Shoreditch / Brick Lane, London.
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Includes: Barbican.

Historically a magnet for impoverished immigrants, Shoreditch/Brick Lane has become synonymous with the hipster class in recent years, given its assortment of edgy bars, trendy cafés, and “do-it-yourself” late-night spots. In fact, the area’s prevalence of art and design students and new media professionals led to the creation of the outwardly disparaging term “Shoreditch twat” to describe what some see as an over-abundance of privileged creative types.

There’s certainly no shortage of Hoxton Finn haircuts and retro fashion on the regular crowd, but Brick Lane is also the heart of Bangladeshi culture in London, with rows of fabulous curry houses and mosques lining the namesake main drag, along with contemporary galleries and eclectic coffee shops.

With one-of-a-kind boutiques selling East End fashions ranging from designer skinny jeans to mod party dresses, Shoreditch/Brick Lane has plenty to offer style-hunters of almost every budget. And once the shops close, the area’s creative crowd enjoys a lively bar scene that covers almost the entire nightlife spectrum, from the lounges and stellar underground music joints to the historic pub The Wenlock Arms.

Matching hardscrabble grit with a little bit of polish, Shoreditch/Brick Lane remains a must-visit for partiers (twats or otherwise) who prefer evenings raw, raging, and full of local flavor.


Where to Go in Shoreditch / Brick Lane

  • * Café 1001 20s / 30s / Ambient / Artists / Bar
  • * Cargo 20s / 30s / Bands / Bar Food
  • * Concrete 20s / 30s / 90s Music / Bar
  • * McQueen 30s / 40s / Affluent / After Work

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