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10 Films With Locations In London

10 Films With Locations In London

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Oct 18, 2013 —  In visiting London, one will inevitably see an endless combination of beautiful and historic locations. Perhaps as well as any city or culture in the world, London blends the old with the new, showcasing historic sites alongside brilliant modern buildings and structures. This is perhaps one reason that the city and its surrounding areas have always been so popular in the film industry! Here are 10 noteworthy films with sets in London.

1. Notting Hill
In modern film, this is perhaps the foremost example of a film that shows off London in multiple ways. From scenes in and around the Notting Hill area itself, to a few glamorous shots of the London Savoy, this film is good for a great look around town.

2. James Bond: Skyfall
Any Bond film utilizes London to some extent, but many critics noted "Skyfall" as a particularly London-centred film. From Vauxhall Bridge to MI6 headquarters at the SIS building (which is blown up in the film), to general drives about town, London is on full display.

3. Love Actually
This is another film that shows a great deal of the city, but perhaps most notably involves Heathrow Airport, both in location and as part of the film's message and plot.

4. A Clockwork Orange
Thamesmead in London is famous partially thanks to its role in this film, so this one is a bit reversed. Nevertheless, the area is quite recognizable, thanks to Stanley Kubrick.

5. Wimbledon
Naturally, this film utilized the All-England Club for tennis scenes, but in the in-between moments we see many beautiful London locations, from the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane, to Kensington Gardens.

6. Shaun Of The Dead
If you ever wondered what London might be like with zombies running around, this film actually gives you a pretty good idea, in terms of location. In particular, the Crouch End area is shown in detail.

7. Elizabeth: The Golden Age
This is a rather exceptional historical drama that somehow escaped mainstream attention. It's actually available at Picturebox Films, a streaming service online with a film selection that's constantly updated. Each week brings a few new films, and "Elizabeth" is currently there for streaming. As far as London locations, the film actually makes use of iconic St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

8. 84 Charing Cross Road
This charming 1987 film utilizes many of London's most iconic locations - Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, and others.

9. Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone
Perhaps most notable among London locations in the "wizarding world" is King's Cross Station. Incidentally, however, Leadenhall Market was used for a number of scenes in and around the film's fictional Diagon Alley.

10. Batman Begins
Batman is an American hero, and this film's "Gotham City" scenes took place largely in Chicago. But the courthouse scene in which the man who kills Bruce Wayne's parents is put on trial is actually filmed inside the Senate House building on Malet Street, according to The Guardian.

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