London Museums Overview

Natural History Museum, London - Museum in London

London museums are among the best in the world, but unlike most major museums elsewhere, many here have free entry. Considering that years could be spent exploring some of these castles of wonder, museums in London have to be one of the best deals in the world as well.

Hundreds of museums litter these history-strewn streets, with some appealing to very niche interests. (The Anaesthesia Museum! A museum with the world’s finest collection of fans!) The biggies can keep a person occupied until eternity, however. The British Museum has head-spinning artifacts from around the world, including the Rosetta Stone and a statue from Easter Island. The Natural History Museum shows historical wonders of the non-human kind, including dinosaur skeletons. For a more localized view of history, the Museum of London and the London Transport Museum reveal glimpses into the city’s past.

Art museums abound, with traditional art filling the walls of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Gallery, while contemporary pieces show up at the Tate Modern, the Saatchi Gallery, and the Design Museum.

The guards at the art museums won’t be happy with you if you try to touch the paintings, so if you need a hands-on experience, the Science Museum pulls together top-notch interactive exhibits explaining the wonders of science and technology. The museum’s IMAX 3D theater can provide a much-needed sit-down after a full day of traipsing London’s museums.

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