Ministry of Sound

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Ministry of Sound Ministry of Sound is a world-renowned superclub, the backbone of London's clubbing scene, and heaven on earth for lovers of trance music. London England 51.497496 -0.099585
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Ministry of Sound - Club in London.
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Party Earth Review Ministry of Sound is a world-renowned superclub, the backbone of London’s clubbing scene, and heaven on earth for lovers of trance music. Divided into five separate rooms, four bars, two VIP lounges, and four... ... read full review

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    Bakerloo, Northern Lines: Elephant & Castle

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  • Hours:

    F 10:30pm–6:30am (last entrance at 4:30am), Sa 11pm–7am (last entrance at 5am)

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Ministry of Sound Review

The Scene

Ministry of Sound is a world-renowned superclub, the backbone of London's clubbing scene, and heaven on earth for lovers of trance music.

Ministry of Sound is a world-renowned superclub, the backbone of London’s clubbing scene, and heaven on earth for lovers of trance music.

Divided into five separate rooms, four bars, two VIP lounges, and four DJ booths and dance floors, Ministry exudes a raw energy that draws a diverse clientele of music lovers, hipsters, and young professionals who flock in to drink and dance the night away.

Known for its state-of-the-art technology, Ministry has equipped each room with slide and video projections, plasma screens, LED lighting, and a behemoth of a sound system.

Hardcore fans who want nothing less than to climb inside the music should head straight to The Box, which is separated from the rest of the rooms by a soundproof entrance and houses the meanest sound system in the club.

Disco balls, glittering chandeliers, aerial walkways, and colorful lighting displays round out the multisensory experience that patrons have come to expect from Ministry.

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Tip from Jonah:

Anyone who’s tired of watching the DJs have all the fun can sign up for a course through Ministry’s DJ Academy. It’s hard to beat learning the tools of the turntable trade from top DJs.

  • Crowd

    Diverse, but attracts a lot of club and trance music enthusiasts, mostly 20s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Resident and well-known guest DJs play techno, house, soul, drum and bass, and garage.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Concession stands serving hot dogs and snacks can be found in the outdoor courtyard.

  • Prices

    Cover charge £13–£15/F–Sa if paid in advance, up to £5–£6 more at the door; drops to £6 around 3–4am. Drinks £5+. Food concessions £3–£4.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual to smart casual. Dress code: no suits or tracksuits, but jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts are fine.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday nights. There is no avoiding the line, so patrons can arrive whenever they want.

Ministry of Sound User Reviews

Average rating:
For those who like variety, this is the place for you
Sarah L. Nov 1, 2013
The UCL Freshers Ball was held here, and I think it was the highlight of my first three weeks in London. My favorite part was how there were so many rooms to explore, and they were all playing different kinds of music. If you get bored after a song within minutes, then no problem! Just mosey on into the next room over, and it feels like you are in a whole new club. Definitely worth the cover.
Doesn't matter if you fancy electronica or not, you are just gonna love it!
Kim M. Jul 16, 2013
I was not very much of a fan on electronics as it felt like only beats and rhythms but lyrics.. This MOS definitely changed my mind!! It wasn't just the world-known, it is the world-known! I was literally dancing until 6 in the morning!haha Besides different rooms with different styles of electronics, you will find cool people who loves the music and dance as much as you like. If you were to go to London and enjoy the night life, this is definitely the spot to check it out regardless of your taste!
The best in London!
Leonardo P. Jul 14, 2013
If you end up in London and you are one of " the crew" of electric music lover, you have no excuse: you have to check this place! A lot of different rooms with different music and mix provided by different djs.. well, MoS is a total unique experience: you'll find people from all over the world, well-done drinks not so expensive, flashing lights inside that will trip you out and very "crazy" music that, if you are a follower of the genre, will definitely blow your mind!
If you love techno music, you have to come here
Jasmine C. Jul 10, 2013
One of London most famous clubs, had their own label of Techno music. Always full people queueing to get in. They invited all the world top DJ to performance every weekend. Went there with friends to see Zeed. It was a great experience, meet lots of people got same interested. The crowd just one word can explain it " CRAZY". But, if girls go there you need to be careful with the guys around you. Some of them are just weird.
Ministry of Sound
Diane R. Apr 23, 2013
People had described me Ministry of Sound as the best and biggest London nightclub, so it was the first I went to when I arrived in the city in August 2010: I wasn't disappointed! I bought my 20£ ticket for a Saturday night venue featuring Markus Shulz and spend my best London-night there! The club features 2 huge dance floors and a big room with a bar and lounge-style music. Beware of the sound in the room where main DJ's are performing! A sign will tell you when entering that the noise level can be harmful for your ears, so be prepared to experience very loud music :-) Although it can be painful for sensible ears, it added even more fun to my night in Ministry of Sound, and I definitely recommend this club to whoever wants to try a big house-music club in London!
Iconic Clubbing
Vincent W. Mar 31, 2013
The iconic nightclub is the backbone of the British clubbing scene and still holds major sway as one of London's big hitters over twenty years on from it's inception. The club is unique in it's design that focuses on the sound first and foremost before lighting and aesthetics. Split into five main areas: the Bar, the Baby Box, the VIP and the loft, the club has a specially built roof to contain sound and a sprung floor to allow you to keep dancing into the early hours of the next morning without tiring yourself out. It's an absolute must for lovers of trance but it also has a little bit of everything from charts for your occasional clubbed to drum and bass for your more hardcore aficionado of the dance scene.
Markus Schulz
Julie T. Dec 13, 2012
I went once to see Markus Schulz, one of my favorite trance DJs, and I totally fell in love with the venue. It is famous for its acoustics and its history and it did not disappoint. The show was one of the best shows I have ever gone to and also one of my favorite nights during my time in London. The crowd was also fun to be around, which was important to have, as well as nice helpful bouncers. There are also several other rooms for clubbing and entertainment. I only wish that I got to go to Ministry of Sound more than once during my stay, but will definitely go again if I am in the area.
Temple of Electronic Music
Craig B. Dec 9, 2012
I'm more of a small venue kind of guy, but as an admirer of electronic music, Ministry of Sound is a Mecca of sorts that I just had to visit. Ministry of Sound is, in a word, MASSIVE. The main space is pretty expansive, though there are side rooms for patrons who need a moment to relax with some chillout or lounge tracks, and the sound system is incredible. On the particular night that I happened to go, there was a live drummer to accompany the producer/DJ du jour and he was incredible. Hands and sticks flew all over the place and the cloud, dressed to the nines, was super responsive. The next time I'm in London, I'll definitely be back.
Rachel G. Nov 17, 2012
One of the first places you need to check out if your in London. This place is well known for it's historical list of world renown DJ's and expectation as one of the best venues in Europe. Before I went to Europe I had already known about this place and I knew it was the place I had to see first. Like many other reviews, it certainly lives up to it's expectation of being amazing. You don't even need to know who is playing to enjoy yourself here. This is such a unique place in Europe where music lovers come to enjoy the ministry of sound.
Maddy L. Nov 15, 2012
I heard about Ministry of Sound before I had even been to Europe at all, and was looking forward to checking it out. I didn't know any of the DJs playing the night I was going, but knew that I'd regret it if I didn't check it out. It was fun, and I can see why people love it, but I think you need to like the DJ whose going to be playing for the club to live up to the hype. It's an awesome place, but definitely feels more like a venue than a club. There are a ton of different rooms and bars, so it's not too hard to get a drink. The line wasn't too long, but we did have to wait a bit. Also, there were at least 5 times as many guys as girls the night I was there. You should check it out if you get a chance, but make sure you look at whose playing so you know if it's worth the cost!
Lives Up To Expectations
Alli H. Nov 14, 2012
The Ministry of Sound is the only club I had heard about in London before actually coming to London (I studied abroad there in the spring) and I must say, it's just as amazing and awesome as it sounds. It's one of the few clubs you can count on every single night to give you great music (the sound system is UNREAL) and a great crowd. The place is HUGE so there are different kinds of crowds and different kinds of music in all the different parts of the club so it's really fun to bounce around and get your fix of electronic music. It is a little pricey because most of the artists are really big and people will pay to see them anywhere, but it's worth it. They also have really fun theme nights where you have to wear neon or student nights where you can get a discount so definitely do your research to find the best night for your crowd to go. If you only have a few nights in London and love electronic music, this place is a MUST!
Kira A. Aug 8, 2012
Ministry of Sound is by far my favorite club in all of London!!! It's an electronic music heaven on earth. I saw a number of amazing DJs at Ministry including Laidback Luke, Chuckie, Kaskade, Markus Schulz, Morgan Page, Adrian Lux, Knife Party, and also Armin van Buuren's launch party for ASOT. You can see any of these fabulous artists for around 15-20 pounds (25-30 dollars) The atmosphere is so intimate at Ministry so you can really experience the music. Some of my favorite memories of London are at this club, if I could go back in a second I would. Everyone should experience a night at Ministry if they can.
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