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Mahiki A two-story tiki hut-inspired club and lounge, Mahiki provides its patrons with a taste of Polynesian culture and South Pacific flair. London England 51.5075388 -0.1412572
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Mahiki - Club | Lounge | Tiki Bar in London.
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Party Earth Review A two-story tiki hut-inspired club and lounge, Mahiki provides its patrons with a taste of Polynesian culture and South Pacific flair. The upstairs Lanai Lounge is filled with bamboo tables and chairs, seashell lamps... ... read full review

  • Tube:

    Jubilee, Piccadilly, Victoria Lines: Green Park

  • Phone:

    020 7493 9529

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  • Hours:

    M–F 5:30pm–3:30am, Sa 7:30pm–3:30am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Mahiki Videos

Mahiki at Henley Regatta
Krakatoa Cocktail
Zombie Cocktail
Jolly Rogers Cocktail
Honalulu Honey Cocktail

Party Earth Mahiki Review

The Scene

A two-story tiki hut-inspired club and lounge, Mahiki provides its patrons with a taste of Polynesian culture and South Pacific flair.

A two-story tiki hut-inspired club and lounge, Mahiki provides its patrons with a taste of Polynesian culture and South Pacific flair.

The upstairs Lanai Lounge is filled with bamboo tables and chairs, seashell lamps, and tropical plants that create a soothing atmosphere in which to sip delicious cocktails and chat with friends.

Meanwhile, the printed wall hangings in the downstairs Aloha Room give the space a more retro 70s vibe, and the dance floor is usually packed with a mix of pampered 20-somethings, bankers, and D-list celebrities – not to mention the odd appearance of Prince William or Harry – all dressed to impress.

Creative cocktails are delightfully served in coconut shells, treasure chests, and miniature diver helmets, and watching the bartenders whip them up is quite a spectacle in itself.

Between the tropical drinks, the sultry Polynesian décor, and the busy dance floor, Mahiki is a terrific choice for anyone looking for a festive, upbeat adventure.

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Tip from Adriana:

Mahiki is a terrific place to visit if you find yourself yearning for the weekend mid-week! The combination of sinfully delicious cocktails, hot people, and fun décor make for a great experience.

  • Crowd

    Chic and upscale, 20s to 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Upbeat music from the 80s and 90s and popular hits. DJs take requests throughout the night.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Asian and Polynesian appetizers including dumplings, spring rolls, Peking duck, Singapore noodles, and chicken skewers.

  • Prices

    Cover charge £10, sometimes free early evening. Menu £3.50–£14.50. Cocktails and specialty drinks £7+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Smart casual to dressy. Women typically wear club attire. Dress code: men must wear dress shoes.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Wednesdays and Thursdays around 10:30pm to avoid the lines. By 11pm, the downstairs bar and dance floor are packed.

Mahiki User Reviews

Average rating:
More About Who You Know Inside Than The People You'll Meet
Lia-Michelle K. Oct 29, 2013
I'll admit it: I'm probably one of the few people living in London who won't give this club a full four stars. Is it a nice club? Definitely. Were the drinks good? Sure. Did I fall in love? Not really. My friend and I arrived at around 10PM on a Friday night in (classy) club attire and heels, but before we could hand our IDs to the bouncer, the front of house asked, "Who do you know inside?" My friend and I were both taken aback by the question and admitted that we didn't know anyone, nor had we thought that we'd need to. Clearly not impressed by our answer, the host then asked if we were on the guest list. Again, we said no but told him the name of the promoter that we'd worked with earlier in the evening. That seemed to do the trick and we were granted access to the exclusive, Tiki-themed party downstairs. I'm happy to admit that I'm a girl who prefers buying her own drinks and my first stop once inside was the bar. I'd been told that the club was expensive but given the location and highbrow reputation of the venue, I actually found the prices to be fair as long as I didn't think about the exchange rate coming from the States. My first beverage of the evening was a Coconut Grenade (£10), which is served in a coconut shell and includes an impressive presentation involving what I believe was dry ice or a similar fast-freezing substance. The drink was tasty but, word to the wise, the coconut contains more air than it does liquid. My second drink of the evening was a Zombie (£15) and, frankly, that drink is proof enough that the club has hired a very talented bar staff. The taste of the alcohol was negligible and came in a themed glass as well. I would’ve liked to explore the menu further but sadly, I’m allergic to pineapple and had to be careful with what I ordered. My recommendation to people coming in large groups (over six people) would be to buy one of the treasure chests designed for sharing between multiple partygoers. The presentation on all of the shareable drinks that I saw was fantastic and I suspect it’s the best way to get the most bang for your buck in a big group. Unfortunately, when I go clubbing, I’m really fond of dancing and the small size of Mahiki’s venue made that difficult to accomplish. On the floor with table service, people started to dance as the night grew later but it was hard not to knock into chairs or jostle people holding drinks in the process. The dance floor downstairs was completely empty when my friend and I went to check it out at midnight but I guess it’s possible it filled up after we left. Overall, the club really reminded me of a pageant show, with most people inside more concerned about namedropping than getting to know the other guests. Still, I had a decent time and loved playing in the photo booth near the bar. In truth, my other experience at Mahiki slightly soured my impression of the club. After letting nearly everyone in without a second glance, the front of house stopped a group of well-dressed 30-something-year-old women and said the only way they’d get in would be to buy a £1,000.00 table. I also noticed that although random blonde and brunette women were being pulled off the street to go inside, minorities and slightly older parties were told that they could either buy a table or leave as the club was operating a “guest list only” evening. I heard many of those people protest that they’d called the club earlier in the night and been told that they could just show up without any problem. I’m not sure if the front of house had a valid reason for singling out those groups but her pretentious and demeaning attitude when turning people away makes it hard for me to be as enthusiastic as others about this venue. Ultimately, while Mahiki isn’t my favorite club in London, the decorations, drinks, and reputation of the place make it worth checking out at least once.
Appealed to my Senses
Vanessa D. Aug 29, 2013
As a Californian in London in the dead of winter, you can imagine my excitement when I decended the stairs and began to inhale the sweet familiar coconut scent of Hawaiian Tropic. This bar is themed out to the max (which is just how I like them). From the tiki-torched bathrooms, to the giant marble filled net above the dance floor, to the (only slightly excessive) steaming drinks brought out in treasure chests. The dance floor was packed, probably because they were playing Top-40 crowd favorites and the crowd consisted of younger affluent males in their mid twenties. Needless to say, I had a good time, and the fresh fruit in that treasure chest wasn’t so bad either.
Past it.
Rebecca C. May 27, 2013
Ive been to Mahiki a few times now, and I do think back to such fun times I had there, but I must say that each time I go back, I think its getting a bit desperate. Its a nice place to go, but be warned, the prices of the cocktails while you wait outside are much different to those inside. Now Im not a penny pincher, I don't care how much I spend on a night out but alarm bells ring for me when the exact same cocktail has two prices depending on what time and day you go. If Im paying for quality then I don't care, but I find it cheap and pretentious that Im paying for poor quality cocktails just because they're being served in Mahiki. Its a cool bar don't get me wrong, but its rough around the edges and to be honest, better places exist. The guest-list isn't exclusive although you'll tell you it is and charge you a fortune to go and hang out with paraletic
Papa Jules's little treasure chest.
Jan B. Apr 10, 2013
Papa Jules, (aka Julien Gualdoni) creator of this little gem in the middle of London can be seen from many perspectives: 1. It is the one place many of the British celebs like to see and be seen. 2. For that reason it seems overpriced. 3. And for that reason many people want to avoid it. I have to say, though. This place is well in the top bars of what London has to offer. The atmosphere properly represents a Tiki bar. The drinks are made to the highest standards with premium spirits. One should know that Mahiki Barbados Rum is Papa Jules' side-project as is his own made grenadine syrup. So the man and his staff know what they are doing behind the bar. Many specials are on the menu, too. For example, you can get a whole treasure chest filled with specialty cocktails for a borderline price. All in all this bar can be recommended. The up-beat feel can sometimes be distracted by the massive crowds you are surrounded in.
Natalie B. Apr 9, 2013
I liked the drinks! We couldn't find out group so it was a little overwhelming but the people are beautiful and this place has a great feel because of the different decor.
On Celeb Lookout
Elaina D. Mar 25, 2013
Not going to lie, when my friends suggest we go to an upscale club like Mahiki, I wasn't sold. Then they casually brought up how Prince Harry frequents the spot, and I had my heels and skirt on faster than you could say "Let's go, mates." The tropical themed club can make for an expensive night out, but the ambience is worth the price. No, we didn't see Prince Harry. Yes, we missed seeing the Arsenal soccer club by one night. Even though we didn't get our fill of celebrity encounters, we did have a night full of fun and alcohol. Our friend was a promoter and got us a treasure chest. Get it--it's worth the cost even if you have to pay for it. It's extremely alcoholic and surprisingly delicious. Although I did pay £10 for one drink, it came out in a steaming coconut, and was so worth it. If you're looking for a classy night out with a different twist, definitely give Mahiki a try. The music is upbeat and fun, the crowd is hot, and the cocktails are orgasmic.
Awesome (but expensive)
Samantha M. Feb 5, 2013
Mahiki is one of my favorite clubs in all of Europe. I went to London to visit my friends, and they took me to "Mahiki Mondays," where I proceeded to have one of the most fun nights I've ever had. The club has a tropical theme, and there are two levels, so there is plenty of room to sit and mingle or to dance. They have huge drinks that come in treasure chests and taste delicious. The music was great, and it was easy to navigate around the spacious club. The only warning I have is that you need to be willing to drop a lot of dough if you're trying to drink there. London is expensive on its own, and because this is one of the high-end clubs, they definitely over-charge everything. However, I had an excellent night, and it's well worth the money.
Oh Mai Tai
Katya B. Jan 16, 2013
During the London Olympics this past summer, Mahiki served as a hot spot for Olympic Athletes. It was one of the night clubs where you had the choice to either dance or hang out and chill, whereas other clubs left no margin for relaxation. Their tiki drinks are incredible, especially their Mai Tais. They also offer a treasure chest of alcohol which is not only delicious, but cost-efficient if you share it with a group. The overall tropical ambiance of this club allows you to unwind and have a great night with your friends. There are two levels-- the top floor resembles a Tiki Hut or Cabana with plenty of tables as well as it's own music that differs from the music being played downstairs; the bottom floor more closely resembles a nightclub, although it retains it's tropical decor. Downstairs you find the traditional nightclub dance floor and the flashing lights and more good times. One thing to note about Mahiki, however, is that it is not all too large of a club, and if it gets crowded, you might find it difficult to move about the place. The ceilings on the top floor are unconventionally low and the bottom floor can be a bit of a maze with all of the tables scattered around. Nonetheless, it was obviously still a place worth checking out, as athletes from around the world frequented Mahiki on a nightly basis.
if you like a fancy, expensive crowd go here
Hayden F. Dec 5, 2012
it has an expensive cover fee of $20 and expensive drinks but its definitely fun. there's always a good vibe and the mayfair club is right across the street if you want to check out another place too! it is in mayfair right next to green park tube station so a really ideal location. this was one of prince harry's favorite spots so you know it has to be good - but that being said, lots of people go there expecting to see celebrities so sometimes it is a lot of wannabes... definitely one of those "to do" places while visiting London!
Fun any night of the week
Anna O. Nov 29, 2012
Mahiki is such a fun themed bar right in Mayfair, a really trendy and fun area. Although their drinks can be a bit pricey, the atmosphere has a great high energy and the tiki theme is fun, even if you feel like dressing for it. If you can get your hands on a treasure chest, then those always result in a good time. Overall, really good music and makes for a fun night out with friends, especially Mahiki Mondays!!
Lindsay T. Nov 15, 2012
Mahiki is such a fun bar to hang out and dance with friends. The environment is a cool getaway from the Euro-scene, being that it is a tropical themed bar. I studied abroad in London and we called Tuesday nights Mahiki Tuesdays. Not a big night there but fun to bring a big group when it's not too packed! We all shared a giant treasure chest full of a tropical alcoholic drink to save money on individual drinks. Just make sure not to drink one on your own, they are very strong. Overall, great place to come on a weekday, but expect a good amount of tourists.
You cannot order a vodka soda here
Alli H. Nov 14, 2012
While studying abroad in London, Tuesday nights were Mahiki night with my group of friends because one of my friends knew a promoter who worked there. Mahiki is a really cool vibe- very beachy, lots of bamboo, and plenty of seating area in addition to lots of space for dancing. The best part about Mahiki is the drinks. They whip up some really crazy concoctions that you can't find anywhere else and even have this huge "Treasure Chest", which is actually a treasure chest filled with drinks and tons of straws for everyone. I will say that you should be with a promoter if you want to sip on this kind of cocktail though because it's CRAZY expensive. The crowd can vary throughout the week so I would only go here if you have a big group WITH a promoter so it's worth your while.
Fun place to eat, drink and dance
Sam A. Aug 15, 2012
Mahiki is hit or miss. Some nights it's packed with celebs and others it's a bit on the slow side. If you catch it on the right night though, it's outstanding. The food is surprisingly decent --- lots of Asian appetizers that are somewhat reasonably priced. You will usually see some banker trying to impress his friends by ordering the big treasure chest --- an absolutely massive amount of alcohol stuffed in a treasure chest with tons of straws to share. The dance floor downstairs is pretty small but gets packed and awfully sweaty. You will usually see a mix of London's posh crowd here. Arrive early if you want to avoid a hassle at the door.
Tiki Treasure
Danny M. Aug 11, 2012
Warning: you will get drunk at this place. The cocktails and specialty drinks at Mahiki make for a fun night…especially if you are with a group of friends and decide to splurge on a treasure chest sized vat of alcohol. This is not a souvenir sized chest…this is something the size that Capt. Jack Sparrow would search for with many straws for all to enjoy. Once you’re nice and lubricated the downstairs dance floor is a lot of fun as well, even if the crowd can be a little stuffy. The door can be a little tough here but once you’re inside it’s a lot of fun.
Mahiki Tuesdays
Kira A. Aug 8, 2012
When I lived in London my friends and I would always head to Mahiki on Tuesdays (oftentimes promoters will have a certain night that they want everyone to come out and party). Mahiki has a fun, tropical vibe and fruity cocktails that, while being a bit overpriced, are delicious nonetheless! The decor and music allow for a nice break from the cold London winter!
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