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Drinking in London sort of goes without saying when you consider there are literally thousands of pubs strewn throughout the city. And sure, one way to have a classic London drinking experience is to hop from pub to pub – but another is to venture off the beaten path and try something a little different for once.

For starters, London Pub Crawls allow locals and tourists alike to experience the timeless London tradition of endless beer drinking. There are many different types of pub crawls, both organized through tour groups or ones you can simply do on your own. For example, buy a one-day tube pass and hop on at the nearest Circle Line stop. Hop off at each stop, where you will invariably find a new pub to plow into. Be prepared – there are 26 total stops, so it can be a long day. Or check out the British Monopoly board and create a pub crawl with all the classic stops on there. Another 26 stops later and you’ll need a week to recover.

Beyond the pubs, there are some unique drinking experiences to discover in London like at Vinopolis, which is half bar, half wine museum, or Icebar London, which is made entirely of ice. Vinopolis is on the south side of the river and is a self-guided tour of wines from all over the world. Icebar London is an icy escape kept at minus five degrees all year round where patrons are given thermal gear and frosty glasses filled with vodka.

You don’t have to be a club-goer to enjoy a drinking experience in London. You just have to know where to look to find something a little different. So grab some mates, hit the town, and try something new – you’ll at least learn something or get drunk trying.

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