London Free Things to Do Overview

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There is an endless list of free things to do in London. From window-shopping at high-end boutiques to sunbathing at city parks, it’s never difficult to find casual and complimentary activities that won’t cost a penny.

As a rule of thumb, Oxford and Regent streets are a must when it comes to London shopping. Forever seething with floods of chic denizens and tenacious tourists, these avenues boast trendy shops by the dozen that are sure to have great fashion ideas adorning their storefront windows.

If looking to escape the crowds, relax for a day and simultaneously keep those purse strings tightly fastened at Regent’s Park. Once the hunting grounds of King Henry VIII, Regent’s Park now offers everything from sporting grounds to an open-air theater. Read a book, work on that tan, and toss the Frisbee. Be sure to pack a picnic and invite the gang, because it’s hard to run out of free things to do on these scenic grounds.

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