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London Pub Crawls Practically a rite of passage for some residents and visitors alike, organized pub crawls take advantage of the variety, accessibility, and vitality of London's social scene. London England 51.510138 -0.134638
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London Pub Crawls - Drinking Activity in London.
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Party Earth Review Practically a rite of passage for some residents and visitors alike, organized pub crawls take advantage of the variety, accessibility, and vitality of London’s social scene. Although such events are often... ... read full review

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Party Earth London Pub Crawls Review

The Scene

Practically a rite of passage for some residents and visitors alike, organized pub crawls take advantage of the variety, accessibility, and vitality of London's social scene.

Practically a rite of passage for some residents and visitors alike, organized pub crawls take advantage of the variety, accessibility, and vitality of London’s social scene.

Although such events are often reserved for graduations, bachelor parties, or other special occasions, it may be worth one’s while to indulge in a crawl just to get an overall sense of the scene and to share a good experience with friends.

New laws now prohibit drinking alcohol on the tube and buses, which has dampened some of the pub crawl fun, but there’s still plenty of enjoyment to be had.

Though there are numerous pub crawls from which to choose, both guided and unguided, patrons might want to try one of the recommendations below.

Circle Line: Go to the nearest Circle Line tube stop (marked in yellow on tube maps) and buy a one-day pass. The Circle Line takes a bottle-shaped path around Central London.

Take the tube to the next stop, go to the nearest pub, and drink a pint. Get back on the tube and repeat until the pub crawl group has made it around the entire loop of the Circle Line. With about twenty-six stops from end to end, this crawl will ensure a memorable day (and night) in the city.

Monopoly Pub Crawl: Give the crawl a Milton Bradley spin by making a stop at a pub located on each London property found on a British Monopoly board. With twenty-six locations to tackle, this makes for an all-day battle of wills.

Generate a Custom Crawl : The Pub Crawl Generator website allows groups to customize their pub crawl and set parameters such as neighborhoods, the number of pubs to be visited, and the maximum distance between pubs.

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Tip from Lucas:

Make your first drink a pilsner. It’s best to start with something light and work up to the heavier beers – otherwise, it may be difficult to make it to the end of the crawl.

  • Crowd

    All types, mostly 20s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Whatever is happening at each venue.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Variety of food in every pub. Most private pub crawls require a minimum of six people.

  • Prices

    Pints average £3 at most pubs.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code


  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday nights or any time on Saturdays.

London Pub Crawls User Reviews

Average rating:
Camden Pub Crawl
Taylor S. Mar 25, 2013
The reason we chose to do the Camden Pub Crawl was because we'd heard that Camden was crazy and that this specific pub crawl was good for groups. We had about fifteen undergraduates all together so this event worked perfectly for us. This was our first weekend in London-- we needed a little guidance about where to go. Camden was easy to get to on the Tube, and tickets to the pub crawl were fairly cheap. It started at a pub where everyone was given free shots. However, it did seem a little chaotic at first. There didn't seem to be enough people organizing the crawl. However, the group was huge and excited for the night to come. We were a rowdy bunch. We stopped at two pubs and then went to our first club. I will say, that first club was a let-down. It was a very strange atmosphere, it looked kind of like a barn, but there were also stripper poles and hot tubs. Yes, hot tubs. You could rent a bathing suit. Needless to say, we couldn't wait to leave that club. I think we stayed there a little too long, actually. Even the drinks were overpriced compared to the other stops. Things just got better after that, though. We stopped by a place where they played classic rock and roll and everyone was dancing. In that particular bar, there was an upstairs area where you could go to relax, and a lower level where you could go to hear different music. We were into the classic rock, though, and that was when everyone's level of enthusiasm seemed to peak. We finally ended up at a club called Barfly which was small and dark, very 80's punk rock. From there we were able to easily access cabs and head home. I liked the idea of a pub crawl because it gave us some guidance. Also, our "tour guides" also carried cameras and documented the night for us, which was extremely entertaining the next day. It was definitely a fun activity to participate in, especially for a group of students visiting for the first time. Minus the creepy club in the middle, the night was flawlessly planned. I feel like I really got to experience all aspects of Camden.
We walked, then we stumbled, then we crawled - Sandeman's Pub Crawl
Jessica B. Feb 26, 2013
Sandeman's Pub Crawl prides themselves in their ability to show adventurous traveler's the London party nightlife, nightly, without spending all the money they have in their pocket. I wasn't convinced this was possible seeing as London is an expensive city and as a student my pockets don't run too deep. But, I decided to check it out for the simple fee of 12 Euros in exchange for the famous red Sandeman's wristband. At that moment I did not know the crazy experience that wristband was about to bring me. The pub crawl consisted of two pubs, two bars, and the night ended at a club. The simple red wristband allowed us either a free drink or shot at each place along with an endless amount of discounted prices. And, that's not all. It also allowed you to skip lines and waive any cover fee. It was as if all these perks were telling us our pockets would stay full so don't let our glasses get empty. I took this as a challenge. I tried the recommended Snake Bite, half cider and half beer, I participated in all the free shots, and took advantage of a few drink deals. If you can't already guess, these drink deals had us walking to the two pubs, stumbling to the two bars, and crawling to the nightclub. Don't worry, we contained ourselves and all along the way we met an endless amount of friendly, fun people from all around the world including some Londoners themselves. My favorite part of the night was the end, save the best for last right? Exactly. We ended up at one of London's famous clubs called The Zoo. At first I was skeptical because the main floor was not very big causing to to be packed with people. But, as I looked around I noticed stairs which lead me right down to a massive club with three different bars. Each bar could suite anyone's party mood. The first bar was an area with couches, tables, and chairs for people to have a more relaxed, social night. The second bar was an area where they played music on the hip-hop, R&B side with a small dance floor. And the third, the best one, was a big open dance floor with two small dance stages as well and a circular bar which made drink service flow smoothly. The DJ played a variety of music from the Top 40 charts all the way to some house music. Sandeman's couldn't have picked a better club for a group of people with all different types of party personalities. The experience I had on this pub crawl was one for the books. Since this pub crawl I have remained a loyal Sandeman's tourist throughout my European travels and their pub crawls have yet to disappoint.
Something different
Jody P. Dec 10, 2012
I love an organized bar crawl. It might sound kind of lame but it actually is a lot of fun. The guides know which bars are good and which ones are going to be packed and avoids bars that are going to be completely empty. Because they go to a lot of the same bars, they are able to get service more quickly since they are constantly bringing in new customers. Our "guide" told us lots of fun stuff about the city and we were able to get tips on where to go to eat and go out on our other nights there. It was also really nice not having to deal with maps or getting lost while we were out drinking. It is not something you'd do every night or anything, but I think organized pub crawls are fun every once in awhile.
Covent Garden Pub Crawl: Good For Your Wallet and a Fuzzy Night
Hannah G. Nov 14, 2012
I accidentally stumbled onto where the Covent Garden Pub Crawl was starting on a night out and decided to do it. It only cost 20 pounds and we were given a T-shirt, a wristband and a free drink and we went on our way. This was an international affair with people from all over the world participating. We could forgo most of the lines as our guides knew the bouncers. We got free drinks everywhere and we went to some good pubs, then bars, then the new "it" club without a cover. My memory was pretty fuzzy by the end of the night, but I know I had a great time! One thing I would suggest is to try something new! London has amazing bars and clubs. Try absinthe, drink something on fire! Make the most of your night!
Circle Line: Take the Challenge
Danny M. Oct 4, 2012
The Circle Line pub crawl is an awesome experience, but it’s also a tremendous challenge. Grab a group of friends and prepare for an adventure of a day. The premise is simple but the task can be a monumental challenge and you need to pace yourself throughout the day. One additional element to add to the fun is to place some wagers with your friends…who can last the longest without going to the bathroom, who’s the first one to fall down, first one to puke, last person standing, etc. I suggest starting early and also clearing your schedule for the day after…you will need some time to recuperate.
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