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Electric Ballroom Searching for concerts at Electric Ballroom in London? Check out Party Earth for Electric Ballroom's schedule & experience this cool concert venue for yourself! London England 51.539489 -0.143043
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Electric Ballroom - Concert Venue in London.
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INFO The Electric Ballroom, one of London’s most revered rock music venues, opened in the 1930s when owner Bill Fuller bought it and opened it as The Buffalo Club. In 1941, the club and the surrounding area were destroyed in... ... read more

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Odd Future | London Electric Ballroom!
Odd Future | London Electric Ballroom!
Garbage- Push it-Electric Ballroom london

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Electric Ballroom - Concert Venue in London.

The Electric Ballroom, one of London’s most revered rock music venues, opened in the 1930s when owner Bill Fuller bought it and opened it as The Buffalo Club. In 1941, the club and the surrounding area were destroyed in the WWII bombings. This served to be a blessing in disguise for the venue because Fuller was able to purchase more space and rebuild The Buffalo Club. The new venue featured a ballroom that provided room for up to 2,000 people.

In the 1960s, Fuller expanded his ballroom franchise and opened a chain of venues around the world. He renamed most of them, including the Buffalo Room, which he then called the Carousel.

As the 1970s approached, musicians got wind of the club’s wide-open space and began using it as a rehearsal area. Some of these bands include Paul McCartney’s Wings and Led Zepplin.

In 1978 the venue took on its current form as a premier rock venue and was renamed the Electric Ballroom. It was shut down for a brief period of nine months as a result of noise complaints but opened again in 1979. Since then, it has been a challenge to stay open due to the London Transportation Department’s attempt to demolish the property in order to redevelop the Camden Tube Station. Musicians were able to help keep the Electric Ballroom safe but it’s not clear what the future has in store for the venue, as legislation continues to be drafted to advance transportation development plans.

The Electric Ballroom is two stories tall, and accommodates two dance floors and four bars. The stage is located on the ground floor. Performances at the Electric Ballroom include a long list of A-list rockers such as The Clash, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blur and The Smiths.

Electric Ballroom User Reviews

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Hidden gem for live music
Francesca N. May 24, 2013
The Electric Ballroom is quite the unassuming venue - almost a hole in the wall that is so close to the Camden Town tube stop, that you would be forgiven for stumbling right past it as you head for the depths of Camden Market. But this venue is very much worth stopping for, simply because the layout is perhaps the most perfectly and harmoniously balanced in London. It is, as they say, ‘small, but perfectly formed.’ With no poles, beams, or barriers between you at the stage, and with the stage lifted to just a level that it invites perfect visibility, but not so far that it invites separation or disparity, the Electric Ballroom creates wonderfully connected and intimate performances, without sacrificing space or capacity, still holding over 1000 people. The venue does well with its themed club nights for the stereotypical Camden underground scene crowd, but you really want to head down there for live music. As well as being more accessible and less, shall we say, intimidating, the sound is always solid and consistent. I must add that I have seen post-rock band 65daysofstatic thrive at the Electric Ballroom, where they have been known to totally blow the sound systems at other London venues. With a steady stream of great up-and-coming rock of all genres, it is never difficult, and always exciting, to find something happening at the Electric Ballroom. Council discussions over the expansion of Camden Town tube station has seen this venue repeatedly threatened over the years, and music lovers everywhere agree that its removal would be a great loss to the London music scene. Thankfully, it has remained a London staple since the 1930s, boasting a history of some of the world’s most loved names in rock. Here’s hoping for another 8 decades of both quality and quantity in live music for London.
Rock your night!
mikhaelle m. May 14, 2013
Are you ready to rock? Then you should definitely go to Electric Ballroom, in the heart of the hot Camden Town! Amazing DJs play your favorite hits, just to make you dance all night long! Fridays are for real rockers: metal, alternative, punk and rock : just for you, black clothes fellows! And every saturday, everyone can join ! The music is eclectic : pop, indie, electro and more! Cool week end party !
Americans should go here
Julianne I. Feb 15, 2013
I studied abroad for 4 months in London. While most Americans flocked to popular places in Oxford Circus and Picadilly Circus, I wanted to explore London with more authenticity. So when I explored the Camden Markets, I came across the Electric Ballroom and decided to give it a shot. I am so glad I did! First of all, the people I met were all British. Good music was played all night long. Drinks were average priced. The venue was incredible. I wasn't there for any live music, but it is known for getting many good, well-known bands. I recommend The Electric Ballroom if you're looking for a true Brit experience and want to listen to good music all night long.
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