London After Hours Overview

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With a throbbing social scene that goes for gold every night of the week, there are plenty of places to go after hours in London that will satisfy the committed carousers who are not ready to head home.

Nightly, London streets are alive with partiers en route to some of the hottest clubs the world has to offer. A metropolitan mecca for young suits, alternative types, cosmopolitan crowds, and hipster kids, denizens can easily find a way to keep the revelry going.

Movida is an ultra-trendy West End club packed to the rafters every night with a posh international clientele of Europeans, Americans, and Middle-Easterners. The spot is open until 3:30am Wednesday to Saturday, so patrons can plan to stay late as long as they’re dressed well enough to make it through the doors.

Another London after hours spot that’s worth a visit (if you can get in) is Shoreditch House. Occupying the top three floors of an otherwise nondescript warehouse building, this members-only club offers celebrities and jet-setters a chance to unwind in privacy and comfort. Open until 3am from Monday to Saturday, anyone who stays in one of the chic hotel rooms built next door can get into Shoreditch House sans membership fee.

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