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Extreme Stag Activities: 5 Things to Do Before Taking the Plunge

Extreme Stag Activities: 5 Things to Do Before Taking the Plunge

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Aug 16, 2017 —  A best man's duties don’t start on the day of the wedding; first you must throw your best friend a stag do to remember - it is their last weekend of fun before they become a married man, after all.

You've been friends for years and having gone through so much together, you know him better than anyone else – which is why you have been chosen for such an important job.

This also means you are well aware that a weekend of drinking in Magaluf is not their idea of fun. Your best friend would rather have their heart pumping from the adrenaline of an extreme activity, than nursing a hangover by the pool or stitched up like this poor groom-to-be.

So, instead of booking flights to a Mediterranean beach resort, you're probably looking for a thrilling activity and, of course, you can always treat yourself to a well-deserved beer or two afterwards… 

To help you plan the daytime activities, here are five extreme stag do activities, that will show the groom exactly why he chose you as his best man. 

1. White Water Rafting

This activity is guaranteed to give you the ultimate adrenaline rush and the whole stag party are sure to bond as they work together to ensure they make it through the rapids without capsizing.

You do not need any previous experience as the courses vary in difficulty and you will have a qualified guide who will teach you the basic skills required. 

This exhilarating experience will leave you on such a high that you will still be talking about it long after the wedding day has been and gone.

2. Ultimate Army Assault Course

Would you like to challenge the groom-to-be and test his fitness? Rather than daring him to down a dirty pint, why don’t you take him on the ultimate army assault course?

The competition will heat up after training, when you are split into teams and take your places for the tug of war – which is only the start of what is to come…

You will be trekking across woodlands, running up and over hills, swimming in mud, swinging through the air – and that’s just the morning! You will be guided round the course by ex military instructors who are trained to push you to your limits.

Not for the faint hearted – this activity is sure to provide some material for the best man speech.

3. Off Road Driving

Drive like you have never driven before by taking away the restriction of speed limits, traffic lights and congestion.

This activity takes place in a 4x4 either on a technical course, a safari course – or you could even experience blind fold driving! The final one will definitely test friendships as you trust others to guide you round the route.

The courses are designed to test you but you will have an experienced instructor with you the whole time to guide you through.

4. Gorge Walking

This activity isn’t just exciting, it is also takes part in the most picturesque of settings. 

You will follow the river down the gorge, scramble over rocks, jump into water – all while testing yourself and bonding with each other as you work together to get across rocks and rivers.

A highly experienced instructor will ensure you have a safe but adrenaline packed day.

5. Quad Bike Experience

A quad bike experience will take you through woods, farmland, forest or around a custom built off road track.

This experience is perfect for all abilities – with the option to start slowly to build confidence before moving on to harden obstacles or a more difficult course.

If you have a need for speed or a desire to be off-road – this is the experience for you.

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