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O'Neill's Soho Located in the always vibrant Chinatown section of Soho, O'Neill's is a bustling Irish pub that offers visitors homey grub, live music, and more draft beers than Ireland has potatoes. London England 51.512153 -0.1328127
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O'Neill's Soho - Irish Pub | Restaurant in London.
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Party Earth Review Located in the always vibrant Chinatown section of Soho, O’Neill’s is a bustling Irish pub that offers visitors homey grub, live music, and more draft beers than Ireland has potatoes. A late liquor license and classic... ... read full review

  • Tube:

    Northern, Piccadillly Lines: Leicester Square

  • Phone:

    020 7494 9284

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  • Hours:

    M–Tu noon–2am, W–Sa noon–3am, Su noon–12:30am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth O'Neill's Soho Review

The Scene

Located in the always vibrant Chinatown section of Soho, O'Neill's is a bustling Irish pub that offers visitors homey grub, live music, and more draft beers than Ireland has potatoes.

Located in the always vibrant Chinatown section of Soho, O’Neill’s is a bustling Irish pub that offers visitors homey grub, live music, and more draft beers than Ireland has potatoes.

A late liquor license and classic rock music six nights a week means the bar draws a steady stream of stout lovers and Stones fans ready to get sweaty on the dance floor.

Packed to the rafters with local workers and pub denizens who want no part of London’s exclusive club scene, the O’Neill’s crowd might not know Louis Vuitton from Louis Pasteur, but they are happy to share a shepherd’s pie and a pint of Guinness with a new acquaintance.

The décor is just as low-key as the clientele, with beige walls, basic wooden tables, beer banners, and the requisite Emerald Isle kitsch creating a comfy, unassuming atmosphere.

Later in the evening, the crowd shifts its focus from the downstairs bar to the second floor, where bands take the stage to belt out Who and Kinks classics, before passing the baton to the in-house DJ, who keeps the increasingly rowdy music lovers bopping long into the night.

A classic pub with a modern twist, O’Neill’s provides an upbeat respite for West End revelers who prefer festive pubbing to manic clubbing.

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Tip from Emma:

While all pubs fill up fast on weekends, the difference at O’Neill’s is that the bouncers give regulars preferential treatment. So if you plan on hitting the pub, either get there early or get there often to become part of the gang.

  • Crowd

    After-work Soho locals, Guinness and football lovers, classic rock fans, and travelers, 20s to 50s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live music every night but Sundays, featuring bands playing classic rock. DJs spin rock, pop, and disco nightly before and after the bands take the stage.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    A menu of Irish favorites, steaks, burgers, and desserts. Weekly grill Th 3–10pm includes steak, fish, or chicken with sides and a beer.

  • Prices

    Cover £4+ after 10pm Th–Sa. Appetizers £2.50–£5.50, burgers £6–£8, entrées £6–£12.

    Beer £3+, wine £3–£6/glass or £10–£17/bottle, cocktails £4/glass or £12/pitcher, champagne £16–£43. Grill nights £9–£12, includes complimentary drink.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts, hoodies, sandals.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursdays for grill night and Fridays and Saturdays for the biggest crowds.

  • Close By

    Once a favorite haunt of Jimi Hendrix, Ronnie Scott’s (47 Frith Street) is one of London’s (and Earth’s) best jazz clubs, drawing the most talented musicians to its stage since 1959 – making it a pitch-perfect place for music lovers looking to branch out from O’Neill’s solid classic rock foundation.

O'Neill's Soho User Reviews

Average rating:
My first london pub experience, and I loved it
Sarah L. Nov 1, 2013
When people ask me what a typical night out in London is like, I always talk about my night at O Neil's. On any night, you can expect this place to have a crowd. I think it must be because between the different atmospheres of each floor, O Neil's caters to any kind of night out you could want. If you want a chill night of drinks and good conversation then the first floor is for you. Second floor is more of a rowdy, sports pub scene. And then the third floor has live music and dancing. I really can't imagine anything else I'd want from a pub.
Great atmosphere!
Giulia I. Jul 9, 2013
If you miss the irish style and atmosphere, O'Neills is definitely going to bring it back to you. With a large variety of great drinks, a friendly service and patient staff, this pub will meet any expectation you have from a typical irish pub. I really enjoyed the live music and the drinks. For a traditional experience you must try O'Neills!!
When In Doubt...Go to O'Neills
victoria f. Jun 18, 2013
There are several O’Neills locations throughout London, but as far as I’m concerned, this is the only one. This three-story pub draws a mixed, dynamic crowd and is always fun. While studying abroad in London, this was my go-to spot. When all other clubs and pubs failed, my group of friends and I always managed to find ourselves at O’Neills. I have been here on multiple days throughout the week, and honestly, you can’t tell a Monday night from a Friday night. Every night is packed, filled with everyone from students to older locals. The drinks are pretty cheap, I would pay about three pounds for cider. The three floors provide a little something for everyone. The ground floor is more the traditional pub atmosphere, while bands play on the second and third floors giving more of a club type feel. The third floor is wide open so it’s a great place to get your groove on. O’Neills is great if you’re looking for that happy medium between a traditional pub and club.
A relaxed and friendly bar with great value for money
Helena P. May 30, 2013
Nowhere in Soho will you stumble across a venue with better value for money. Whether you are looking for a top night out with live music, a relaxed afternoon of watching sky sports or a tasty morning breakfast, O’Neills is the jack-of-all trades pub perfect for any occasion. The clientele is a contented mixture of tourists and locals and the gastro pub lunch menu is very reasonably priced. If you’re celebrating on a Friday be sure to pop in and enjoy a £19.99 bottle of champagne on the roof terrace or inside listening to the live indie bands. O’Neills is open till 3am Wednesday to Saturday – come for the pre-drinks – stay for the ambiance.
A Floor For Every Mood
Meaghan R. Mar 1, 2013
As a student in London, O'Neill's was my go to place on Thursday nights. First of all, no cover charge before ten is a rare thing in London, so why not take advantage?! Economically, it was the best choice. Most beer was only £3 and mixed drinks were not much more than that. Money was part of the reason I went back every week, but it was mostly because I had such a great time every single week. Yes, there are a lot of Americans there, but I got a chance to meet lots of British people and others from all over the world as well. On the ground floor of O'Neill's there is dining and a large bar, with regular diners. The food is just your average pub food, but it's pretty tasty and cheap as well. As you went up to the second and third floors which had live music every night, the mood got crazier and crazier. The bands that play at O'Neill's were all really good and authentic sounding. There are bars on every floor, and enough space so that it's not a crowded mess. Even on a quiet night during the week, the ambiance of the place was great and lively. Also, O'Neill's is located near Picadilly and close enough to other lots of other bars that it's even a great place to just stop in for one inexpensive pint.
It's not a locals hangout spot
Julie T. Dec 13, 2012
The venue itself is pretty cool with like 4 floors (from what I remember) that you can spend ages roaming around and people watch. Drinks are also at pretty good prices and dancing is fun. The place is always crowded filled with young people who are totally wasted. There's often a cover which is a bit annoying but that's okay. Beware though, it is NOT a local's spot. It's where every other study abroader goes and perhaps you might re-meet your childhood friend you lost contact with years ago who went to a university on the other end of the nation and just happened to study abroad around the same time. I'd say about 70% of the club are American study abroaders, maybe 20% people from other countries in Europe, and then 10% if any locals.
O'Neills: Mass pseudo-Irish debauchery
Tara R. Dec 6, 2012
A word of warning about this Irish pub: there aren't many Irish people in O’Neills. You will find people of Irish descent from the States and Australia, lured by the sea of other Americans and Australians (not necessarily of Irish descent) who have shown up for a good time. And a good time it is—a place with a very pubby feel, decent pub grub, and music ranging from pop upbeat hits to eighties cheese. The prices are as outrageous as everywhere else in Soho, so come with a prepared wallet and some pre-inebriation.
The "Every Night" Bar
Hayden F. Dec 5, 2012
My friends and I started out here nearly every night this summer. There are good prices and it is a really great vibe. Early in the night there is no cover charge and on the weekends it goes up throughout the night so after midnight I think it is about $8 but totally worth it. Multiple nights per week they have live artists and dancing is really fun. If you like your space and a place to sit - this probably isn't the place to go on a Thursday - Saturday night because it gets packed. If you're ready to mingle and make some friends definitely go! ALSO LOTS OF AMERICANS GO.
A Variety Package Wrapped in an Intimate and Welcoming Atmosphere
Megan B. Dec 5, 2012
Show your ID, pay the cover charge and you are in for a good night. (Just be sure to get there early enough. Otherwise you will be stuck paying the heftier price). This Irish Pub contains three floors where one can enjoy the distinct atmospheres and reside in those most fitting to one's mood and desires. It ranges from a sequence of tables where one can enjoy an authentic pub meal to the dance floor where one can rock out and party. On certain nights, a live band comes on stage and plays something to grove to, providing a welcomed divergence from the tracked tunes. It can be a hit or miss but my experiences were rather positive. There is even a terrace a level above the dance floor, with a bar itself, to give one a bit of fresh air and a break from the muffled noise. However, the bar area was always crowded. One would have to push and shove in attempts to place an order and then wait until they finally got around to you. I also found the drinks to be rather expensive...but then again, London is an expensive town as it were. (Plus, this is also coming from a poor college student!) If you happen to drink beforehand, beware not to drink too much as they monitor that behavior and will turn you away. If you happen to do so, you may be directed to the nearest McDonald's to buy a cup of coffee a sober up a bit. (True story! It happened right before my eyes!) But in all seriousness, the staff is really friendly and they want to insure you are having a good time. It is definitely somewhere I would hit up again when I am back in the neighborhood.
American Vibes from an Irish Pub in Chinatown
Zach R. Sep 21, 2012
One of my favorite bars from my year abroad in London, O'neills does tend to be filled with Americans (and locals who fancy Americans), but sometimes that can be just the kind of scene you're looking for. Relatively cheap drinks and cover (especially if you arrive early) plus a nostalgia-inducing 90's cover band on the top floor (songs got repetitive, but in an endearing way) made this place a frequent Thursday night destination. If you're studying abroad and you find yourself longing for a scene that reminds you of home while still delivering a bit of London/Irish character then look no further than O'neills (on Wardour Street).
Cheesy but Entertaining
Madeline R. Aug 3, 2012
O’Neills is a popular destination any night of the week (it’s a chain so you can find them throughout the city but I would recommend the one by Oxford Circus). The live music and cover bands (warning: a little cheesy…) keep the place bumpin’ past 10pm. The bar attracts American study abroad students as well as a complimentary young, international crowd. The place is consistently packed with an energetic vibe but I’d give it just 2 stars because there are too many tourists.
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