Piccadilly Institute

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Piccadilly Institute Piccadilly Institute in London's West End is a multi-roomed club with several dance floors, bars, & vibes. Get institutionalized in London with Party Earth. London England 51.51023 -0.13518
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Piccadilly Institute - Club in London.
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Party Earth Review Full of separate rooms – each with its own menu – not to mention a flamboyant decor and ever-quirky themes, Piccadilly Institute is a labyrinthine club that’s equal parts kitsch and glam. Noir, the first small dance floor... ... read full review

  • Tube:

    Bakerloo, Piccadilly Lines: Piccadilly Circus

  • Phone:

    020 7287 8008

  • Links:

  • Hours:

    M–Sa 5pm–3am, Su 5pm–12:30am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Piccadilly Institute Review

The Scene

Piccadilly Institute in London's West End is a multi-roomed club with several dance floors, bars, & vibes. Get institutionalized in London with Party Earth.

Full of separate rooms – each with its own menu – not to mention a flamboyant decor and ever-quirky themes, Piccadilly Institute is a labyrinthine club that’s equal parts kitsch and glam.

Noir, the first small dance floor, goes for a sultry vibe with crystal antler chandeliers, skull-patterned wallpaper, and DJs spinning soulful house – perfect for the students who pop in early to chat over half-off Happy Hour specials and get a little frisky in one of the black studded booths.

Older retro lovers make for the Decadia room, where 90s hits dominate the video screens and folks get funky on a tiny LED dance floor reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever.

The cozy Chamber beckons curious tourists and mellow barhoppers with its science lab approach of cocktails steaming with dry ice and a background of indie music conducive to conversation.

A sort of English-countryside-on-acid space awaits upstairs in the Fruit Box, where a leaf-lined ceiling, tree-themed décor, and low divans create an unusual vibe for groups of friends sipping cosmos.

Perhaps the biggest party happens even further up in Clinic, where white mannequins hang from the ceiling, sexy go-go girls promise plenty of eye candy, and rave-set revellers throw shapes to the high-energy funky house music.

And on the last level there’s Shrink, an intimate space designed with a doctor’s office/insane asylum in mind. High-end cocktails dominate the menu, so spendy guys and gals can sip champagne as they recline on hospital beds, listening to the sounds of Motown and peering through portholes to admire the view across Leicester Square.

No one would define Piccadilly Institute as subtle, but with a plethora of rooms and theme nights catering to all different tastes, everyone should be able to find their night inside.

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Tip from Emma:

Every room in Piccadilly has its own menu, and with Happy Hour offering 50% off all drinks and platters, you can try a little something in each room without breaking the bank.

  • Crowd

    Rowdy college students, party-happy tourists, Happy Hour seekers, club kids, and a more moneyed set upstairs, 20s to mid-30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Music varies by room and includes R&B in Noir, old-school hip-hop in Chamber, 90s music in Decadia, funky house in Clinic, and Motown in Shrink. Guest DJs and varied theme nights can alter music throughout venue, so patrons are advised to call ahead or check the official website for the lineup.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    A selection of sharable plates featuring madras chicken skewers, BBQ chicken wings, and giant potato wedges, and larger dishes including British beef burgers and fish finger sandwiches. Happy Hour daily 5–7:30pm.

  • Prices

    Cover £0–£10. Bar snacks £4.50–£9.95, entrées £7.50–£9.95, pizzas £5.95.

    Beer £4–£5, wine £4–£11/glass or £17–£49+/bottle, cocktails £7–£8.50+, shots £5–£7.50, bottle service £115–£220+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual in the early evening: jeans, sweatshirts, after-work business attire. Dress to impress later on: sharp shirts, sequined dresses, sky-high heels.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Different DJ bookings can determine the hot night, but any day for Happy Hour to get the lay of the land, and Thursdays through Saturdays for the wildest crowds flitting between the multiple packed dance floors.

  • Close By

    The Queen’s Head (15 Denman Street) makes for an easy pre-game spot with classic pub grub and a good selection of beers and ciders.

Piccadilly Institute User Reviews

Average rating:
Full of soul, but not full of customers.
Amelia T. Aug 6, 2013
When Picadilly Institute first opened three years ago, it was the place to be. Me and my fresher friends absolutely loved the variety of rooms, including the 90s room, the hospital wing, and a science lab. There were gimmicks that really worked, such as the rubix cube dance floor, and cocktails in beakers and test-tubes. However, with time, the atmosphere at PI (as it is affectionately known) has dwindled, and the promoters seem to be struggling to fill their rooms. This becomes a problem as certain rooms are then cordoned off, meaning you could find yourself with a choice of only two rooms, which is far below the advertised experience. Therefore, if you go, make sure it's on a busy night (Tuesday seems to be their most popular) to make sure you experience everything on offer.
Great variety mixed
Naomi G. Aug 1, 2013
Piccadilly Institute is located right in the center of London. It is surrounded by the shops, the theatres and many landmarks. This is already gives it a great advantage, attracting all types of people. However, what gives it that edge is what's inside. Where to start? The club has a variety of spaces, each more unique than the next. You can dance to oldies on a lit up dance floor, or chill to house music by the bar, or even yet take a shot from a test tube in the chemistry section. Coming here is quite an experience as you get to have a taste at such different atmospheres. It allows different tastes and people to mingle for a few hours within this bustling capital.
After a fun night out with mates? Want to throw some shapes? Then this is the place for you!
Hannah M. May 20, 2013
It certainly wasn't empty when I rocked up last week, sporting a fine TK Max poo brown coat and carrying a bag full of Uni books. And yes, I'm as confused as you that I was even allowed in. After navigating my way through an assortment of 'themed' rooms I finally found my way to an empty table where I quickly realised I was sufficiently under dressed. However, once I'd got a couple of vodka cranberry's down me (the classic so called low calorie drink) I was ready to hit the dance floor and throw so shapes. With great tunes blaring out it was no surprise that everyone was having a great time. However, as I later found out when returning to my table, some people were having a little 'too much' fun but the bouncers were quick to intervene. Like every bar in London the prices are to be expected and if you're after a stylish wine bar then this place probably isn't for you. However, if cheesy dancing and a 'Uni style' night is more your thing then the central location will suit you known doubt.
Fun decor and props galore, but if you want a drink (which I'm sure you do!) you might have a wait.
sophie h. May 17, 2013
This place markets itself very well. The rooms are themed (exciting!) meaning you can choose a bit of what you fancy at any time, I do tend to feel it's a lot of smoke and mirrors though. Yeah you might be sitting in chair that looks like a theater mask, but are you actually comfy and do you feel a bit ridiculous? Like-wise with the props - fun for five minutes pratting around with a hat but after a few photos you're just left wondering who else has had their sweaty head underneath it. Getting served at the bar is also a real issue. There were a lot of disgruntled thirsties when I was there and I think it took at least 10 minutes to get served. One of the other dancey rooms can be quite fun but all in all it's just got it a bit wrong. There's a lot of style but no substance. Being such a central location it attracts all sorts of people and it's hard to work out exactly what kind of vibe it's going for. If you're impressed by shiny things then go, but if you want a good night with a drink in your hand I'd avoid. A bit too fussy and showy for my liking.
One of the most vibrant settings in London- scientifically proven
Erika H. Mar 27, 2013
This club has got to be one of the most cool and cosmopolitan places in London- the crowd lively yet sophisticated. Each bar is themed as a different type of science- my personal favorite was the chemistry lab. Even the bartenders played up the themes, they made pouring drinks look like a science experiment! The music selection on the main dance floor is vibrant, extremely loud but always a jam that makes everyone want to move. The only downfall I saw was that, besides the music being so loud it literally vibrated throughout your entire body, the stairs were so slippery! Sober you’re in trouble, drunk I would think twice before going to the top bar to have a rest! I would definitely recommend grabbing a table or booth to call home base on the more relaxed top floor- just be careful getting there and back!
Great Music & Weak Drinks
A-Nisha K. Mar 7, 2013
So we all know that clubbing in London has the potential for unlimited fun, and Piccadilly Institute can defiantly guarantee a good night for drinking and dancing. Just like other clubs in the city, for a rather lost cost (I paid £10),Piccadilly Institute offers bumping music and a crowd of sweaty bodies. With tunes encompassing dub-step, hip-hop, and Top 40’s, this club caters to everyone’s musical taste, with categories assigned to the three different floors of the venue. I have a great love for hip hop, so it won’t be hard to guess which floor I love the most at this club. If you are looking to “drop it low” and “shake it like a salt shaker” in Soho, this is definitely the place for you. I have to say that I burned quite a few calories on the dance floors here because the dj’s really do place songs that gets the crowd pumping and ready to groove. With all of the great aspects of this club, there was one thing I was rather disappointed in…the WEAK drinks! The cocktail are very watered down, but I guess you get what you pay for. Overall, I think that this is a good place to dance all night with your friend. Even with the less potent drinks, I still enjoyed by time here and I would come again.
Nothing Special Club
Tara R. Dec 6, 2012
I didn't pay cover for Piccadilly Institute, and I have to admit I would have been unhappy if I had. Piccadilly Institute is a decent club, but after the wow-factor of several floors of thumping beats and design-on-drugs, I began to notice more the overly drunk almost-teenagers and their various posses, a sea of Santa Claus costumes (don’t ask), and the fact that I couldn’t exactly move on the stairs. Piccadilly is nice as a late-night destination, and it’s definitely interesting, if only for the hanging mannequins. I don’t know if I’d go there again unless a friend was dragging me. Which does happen quite often...
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