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Sketch Whether in the mood for an incredibly elegant dining experience, a stroll through an art gallery, some afternoon tea, or a night of drinking and mingling, patrons will find it all at Sketch, an Alice in Wonderland delight that... London England 51.512699 -0.141389
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Sketch - Bar | Lounge | Restaurant in London.
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Party Earth Review Whether in the mood for an incredibly elegant dining experience, a stroll through an art gallery, some afternoon tea, or a night of drinking and mingling, patrons will find it all at Sketch, an Alice in Wonderland delight... ... read full review

  • Tube:

    Bakerloo, Central, Victoria Lines: Oxford Circus

  • Phone:

    020 7659 4500

  • Links:

  • Hours:

    M–Sa noon–2am
    East Bar: M–Sa 6pm–2am
    Gallery: M–Sa 7pm–2am
    Parlour: M–F 8am–2am, Sa 10am–2am
    Lecture Room and Library: Tu–F noon–2:30pm and 7–10:30pm, Sa 7–10:30pm

  • Recommended as:

    • Day Spot
    • Night Spot

Party Earth Sketch Review

The Scene

Whether in the mood for an incredibly elegant dining experience, a stroll through an art gallery, some afternoon tea, or a night of drinking and mingling, patrons will find it all at Sketch, an Alice in Wonderland delight that...

Whether in the mood for an incredibly elegant dining experience, a stroll through an art gallery, some afternoon tea, or a night of drinking and mingling, patrons will find it all at Sketch, an Alice in Wonderland delight that offers a truly enchanting experience.

Once inside, visitors will find themselves in a long hallway full of mysterious closed doors, behind which hide an array of whimsical rooms decked out in polka-dotted wallpaper, imaginative chandeliers, unusually shaped furniture, and subtle, sophisticated details.

As varied as the venue, the wide-ranging clientele includes chic and stylish socialites, local business people, artists, fashion students, and everyone in between.

On the ground floor, the Parlour room offers a warm setting with its pink and orange tones, eclectic furniture, and café tables, making it the perfect spot for tea, sandwiches, and intimate conversation by day. By night though, the Parlour turns into a bustling bar and lounge where a DJ sets up to create a frisky and flirty drinking environment.

The Gallery room features rotating art exhibits and video displays and also serves as a high-end restaurant where posh diners go to see and be seen late into the night.

Accessible only through the Gallery is the oval-shaped East Bar, a white futuristic pod with an art deco flair that provides a more exclusive and intimate space for drinking and chatting.

Guests in the mood for exquisitely upscale dining will find it upstairs in the opulent ivory-walled Lecture Room and Library, a fine restaurant that has more than earned its three-star Michelin Guide rating.

Regardless of which door they choose, visitors to Sketch are guaranteed a unique experience that combines style, art, and leisure with a polished, fashionable, and fun-loving crowd.

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Tip from Adriana:

With so much to see at Sketch, it’s easy to miss one of the highlights – the bathrooms! Pink or blue floor lights indicate Ladies or Gents, and the requisite stalls have been turned into sleek white egg-shaped pods for a real space-age feel.

  • Crowd

    International mix of people from the media, art, and fashion industries, early 20s to 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    The Gallery offers art exhibits featuring innovative installations and video projects. A DJ spins house and pop in both the Gallery and the Parlour.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Afternoon tea and comfort foods are available in the Parlour and the Lecture Room during the day. At night, the Gallery and the Lecture Room offer more upscale menus.

  • Prices

    Lecture Room: Tasting menu £95 for eight courses, £75 for seven courses.
    Parlour: Afternoon tea £27. Beer £4.50+, wine £5.50/glass or £21+/bottle, cocktails £15+, champagne £12.50/glass or £49.50+/bottle.
    Gallery: Starters £25–£46, entrées £35–£58.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Chic, trendy, cutting edge. No sneakers. Dress code: jackets recommended for men.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any time there’s an art exhibit opening in the Gallery, or Wednesday and Saturday nights in the Parlour.

Sketch User Reviews

Average rating:
Down the Rabbit Hole
Kanika L. Oct 1, 2013
If you ever imagined having a “Mad Hatter” tea party, Sketch restaurant comes close to that fantasy. Located off of Oxford Street in Piccadilly Circus, Sketch offers just about everything from an afternoon tea visit to a classy dinner party. After walking down a long corridor, you can find yourself in a wonderland with a number of funky rooms to eat in, drink or browse through. With the restaurant in high demand, it would be wise to schedule a reservation for day or night. The Parlour room is the first one in sight with its soft lighting, red and orange lounge-style seating and café tables. It is the perfect spot for an afternoon of various teas, macaroons, sandwiches and daily specials of their pastries. Sketch offers four more rooms, which are also used for drinking, dining, mingling and enjoying light melodies. The Gallery is a room not to miss with its unusual furniture, intensely patterned floors and walls, and inspired artwork. It is exceptionally crucial you do not leave without taking a good look at the bathrooms. Bring your camera to capture the futuristic beauty of the all-white décor. Two separated, curved staircases lead you to an arrangement of egg-shaped pods with multicolored ceiling tiles. As soon as you enter your personal pod, listen closely for jungle-infused noises that surround your restroom experience. There will be absolutely no judgment if you want to spend a few extra minutes in your pod. Sketch combines groundbreaking food, stylish art and music, all accompanied by a well-dressed and mixed crowd. For a place to see and to be seen, take a trip down the rabbit hole.
To Die For Deserts and Stylish Saloon
A K. May 9, 2013
I went here a while back with some friends who are regular patrons of Sketch and was incredibly impressed by the whole experience. When we arrived there seemed to be a short line that we somehow skipped after a friendly and brief conversation with the bouncer about London cabs. Inside, the space seemed to be divided into various rooms, each with their own interesting mood and experience. After the coat check, we turned left into a small parlor-like room whose dimply lit ambiance couldn't distract from its incredible interior design. We sat here for a while and shared some deserts which were simply TO DIE FOR. Particularly the chocolate lava cake blew all of our minds and was the subject of many cravings for weeks to come. Next we passed through the restaurant portion of Sketch where many diners were still sharing a glass of wine or, like us, pouring over desert at 12:30am. While we didn't indulge in the food, I have heard that it is phenomenal, though somewhat pricey for my student budget. The next room was arranged intimately around a bar sunk into the center of the small space with a pre-set menu of delicious cocktails, mocktails and other drinks going for about 15GBP. I ordered something with passionfruit and had to keep reminding myself to sip it or it would have been gone in two minutes! Our regular-patron friend also told us to go check out the bathrooms above the bar here and they were indeed well worth the oggle: each unisex toilet consists of a little white, egg-shaped pod and running around through a dozen of those looking for an open one is indeed a bizarre experience. Finally, we joined our friends in the VIP room located to the right of the entrance. This room had a little bit louder music and some dancing. It was actually my least favorite part of the venue as it seemed a tad bit like where the "rich kids of Instagram" go to hang out, drinking bottles of Veuve Clicquot while making slightly absurd moves on the small dance floor at the age of 17. However, as the night wore on, many of the younger patrons departed and the dance floor became more packed. I must say, this experience stands out over many of my other London-clubbing experiences as a classy, interesting venue with great sphere.
Afternoon tea will never be the same again!
Sophie C. Apr 27, 2013
Sketch is certainly a unique dining experience. Walking through the door is immediately like taking a tumble down the rabbit hole and ending up at the Mad Hatter’s tea party. A perfect place for afternoon tea, the parlour is decorated in an eclectic, but highly styled way. The mis-matched furniture offers a comfy and homely feel whilst the random yet subtle art that is dotted around the place constantly keeps you engaged and amused. There’s a wide selection of teas and coffees and the cakes and patisseries are dainty and esqusite. There is sometimes a bit of a wait for the cakes as they are freshly made in small batches, but they are worth the wait. The menu also includes One of the main attractions of sketch is the toilets, which are just as weird and wonderful as the rest of the restaurant and offer some interesting mood ‘music’ which can sometimes be slightly disconcerting but certainly worth experiencing. It’s also possible to have dinner and evening drinks at Sketch, but as its situated just a short walk from the shops of Oxford Street, it provides the perfect rest stop during a hard day of shopping. This is a great place to take visitors to London who want a different dining experience!
Samantha M. Feb 4, 2013
I went to London twice in the time span of 2 months for a couple of days each time, and I made sure to make time to eat at Sketch for both of my visits. It is one of the coolest restaurants I've been to. There are so many different dining areas, all decorated very differently from one another, but still classy. The people working there are beyond friendly, and the food is amazing too. I tried both the mac n'cheese and the peppercorn chicken, which I've craved plenty of times since I left. I only have great things to say about Sketch. It is one of my favorite restaurants ever, and I recommend anyone and everyone to make time for at least one meal there during a trip to London.
Hayden F. Dec 5, 2012
This place is amazing! While it may be a little pricy, what tea in London isn't?! This it totally worth it. The various rooms in the restaurant is amazing. The two I have been to include the one where every single chair and table is different. Nothing matches and it looks amazing and so contemporary. Another room is magic forest themed and beautiful! You feel like you're in a whole different place when you go. Also, the service is awesome. They are so nice and helpful. The tea is amazing and same with the little bites! You will definitely leave full... Definitely be sure to check out the bathroom too! It is funky looking and every stall is an individual egg.
Really Unique
Anna O. Nov 30, 2012
I was so surprised by the decor in Sketch when I went. The drinks are a little over priced but actually SO cool. Drinks that I would have never expected and felt obligated to try just out of curiosity. The bar is a little small so the wait there was a little long but my friends and I just took a seat behind the DJ (he's right in the middle, kind of cool) and ordered drinks from a menu. We were there early for pre-club drinks which was a great environment with equally as great music!
Intellectually Creative!
Kathy P. Sep 25, 2012
Loved Sketch! This artist-driven bar/restaurant is awesome as soon as you walk in the door. So much creative sophistication .. Kind of expensive but so worth it. Be sure to check out the bar walls and the bathroom pods. Soooo unique! The food was unexpectedly great. Diverse crowd, definitely on the upscale side. Can't wait to go back!!
Sketch is a maze!
Sam A. Aug 15, 2012
It is very hard to describe Sketch. It is a massive place with a number of bars, restaurants, a reading area, an art gallery, etc. We started by grabbing a couple cocktails in the first room off to the right when you enter. They were quite pricey but solid drinks. It was reasonably mellow to start. Then we headed down the corridor for dinner. The food was very good. The room was beautiful. It was packed with 20 and 30 somethings downing drinks and food in anticipation of a long night. Then we hit the small oval shaped bar. It was very intimate. Only about 15 people can fit. Also, you should definitely check out the bathrooms at Sketch. They are these egg shaped pods. We ended the night back in the original room where we started. A DJ got ramped up and everybody was dancing. Cool place. Cool crowd.
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