London Landmarks Overview

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Unless you plan to put down roots in London and live longer than the Queen, don’t expect to see even a portion of its sights. Landmarks in London appear around every corner and down every street, as this dense old city has seen centuries of significant history. Those on short trips need a game plan to figure out which London landmarks will make their lists.

Historic buildings abound, of course, and royalty watchers can check out Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace…really, the list could go on a lot longer. Dynasties have passed through these residences, and a lot of their colorful and often gory history still stands. The Tower of London still holds court over the river Thames, Westminster Abbey is one of the ultimate cathedrals in the world, and Big Ben is often used as a symbol for London.

Modern landmarks help navigation as well. Picadilly Circus, a major traffic roundabout, serves as a kind of Times Square for London. Skyscrapers are a recent addition to the skyline, and the Gherkin – a building that does indeed look like a cucumber – is now a familiar sight. Built in 1999, the London Eye, the highest Ferris wheel in Europe, sits by the Thames and serves as a symbol for modern-day London. Visitors who ride the wheel get a view of all kinds of London icons, from the Middle Ages to modern times.

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