London Outdoors Overview

Trafalgar Square - Outdoor Activity | Square | Landmark in London

As one of the greatest cities in the world, there’s never a shortage of outdoor activities and outdoor events in London to partake in. And whether that’s strolling through a park, sightseeing through the plazas, or joining throngs for an outdoor festival, there are always options outdoors – as long as the weather cooperates.

For starters, there are some incredible parks all throughout the city providing lots of opportunities for outdoor activities. Hyde Park is the most well-known and hosts thousands of visitors looking to picnic, rollerblade, jog, walk their dogs, or simply sunbathe during one of the rare moments of warmth. Other parks like St. James’s and Green Park give locals and tourists alike a look at British history while also serving as great places to sit back and relax.

If outdoor events are more your thing, there is so much to do in London, you won’t know where to start. The Wireless Festival in Hyde Park is a major three-day event with international superstars headlining the show. While the Camden Crawl is another three-day event along the streets of Camden and around the Camden Markets.

There are entirely too many outdoor activities in London to list, but know that on any given day you’ll find something great to do – just make sure you check the weather report before heading outside.

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