London Plazas Overview

Leicester Square - Culture | Landmark | Nightlife Area | Shopping Area | Square in London

Like many of its European counterparts, plazas and squares in London are the centerpiece of multiple areas where people come to congregate, protest, meet-up, and start their day or night.

The plazas in London serve multiple purposes in the city. They are of course a natural place to meet up with friends. They typically are in the center of bustling areas filled with great restaurants, shops, and places to drink. And ultimately, they can provide for a bit of sanity in a hectic city.

The most well-known London plaza is the famous Piccadilly Circus. Built in 1819, and located in the center of the city, Piccadilly draws in thousands of locals and tourists every day as it’s surrounded by theaters, bars, restaurants, cafés, shopping centers, and more.

Other known London plazas include Leicester Square, which is the heart of London’s entertainment district chockfull of great West End theaters and Cineplex’s, or Trafalgar Square which is the focal point for big celebrations like New Year’s Eve, VE Day, and London’s massive Christmas tree lighting.

The big plazas and squares may be filled with tourists, theatergoers, and drunken pub crawlers, but they’re also emblematic of London’s long and distinguished history, as each area features a statue or commemoration of some kind marking the city’s storied past.

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