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Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen Looking for concerts at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in London? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, videos, & more for this amazing live music venue! London England 51.527355 -0.081586
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Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen  - Bar | Live Music Venue in London.
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INFO Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen is a large, versatile restaurant and music venue in Hoxton Square. During the day this bar, nestled in the corner of the garden square is an ideal place to grab a pint and a hamburger. The menu... ... read more

Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen Information

Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen  - Bar | Live Music Venue in London.

Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen is a large, versatile restaurant and music venue in Hoxton Square. During the day this bar, nestled in the corner of the garden square is an ideal place to grab a pint and a hamburger. The menu is predominately Tex Mex with an array of craft beers, ales, ciders, wines, and cocktails. Those who choose not to sprawl out on the grass in the center of the square may be tempted to sit at the picnic benches outside the venue. On colder days passersby may be drawn inside to gaze at the artwork on the walls while relaxing on the oversized, plush chairs. By nighttime the square transforms into a popular destination for London’s hipsters and along with abundant outdoor space, the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen has an inviting layout that accommodates the crowds. The main room, where most of the musical acts take place, is fit for rowdy dance parties while the seating on the side of the bar provides solace for those interested in socializing or people watching.

In the last twenty years London’s East End has transformed from an industrial hub into a thriving alternative entertainment scene alluring local artists and musicians. It may come as no surprise then that events at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen have a consistently intriguing lineup with musical acts ranging from electro pop to soul and funk artists. The Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen is the only bar in Hoxton Square that often does not charge a cover before 10pm. However for particular shows after 10pm it is 10 pounds at the door, 5 pounds if you are on the guest list and 7 pounds with a flyer. This versatile venue provides entertainment for an artsy crowd interested in listening to music while indulging in Mexican food and sipping on a cocktail.

Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen User Reviews

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Casual night out in an awesome location
Gabrielle G. May 27, 2013
When I studied abroad in East London, American students like myself initially had a hard time figuring out how to spend our nights out; they originally tended to represent two opposite ends of the spectrum - either sitting in our halls kitchen drinking and playing cards and lamenting the lack of interesting nightlife nearby, or getting ourselves fully dolled up and making the journey to Central London to hit the fun but highly touristy and expensive nightclubs downtown. Little did we know that (just fifteen or so minutes on a bus down the road) existed Hoxton Square, and when we did find out, our experience became a lot more authentic, interesting, and a lot less expensive. Hoxton Square is a cute little green area in Shoreditch, surrounded by several bars and restaurants with a wide assortment of patrons. Not quite as hipster as Brick Lane, yet not quite as mainstream or tourist-oriented as Central London, Hoxton Square is ideal, and Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen is my favourite of the bars in this area. It's pretty big on the inside and just the right balance of casual and classy. It actually has three separate bar areas, one of them being a dance floor, which alternates between live music and DJ sets and becomes quite lively and small-club-like on Friday and Saturday nights. There is also an enclosed outdoor smoking area with wooden benches to relax on when your friends drag you outside for a cigarette. I haven't tried the food here but I've heard good things -- not to mention the top-notch burgers just across the street at Byron and Red Dog Saloon. Drinks wise, the Long Island Iced Teas are delicious yet just as sneakily strong as you'd expect, but they also do simple shots with mix for relatively cheap. Open late, fantastic location, cool people ... you've really got really nothing to lose coming here!
Live Music in East London
Brett C. Dec 18, 2012
Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen is a really cool place to check out East London’s healthy live music scene. Up-and-coming bands that have gone on to play at Glastonbury, Hard Rock Calling, and South By Southwest (like The Drums, Patch William, Daytona Lights, and The Coolness) came up here, and the talent level of the acts booked here is consistently good. The performance space is separate from the main bar and has a larger stage than is usual for a venue of its size (400 people), with benches lining the walls and its own bar in the back. Before and after performances, it’s common to see both performers and groups of bar patrons hanging outside in Hoxton Square, which is a really nice grassy area just across the road from the bar. The main bar gets crowded on nights and weekends but has a nice vibe to it, with football matches and other sporting events being projected on the wall for patrons’ enjoyment and a number of beers on tap.
Pretty good!
Jody P. Dec 10, 2012
We went here for lunch one day. I'm a huge fan of going to "American" restaurants in Europe because I love to see a European take on American food. And i'm not talking about Hard Rock Cafe and T.G.I. Fridays, but an independent restaurant trying to do American fare. And I have to say, the Tex Mex at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen is pretty damn good! The menu has baby back ribs and BBQ. I had a chicken enchilada and it was really good! Hoxton is a fun place to go and worth checking out. They have a bunch of beers and I saw a few burgers go by and those looked pretty good too.
Weekends at the Hoxton
Kira A. Aug 8, 2012
Hoxton Bar & Kitchen has a good atmosphere and is in a great location. The bar itself is pretty standard, it's fairly big so you can get service without waiting too long. The crowd is pretty diverse in terms of age and style and I met some really cool people there. The outdoor area is a little cramped and when the bar gets busy it's hard to navigate through the throng of smokers and drunkards. Hoxton does have another room with a stage that has both live music and DJs so you can head over to that room if you feel like dancing instead of bar-socializing. The bar is also in a great location so you can bar hop down the street or find great drunk eats just around the corner. All in all, a great place to spend a casual evening out with friends!
Laid Back Music Venue
Madeline R. Aug 3, 2012
Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen is a great place to go, day or night. This is my favorite area of town and this bar is a wonderful place to people watch. Not to mention they serve Tex Mex…which is not easy to find in London!
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