Great Scott, there are always a lot of events in London! To begin, there’s the obvious variety of parks, shopping, museums, neighborhoods, and architecture to explore and enjoy.

London also boasts one of the greatest live music scenes in the world, from stadiums and arenas booked with world-renowned concerts to intimate venues featuring up-and-coming bands, the city is buzzing with music to suit any taste.

Shoppers will also have more than enough to do, what with all the world-famous department stores, high-end fashion boutiques, and mainstream retail stores that line London’s streets, not to mention the city’s celebrated outdoor markets that sell everything from household goods and fresh produce to clothing, jewelry, and antiques.

London's theater rivals Broadway and is often cheaper than its New York counterpart, with musicals, comedy, thrillers, avant-garde performances, one-off events and everything in-between, especially at the major venues that populate Piccadilly and Covent Garden. And then there are the local football clubs that Londoners would rather die than do without.

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