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The Roxy Not to be confused with the famous nightclub that played a central role in Britain's punk movement, The Roxy on Rathbone Place is much more – though not entirely – about glam pop and rowdy college revelry. London England 51.516475 -0.1330502
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The Roxy - Club in London.
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Party Earth Review Not to be confused with the famous nightclub that played a central role in Britain’s punk movement, The Roxy on Rathbone Place is much more – though not entirely – about glam pop and rowdy college revelry. The most student... ... read full review

  • Tube:

    Central, Northern Lines: Tottenham Court Road

  • Phone:

    020 7255 1098

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  • Hours:

    M–Th 5pm–3am, F 5pm–3:30am, Sa 9:30pm–3:30am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth The Roxy Review

The Scene

Not to be confused with the famous nightclub that played a central role in Britain's punk movement, The Roxy on Rathbone Place is much more – though not entirely – about glam pop and rowdy college revelry.

Not to be confused with the famous nightclub that played a central role in Britain’s punk movement, The Roxy on Rathbone Place is much more – though not entirely – about glam pop and rowdy college revelry.

The most student-oriented nights are earlier in the week, especially during Wednesday’s official student night, which sees the club swimming with young partiers from the nearby University College London – at least during term time – as they forget about higher education for a bit and DJs crank up the retro and contemporary pop.

The longstanding subterranean joint is not large, so while ivory chandeliers, chamois barstools, and sleek leather loungers in the back add a touch of class to the joint, it’s difficult to even see the ruby red walls let alone the furnishings once the evening gets going and the crowd swells shoulder-to-shoulder.

Showing up early, however, usually affords a relaxed vibe, with a sparse collection of cool older locals sampling innovative cocktails at the long wooden bar as budget conscious visitors enjoy half-priced wine and beer during a Happy Hour that runs Monday through Friday.

Things get a little pricier as the weekend sets in, with DJs segueing into chart and pop-based hits for a fun-loving crowd of unpretentious patrons who just want to dance the night away and don’t mind a little claustrophobia.

And if the local hipsters are put off by the weekend’s Top 40, they can always come back to The Roxy on Mondays and Tuesdays, when the music is devoutly indie and “popular hits” is a downright dirty term.

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Tip from Jonah:

Monday’s Rehab Party is a fantastic way to kick off the week. The mix of high-octane electro and indie makes it impossible not to dance – and creative dress is encouraged.

  • Crowd

    Predominately young professionals earlier in the evening, with a mix of students, hipsters, and 20-somethings later on.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin nightly, with a playlist heavy on indie, electro, retro pop, hip-hop, and reggae, depending on the night.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Olives and other light snack food available. Happy Hour M–F 5–7:30pm and Sa 9:30–10:30pm.

  • Prices

    Cover charge £1–£9 in the later evening, discounts for students and guest list. Beer £3.20+, wine £3.85+, cocktails £7, shots £4.50.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    No dress code, but smart casual is the norm.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday nights draw the biggest crowds, but the club’s nightly schedule of parties guarantees a good time any night. The action picks up around 10pm.

The Roxy User Reviews

Average rating:
Drink specials!
Gabrielle G. May 27, 2013
£8 cocktail pitchers. Need I say more? As other reviewers have stated, this place draws a young crowd. My first time here was on a Monday, and it was some sort of student special night where they played nothing but pop-punk harkening back to the days of middle school angst. Good old nostalgic fun for us -- and the perfect soundtrack to the high school couples living in that precise moment as they sucked each others faces on the dance floor. If you can overlook that, it's a great time -- and it's easy to do so with £3.50 double vodka mixers and £8 cocktail pitchers (Long Islands, anyone?). They do a lot of themed nights so it's always interesting. Entry is really cheap -- I only had to pay £1 with my student card because we got there before midnight. As long as you get there before 11:30 you should be fine, but the queue does become quite long after that. Another huge plus to this place is that it's open until 3 AM every day, so even if you do get caught in line for a while, you'll still be fine -- and then you can go to the myriad of McDonalds' or Burger King's near Tottenham Court Road Station after for some late night drunk munchies! Do get the flyers handed out on Oxford Street for an entry discount!
You will not have a bad time here (if you're under 25, that is)
Aimee B. May 21, 2013
If you’re out to drink, dance, and have fun, you will not have a bad time here. Sure, The Roxy is a bit grungy and small, and most of the patrons are uni students or recent grads, but that’s what makes it so great. With a youthful and adventurous vibe that allows you to wear what you want, dance how you want, and let loose, The Roxy is a guaranteed good time for anyone young and wild. THE GOOD: 1. Great location. In Central London right off the famous Oxford St., The Roxy is super close to Tottenham Court Rd. tube station and several bus stops, and walking distance to a lot of UCL housing. 2. It’s CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP! In my experience, cover ranges from free to £5, coat check is £1, shots are under £4, and cocktail pitchers are £16 but half-off on Wednesdays and Thursdays. In a notoriously expensive city where many clubs charge upwards of £10 for cover and even more for a drink, these prices are a godsend for anyone on a budget. 3. DANCING. The dance floor is always packed, and the music is entertaining and easy to dance to. From hip-hop and top 40s hits to throwback 90s, you’ll find yourself singing along to some cheesy, old-school tunes… but you’ll probably love it. 4. Pretty much everyone is 18-25 years-old. No creepy old men or spray tanned cougars here. THE BAD: 1. Pretty much everyone is 18-25 years-old. And if you’re not, you’ll feel out of place. 2. This is no Mayfair nightclub. It's essentially a student bar/club, so don’t expect a posh crowd, fancy décor, bathroom attendants… or really anything even remotely classy. 4. A lot of the patrons seem to be study abroad students. 3. There are definitely nicer, swankier, and more refined clubs in London that offer the same amount of fun. THE UGLY (truth): If you’re under 25 and looking for a fun, crazy night out with your friends, don’t miss The Roxy. It’s cheap and everyone else will be on your level, I promise. TIPS: 1. Arrive before 10:30 p.m. to avoid the queue that forms around 11 p.m., especially on Thursdays-Saturdays. 2. If you’re a student, present your ID at the door for a discount on the cover. Also, you’ll often find people on Oxford St. handing out flyers for The Roxy... take one! These will get you a discount as well. 3. Try the ‘Filthy Habit’ cocktail! Just trust me.
Guaranteed good time
Sridevi R. Mar 12, 2013
My take Although not as large and fancy as other London clubs, The Roxy really is a guaranteed good time if you're with your friends. Granted, I've only gone on Thursday nights (cover is only 1 pound + half price pitchers... I'm down), I'm sure any of the night would be fun. After going down a dark staircase, your ears are assaulted with an (extremely) eclectic mix of music. The DJ literally will play anything and everything, from Rihanna to Britney Spears circa 2000 to the theme song of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The scene I really love The Roxy's vibe - it's small, dark, and crowded... but not too crowded. You can tell that everyone's there just to have a good time and dance their faces off. The DJ takes music requests/don't think you're annoying if you keep asking them to play some A$AP Rocky and the bartenders are pretty friendly. On Thursdays, the place is packed with uni students, a lot of whom seem to be study abroad kids. Cocktails/cuisine + prices Drinks are decently priced, but all of the pitchers are half-priced on Thursdays (£8 instead of £16...!!) and very delicious. If you sign up for their mailing list, cover charge on Thursdays is only £1. It's slightly more expensive other nights, but I think it's generally around £3 if you have a student ID and £1 or £2 if you are on the mailing list. Coat check is £1 per item, as well. What to wear Like most small bars/clubs in London, you could literally wear anything to The Roxy. It gets pretty warm and cosy in there, so I wouldn't recommend wearing too many layers. When to go Each night has a different theme, so I would highly recommend checking their website to see what tickles your fancy. Also, make sure you sign up for the mailing list - cheaper cover charge and drink discounts!
Uncompromising fun
Sarah H. Jan 7, 2013
If you aren’t looking for a premier club, have a tighter budget, and just want a casual night out The Roxy is the place to be. Located within walking distance of UCL the crowd consists of younger folk ages 18-24. The descent down the stairs leads to a medium sized room complete with a dance floor, full bar, and deep red walls complimented with sleek black couches suitable for any type of wall-flower. The bartenders are young and friendly and the menu consists of reasonably priced drinks. The crowd starts to pick up around eleven thirty; I don’t recommend venturing inside before then. The weekend is the best time to wander into the university dominated scene. However, the weekdays provide a more relaxed and local vibe to the place. After a proper go at sweet talking the bartender into giving you that chaser for free, the youthful vibe of the place will appeal to your inner sense of adventure. The senses escalate throughout the night, and as soon as the DJ arrives the room transforms. Cold strong bow cider, a dose of the top 40s music, and hip to hip University renegades compromise the dance floor on the average Saturday evening. If you don’t mind a little sweat and grind and the trill of Britney Spears than The Roxy provides uncompromising fun.
UCL club
Jessica H. Oct 16, 2012
Within walking distance of the UCL dorms, my study abroad friends and I found a safe haven in this club if every where else was likely slow. Definitely enjoyed by a younger crowd, The Roxy plays great throwback music and always has a packed dance floor. With fairly well priced drinks and specials Roxy is a good place for a weekday out. It is not one of London's finest night-clubs, but for a little place it still packs a lot of fun.
For serious revellers only
Sarah C. Sep 23, 2012
More or less considered a rite of passage for Unversity College London's Freshers (that's first year students for the uninitiated) this is a place for serious partying. This place is busy, rowdy, and hardcore. Although pricier than local rival Moonlighting, Roxy is probably worth the extra couple of quid. The club itself is cool and cosy, but as the haunt of choice for lots of London universities' sports teams it is also famously rowdy. If you avoid Wednesday night during term time ('Sport's Night' where Rugby lads and Hockey girls get to know one another) you'll find plenty to like about this place. The music is good and the drinks are reasonably priced for the area. Another advantage is the Roxy has a relaxed door policy which means it's a great spot for when a quiet drink ends up being rather more than that. The club is different at the weekend, as any good London student will tell you, Friday and Saturday nights in the capital are for people with proper jobs, and this is reflected in the door price and the clubbers. It's a much more sophisticated place over the weekend, but still fun. In short, the Roxy is a failsafe night out- you'll have a good time no doubt- but if you're only in town a few nights, you can find cooler places to spend your dough.
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