Camden is a regular haunt of mine with it's convenient central location just a short journey north from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street and the West End. Famed for it's "alternative" roots, Camden features the occasional metal-and-leather clad punk with gravity-defying mohawk hair and plenty of shops for one's Doc Marten needs but anything goes here - from cybergoth to new age, fashions, furnishings, and food, this is the place to pick up an unusual handcrafted present or quirky addition to the wardrobe for those who prefer not to look like everyone else on the high street. Some shops and stalls seem to sell the same mass-produced items that cater for the tourists, and are marked up in price (e.g. ladies' tights) but if you have the time to have a good browse around Camden Lock Market and Stables Market then are there plenty of unique shops, including vintage items. Personally, I tend to come here often for the food, especially on a nice sunny day by the Lock - where you can watch the boats go through and see how the canal gates operate - and you are really spoilt for choice here with pretty much every type of cuisine across the globe imaginable, and there are plenty of options for vegans/vegetarians as well as the biggest carnivore. However, don't go for the permanent stalls that offer a pick-and-mix style buffet all put into one container for £3-4, go to the Middle Yard/West Yard where the temporary food stalls are as they are much tastier (usually around the £5 mark). It is busiest (but better) on the weekends here with more stalls set up than on weekdays so crowds may be an issue as there are limited seated areas so be prepared to eat standing up/on a wall/on a step etc. Suffice to say the Camden area is very busy on weekends especially with schoolkids and tourists so if you want to avoid walking at a snail's pace perhaps a weekday visit is better, but as I mentioned before the market food is better on a weekend which on a nice day is worth braving the crowds for.
One of the best markets in London
Isabell N. Oct 24, 2012
The most amazing thing about Lock market are the people. I was in London last week and I saw the amazing halloween themed stalls and awesomely friendly people and it was such a nice experience. I also think they are one of the few market places that I can stay in touch from Amsterdam. I already have plans for getting Christmas gifts shipped from Camden Lock through myMzone. If you have a chance to go the Lock, go ahead - you will not be disappointed!
Could not feel any more like London if it tried!
Noms E. Oct 16, 2012
Camden is a regular haunt for me when I'm in England. With its bustling streets full of the weird and wonderful - it is worlds apart from London that you see on TV, yet it feels so like London. There is something for everyone - clothes and shoes, incredible bars and restaurants. Camden Lock should also not be missed. The market is full of the weird and wonderful, ranging from jewelry to 'magical' charms, yet turn into one of the streets and there are the most fabulous statutes. A serious contender for one of London's best areas.
Not as "alternative" as I hoped
Don Luis E. Aug 9, 2012
It's really fun to walk around and look at what's on offer at Camden, but I was disappointed in the lackluster selection. It's pretty much all teenage scene t-shirts and silly jewelry. However, I did find some nice surprises further back, where they hide the artisans. Worth a moment if you're in the area.
Weekend trips to the Camden Market
Kira A. Aug 8, 2012
The Camden Markets are one of my favorite places in all of London. Since the area is comprised of a bunch of different markets all placed next to one another you can find literally anything you are looking for. There are countless stands that offer freshly made food including exotic meat burgers, vegan sandwiches, authentic Indian, Chinese, mulled wine, freshly baked cupcakes, etc. My personal favorite was the made-to-order mac and cheese stand where they make the pasta right in front of you and you can add whatever toppings you'd like! There are also tons of stores and clothing stalls that scream hipster, which is the quintessential Camden style. Camden markets are the place to go if you're looking for fun, quirky jewelry, rave attire, colorful wall tapestries or the like. Camden Markets are the perfect place to spend a weekend day strolling, eating and drinking in the unique culture.
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