Proud Camden

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Proud Camden Proud Camden couples the flair of a contemporary art gallery with the pulsing rhythm of a dedicated concert space, leaving slack-jawed tourists and artsy Camden Towners to wonder how a one-time horse hospital could be transformed... London England 51.54236 -0.147538
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Proud Camden - Art Gallery | Club | Historic Bar | Live Music Venue in London.
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Party Earth Review Proud Camden couples the flair of a contemporary art gallery with the pulsing rhythm of a dedicated concert space, leaving slack-jawed tourists and artsy Camden Towners to wonder how a one-time horse hospital could be... ... read full review

  • Tube:

    Northern Line: Camden Town, Chalk Farm

  • Phone:

    020 7482 3867

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  • Hours:

    M–W 11am–1:30am, Th–Sa 11am–2:30am, Su 11am–12:30am

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth Proud Camden Review

The Scene

Proud Camden couples the flair of a contemporary art gallery with the pulsing rhythm of a dedicated concert space, leaving slack-jawed tourists and artsy Camden Towners to wonder how a one-time horse hospital could be transformed...

Proud Camden couples the flair of a contemporary art gallery with the pulsing rhythm of a dedicated concert space, leaving slack-jawed tourists and artsy Camden Towners to wonder how a one-time horse hospital could be transformed into such a vibrant cultural gathering place.

In homage to the building’s equestrian roots, the club’s long central walkway leads hipster concert-goers and scenester tourists past stables that have been turned into group seating areas, each with its own amenities and décor.

These semi-private enclosures allow one set of ale-fueled partiers to groove to beat-mixing DJs under a haze of silver lamps while their neighboring revelers might be enjoying a built-in stripper pole or partying like imaginary rock stars thanks to a PlayStation and a complimentary copy of Rock Band.

Photo enthusiasts can gaze at revolving exhibits of modern prints in the cavernous white-walled gallery, as their more well-off brethren pony up the £1000+ required to take one of these iconic images home.

More photographs – primarily of rock stars like Jagger and Hendrix – line the Gig Room, an intimate and noisy concert space that plays host to many of London’s hottest up-and-coming bands like Dirty Pretty Things and the Arctic Monkeys.

Thirsty locals tired of the clamor and eager for a smoke can head to the rooftop terrace, a location as chill and chilly as an early London evening, where winded partiers lounge on plush banquettes, savoring pints and taking in panoramic views of their gritty surroundings.

An experience that combines top-flight musical entertainment and world class art in a one-of-a-kind historical setting, Proud Camden offers traveling photography buffs and hip locals a reason to take pride in Camden Town – and then take to the dance floor.

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Tip from Jonah:

If you want the glamour of bottle service without the 12.5% service charge, you can pre-order bottles off of a discounted menu instead.

  • Crowd

    Local creatives, edgy artists and musicians, approachable hipsters, and the sociable and fashion-forward sets, early 20s to 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Indie bands, cabaret, and DJs playing a mix of indie, electro, and pop hits. Free live music Saturdays and Sundays 3–7pm. Occasional stand-up comedy. PlayStation, Wii, DVD players, selection of video games. Free Wi-Fi.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    A selection of food that includes everything from salads to burgers, barbeque, and burritos. Reservations required for tables or stables F–Sa nights.

  • Prices

    Cover charge £5–£10. Food £2–£9. Beer £3.50–£5, wine £4+/glass or £20+/bottle, cocktails £7, champagne £6+/glass or £30+/bottle, bottle service £80–£300+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual chic: jeans, t-shirts, vintage dresses.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday nights for the rowdiest scene, and daytime for a mellower vibe that makes it easy to explore the bar’s vast space and rich history.

  • Close By

    Right across the street is The Lock Tavern (35 Chalk Farm Road), which features a big music scene that welcomes indie rockers like Belle & Sebastian, Adele, and Cut Copy.

Proud Camden User Reviews

Average rating:
A unique club offering more than first meets the eye
Marjolein R. Nov 8, 2013
My first night out ever in London and I was dubious for what it was going to hold. Heading out with my friends after a birthday meal we set course straight for Proud Camden. You always hear stories about the vibrancy of Camden, well if you want to experience it come to this club. The night was already in full force when we arrived, the room heaving and burlesque dancers spinning above us in hoops. We forgot to go to the bar for a full ten minutes as we were mesmerised by their skills and sheer strength. Fire poi was also on offer on stage and the performers don’t hold back. Go further in and you’ll find what once were stables are now stylish booths. We found ourselves on the dance floor partying non stop for most of the night. Be prepared to get sticky, it’s a good atmosphere and when you want to cool off, or have a smoke, the smoking area outside offers respite, breathing space and a relaxing chance to mix with the other people there. I have to admit, my memories of Proud Camden are slightly hazed by one too many drinks, from before and during, but the main memory is that of a brilliant night out, great music and a plan already forming to return next time we’re in London.
Proud made me Proud
Tatiana F. Jul 11, 2013
To enter, you pass through a cobblestone market, and as you approach the giant doors you think this is an extravagent entrance for such a small space, but then you enter and realize how large the venue really is. I walked into the first room which looked like a plain hall and it was pretty empty as I had arrived around 10:00pm on a Thursday. Since it was still empty, we decided to explore a little more, so on we walked through the first room and we approach the entrance of what used to be a giant horse stables. They had transformed each horse stall into a private party room, equipped with decorative pillows to soften the wooden benches and stripper poles set on neon color changing tiles. A little farther along they transformed a few more stalls into a unique wooden bar where they served drinks that were tasty and not too expensive, 4 quid for a single shot and 8 quid for a double mixed drink. They had a full bar, with spirits, cider, and beer. Then as you continue down the hall you make your way outside to the smoking section, which looks like a cute little outdoor summer diner with yellow and white canopies and wooden benches outside and sofa cushions near the bar area. By the time we made our way back to the first room, it was packed with good looking college guys and girls dancing to some circa 2001-2006 pop and r&b music, I felt like I had been transported back to high school when people used to have house parties. It was a nice feeling of nostalgia mixed with bright flashing lights. The nice thing is you can visit Proud in the daytime as well for cocktails and a walk around the art gallery, it really has something for everyone! Overall, I really enjoyed Proud and I think anyone that visits will too!
Caters for all
Paris Donnatella C. Apr 24, 2013
Yes, it's been said before "This place caters for all types" - however, in this case, I really find that it does. Whether you're looking for an urban cafe that fuses hip and chic, making delicious food and tasty cocktails, you're on the money. If it's a somewhere fun and sociable but not too loud and boisterous it makes for a great date spot in the evening. If you feel like being a hooligan and want somewhere to let your hair down, you've got it. Catering to both alternative types and more commercial partiers, the venue that consists of the old stables from the Camden Market, with private sections that can be rented out, a huge dance floor, as well as smoking garden with ample seating. Providing entertainment and DJs on a nightly basis, it's very hard to go wrong with this one. Although get down early, the admission line can get pretty wild on weekends.
Culture meets nightclub at this former horse hospital
Carina W. Mar 4, 2013
Art gallery and restaurant by day, nightclub by night, Proud Camden is the eclectic hot spot for art and culture coupled with boisterous nightlife fun. Formerly a horse hospital, the venue kept its original form and traces of its equestrian past still remain prominent. The stables are now refurbished with seating and clubby decor and provide groups with some privacy, and privacy might desperately be needed if the night gets carried away and someone ends up swinging on one of the stables’ shiny stripper poles. By day, there’s a mix of locals and tourists meandering through the walkway of the venue, admiring the gallery up on its walls and shopping for vintage goods in Camden Market, where the club is located. However, by night, the crowd is young, mainly hipster East London types who are attending school or Americans who are studying abroad and looking to explore the artsy and edgy area of Camden. Like its crowd, the music played is an eclectic mix of trendy and current but also indie, and as the night goes on, the dance floor gets packed with upbeat partygoers looking to go buck wild. Luckily, an outside terrace provides a place to smoke a cigarette or cool down if all that dancing induces too much sweating. Where culture meets nightclub, Proud Camden is a versatile epicenter of weekend debauchery and creative expression, and it’s the perfect venue for both local artistic types and tourists alike.
Unique experience
Lindsay T. Nov 14, 2012
Proud Camden is such a cool place. Originally stables, the club really is a different way to party with your friends. My nights consisted of karaoke in one stable, shopping in another and watching people play around a stripper pole in another one. Then when you move to the main room you can sit around comfy couches and tables or get crazy on the dance floor with your friends. Finally, outside in the back, there are burgers! What more could you want with a night out?? It's chill and exciting at the same time. The music is great, but the lines are long. We came on a snowy night and got very lucky that we got in pretty quickly. Overall though, I had an incredible night and would recommend it to anyone!
Stables not to be missed
Jessica H. Oct 16, 2012
Proud Camden is without-a-doubt one of the most authentic clubs I have ever been too. With little to be desired on the inside, the historic horse stalls and rooftop terrace on the outside cannot be missed! With a different theme in each stall it is totally worth it to rent one with friends for the night. If you are looking for a lower key club in the trendy Camden area Proud is the place for you. Enjoy a calm drink on the terrace, or head inside to the stage room where you can catch a local band or a DJ set blaring music and flashing lights. Also a stop on the Camden pub crawl which makes it a continually happening spot. I would say that Proud Camden is another club worth going to for a night.
Aimee M. Oct 12, 2012
Love this bar. There's a range of areas, from the old horse stables to the outdoor bar adorned with fairy lights. This helps you to make your night exactly what you want, from club-style dance floors, to a busy bar atmosphere in the stables to a more chilled out evening outdoors, and anything in between. Drinks here are cheaper than you would expect for the venue, which is always a nice surprise. The cabaret shows are also not to be missed!
Great garden.
Daisy R. Oct 4, 2012
The outside is great - cool bars, lit by fairy lights, and even a hot tub (though don't go near it unless you actively want an STD). And it's much needed, as the inside is a little overwhelming. If you've a private group together, the stables area is a lot of fun because it's so unique, but the dance floor can feel a little like a school disco... Be prepared to dance with a bunch of overly excited and newly legal 18 year-olds.
Horse Stables & Cabaret
Kira A. Aug 8, 2012
Proud Camden is a great bar/club located in one of the coolest areas of London. Proud has a unique atmosphere due in part to the decor. The club actually used to be horse stables; the individual stables were converted and now serve as the reserve table areas. Each stable is complete with a pole for dancing. There are two main rooms, each with a stage and a bar. Proud has Thursday ragers called "Bad Sex" and weekend Cabaret nights with dancers and fire-throwers, among other attractions. Proud has a variety of music, primarily electronic, and live DJs almost every night. The only downside to this amazing club is that it tends to close really early, at about 230am. This is standard close time for bars and clubs in the U.S. but in London clubs usually close at about 6am. Other than that, however, I have no qualms with Proud and have had many a fun night there, including my 21st birthday!
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