Piccadilly Circus

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Piccadilly Circus Come to London's Piccadilly Circus, where everyone enjoys tons of shopping, entertainment, dining, & London nightlife. Party Earth loves Piccadilly! London England 51.5101217 -0.1346226
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Piccadilly Circus - Landmark | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area | Square in London.
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Party Earth Review A world famous traffic circle built in 1819 to connect Regent Street to Piccadilly, Piccadilly Circus is a commercial thoroughfare that was once home to some of London’s most fashionable stores. Although its namesake street... ... read full review

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    Bakerloo, Piccadilly Lines: Piccadilly Circus

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Party Earth Piccadilly Circus Review

The Scene

Come to London's Piccadilly Circus, where everyone enjoys tons of shopping, entertainment, dining, & London nightlife. Party Earth loves Piccadilly!

A world famous traffic circle built in 1819 to connect Regent Street to Piccadilly, Piccadilly Circus is a commercial thoroughfare that was once home to some of London’s most fashionable stores.

Although its namesake street has become quieter in the years since, the area remains an international draw, attracting wide-eyed tourists by the thousands thanks to its many shopping, entertainment, dining, and nightlife venues.

While partying locals use the square as a meeting place before heading out to nearby Chinatown, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, or Soho, global travelers arrive by the busload to gawk at oversized billboards reminiscent of New York’s Times Square and pose for pictures in front of the iconic statue of Anteros, god of requited love.

Fashion mavens, art lovers, and jewelry aficionados hunt for keepsakes at the regal Burlington Arcade – but if they’re not on their best behavior, they may be shown the door since singing, unfurling umbrellas, and whistling are all prohibited in the posh shopping center.

The Circus has plenty to offer entertainment enthusiasts as well, with swarms of cinema buffs and musical theater lovers descending on the Apollo Cinema and mammoth Criterion Theatre to take in a play and on the half-price ticket booth hoping to score some cheap seats for a West End show.

Perpetually crammed with tourists, shoppers, and souvenir peddlers selling the “finest” British kitsch, Piccadilly Circus is such a whirlwind of activity that the Brits use the expression “It’s like Piccadilly Circus” to describe any place with a crowded, zoo-like atmosphere.

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Tip from Emma:

Although this part of town can be a bit pricey, it never hurts to window-shop – just start at Piccadilly Circus and walk up Regent Street to see what some of London’s top stores have to offer. This is a busy area, so going on a weekday may be best to avoid the weekend stampede.

  • Crowd

    Mostly tourists of all ages, as well as locals who use the area as a meet-up point.

  • Entertainment / Music

    People-watching, shopping, and dining. Criterion Theatre (2 Jermyn Street), Apollo Cinema (19 Regent Street).

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    A variety of food chains, cafés, pubs, and restaurants dot the area, from Pret A Manger (163 Piccadilly) to Fortnum & Mason (181 Piccadilly).

  • Prices

    All price ranges, from affordable to super-expensive.

Piccadilly Circus User Reviews

Average rating:
Crazy, But Fun
Maggie R. Apr 1, 2013
Piccadilly Circus is usually a madhouse. Tons of people are constantly packing the streets, so it may be a bit overwhelming if you don't like crowds. But it really is a must-see if you're in London. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and clubs nearby, and tons of shopping. Some of the people can be a little sketchy, so it's definitely best to go with a friend or two. The tube station is really convenient to get to pretty much any place by the Circus though, so you usually don't have to walk too far. Piccadilly is great, though. It caters to a younger crowd and has a very eclectic atmosphere. The Ripley's Believe It Or Not! museum is a fun touristy attraction to visit during the day as well. I definitely enjoyed my visit, and would recommend that everyone check it out at least once.
Incredibly unique
Anthony D. Feb 12, 2013
Rarely does a name tell you so much about a place. The Picadilly Circus is exactly that - a circus. The first thing a visitor notices is the activity. I've been there on a Tuesday evening in November -- packed. On a Friday night in the same month-- packed. It is very much like a circus, indeed. Vibrant, colorful, electric and eccentric -- you will never go there twice and have the same experience. From its diverse and quality restaurants to the Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum, Picadilly Circus offers the fun-seeking individual or couple whatever they desire. You cannot take a trip to London without checking this place out.
Piccadilly Circus goes Underground
Anita A. Jan 25, 2013
Piccadilly Circus is the most significant place for creative heads, fashionistas, food lovers and dancers. There is a spot for dancers to train in the underground of the station, leading to the entrance of the Trocadero Game Centre. The whole area and its training spot for underground dancers highlights the fact, that this is a little secret amongst dancers and no one really knows how valuable Piccadilly tube station is with all its surroundings. At daytime, dancers from all across the UK come down to jam, teach classes, train and exchange their knowledge and skills. Weekend or at night time usually, dance competition are organized to keep the energy level up and encourage all to dance in the spotlight.
Julie T. Dec 13, 2012
Piccadilly circus is a huge tourist attraction its lights have been compared to the lights in time square new York and I'd say the amount of tourists and busyness of streets and the creepiness of some the street goers are certainly similar. There are some beautiful statues and the place itself is great for people watching. It's right next to Leicester square and walking distance from a lot of other huge attractions in London lots of night life places near by too. Along with people watching there are some pretty awesome street performers as well I saw this one guys there who was playing mad tunes on a traffic cone. Anyways its hectic but worth a see
Do not want
Craig B. Dec 13, 2012
The description of Piccadilly Circus as being similar to Times Square is spot on. It is, with maybe the exception of Buckingham Palace, tourist central. It is loud, crowded, and often dirty. Tourists are everywhere and it’s all you can do not to push dawdlers and gawkers aside and hightail it out of there. I got off the tube there once and vowed to never do so again, even if it meant having to backtrack from a later stop. For me, it’s a beautiful sight from the inside of a moving double-decker bus, but not much more. Definitely learned my lesson.
Jody P. Dec 10, 2012
I think my problem was that Piccadilly circus was too built up in my mind that it was a bit of a letdown. It is definitely cool to see, but when it was described to me, it was described as London's version of Times Square. The letdown was that it is about a fraction of Times Square. However, that fact aside it is kind of fun. It has a kitschy, touristy kind of vibe and all the shops and restaurants are really overpriced. But there is good window shopping and some fun shops. Anyway, it is to-do in London but if you miss it, you aren't missing much.
Spend two minutes, take a picture, and go
Tara R. Dec 7, 2012
The other contender for mini Times Square, Piccadilly is as chaotic, as touristy, and not quite as fun. There’s even an M&M’s store—though no Toys R’Us. The square is ridiculously crowded at all times of day and night, and there are enough ads to remind you that North America inherited capitalism from the UK. There are also quite a few muggings here, so keep an eye on your bags even as you stare in awe at the flashy advertisements. Piccadilly Circus is worth a looksee but not too much of your time. And beware the promoters, too. They're relentless.
very touristy but always something fun to do
Hayden F. Dec 5, 2012
this place is great, but be prepared for lots of tourists. any night of the week there will be many things going on and you can always find something to do. if you get there past 9pm then you will constantly be having club promoters coming up to you. if you want to go out then this great - but if you dont then it gets quite annoying very quickly. the buses around here can be pretty confusing because just like many places in london many of the streets are only one way and figuring out which bus in yours can get confusing... other than that it can also be hard to find your friends... but on the plus side like I said before, youll always be in for a good time!
M x. Nov 29, 2012
Piccadilly Circus is mostly a tourist trap with not much to do. If you are into Broadway, there are many shows around there. It kind of reminds me of NYC. There is lights and people everywhere. This area of London has a lot of tourist shops and not much else. For better shopping, I would recommend Oxford Street. Overall, it is a unique and iconic place of London that should be seen just for the sake of being in London. There are some good restaurants nearby.
Beware the Tourists
Danny M. Oct 4, 2012
Walking out of the tube and into Piccadilly is a weird feeling like you are in tourist hell…they are everywhere…overcrowding the area, stopping to take photos, and looking around gawking like tourists do. The lights and signage can be cool to check out at night but aside from that this area can be a madhouse. However, given it’s central location it’s a good jumping off points to some of the bars, restaurants, clubs, theater, and other nightlife in the surrounding area…although they can be touristy as well…if you like that sort of thing.
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