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Fabric With three rooms, two main stages, and two floors spread over 25,000 square feet, Fabric is a monster of a nightclub where music is the main focus and easygoing patrons arrive in droves to hear everything from old-school drum... London England 51.51927 -0.103059
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Fabric - Club | Music Venue in London.
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Party Earth Review With three rooms, two main stages, and two floors spread over 25,000 square feet, Fabric is a monster of a nightclub where music is the main focus and easygoing patrons arrive in droves to hear everything from old-school... ... read full review

  • Tube:

    Circle, Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan Lines: Farringdon

  • Phone:

    020 7336 8898

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  • Hours:

    F 9:30pm–5am, Sa 10pm–7am, Su 11pm–6am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Fabric Review

The Scene

With three rooms, two main stages, and two floors spread over 25,000 square feet, Fabric is a monster of a nightclub where music is the main focus and easygoing patrons arrive in droves to hear everything from old-school drum...

With three rooms, two main stages, and two floors spread over 25,000 square feet, Fabric is a monster of a nightclub where music is the main focus and easygoing patrons arrive in droves to hear everything from old-school drum and bass and deep house to breakbeat, dubstep, and techno.

In fact, Fabric has become such a popular scene that throngs of clubbers line up around the block waiting to get in.

Although there may be no trendy décor or luxurious furnishings, the cavernous club makes up for its pared-down industrial look with banging beats and an incredible vibrating “bodysonic” dance floor.

The space also contains three bars and a VIP room located on the balcony that overhangs the main dance floor and offers a great view of the action below.

One of the city’s premier late-night party scenes, Fabric gets absolutely packed on the weekends when even the stairwells are crammed with casually-dressed clubbers taking a break from the green lights and thunderous bass of the dance floor.

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Tip from Jonah:

To avoid the dreaded line snaking around the outside of the club, either come early or buy tickets in advance online. Anyone who plans to frequent this club should also take advantage of the Fabric First membership, which includes a reduced cover charge and even a free CD from the Fabric record label.

  • Crowd

    Easygoing mix of all types, many DJ music lovers, early 20s to 30s. More international on Saturdays, more ravers on Sundays.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Resident and guest DJs play breaks, drum and bass, and hip-hop on Fridays; house, techno, and electronica on Saturdays; and mostly house and minimal techno on Sundays.

  • Food / Miscellaneous


  • Prices

    Cover charge £15–£19, £10–£12 for members and students. Membership £6/month. Drinks £5+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Dress code: no fancy dress allowed of any kind.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fridays and Saturdays after 12:30am.

Fabric User Reviews

Average rating:
Feel that bass
Phoebe B. Oct 25, 2013
Fabric was one of the first clubs I went to in London. Queuing up for around 20 minutes, I met some fun people and started to hear the music pounding through the walls. I handed my ticket to the bouncer and before I knew it my legs and adrenaline were gliding me down the steps towards the sound and vibrations. As I walked into room one, I stood in awe at the beautiful laser show in front of me and the funktion one speakers pounding in my chest. It was at that moment where I fell in love with Fabric. I went every weekend for that whole summer. As a whole, there are three rooms that all play slightly different music (usually dubstep, drum & bass and electronic) the smoking area is huge and sociable so unless there is a hugely popular DJ playing, it's not usually packed to the brim. Security is decent and bar staff are friendly and fast.
Stroke a Furry Wall
Matthew T. Aug 4, 2013
When one hears the name Fabric, I like to think they imagine a night club like the one Alden Snow sings about in 'Get Him to the Greek'. I pretend he is always there with a Geoffrey stroking a shag rug and singing to a group of close fans. For better or worse, this is not what Fabric night club is like. Upon the entrance to Fabric, it feels like a glimpse to an earlier time. While the exterior of the building would never give it away, the interior of the building has such magnificent architecture. With a flowing staircase that graciously sweeps you towards the basement, you feel enticed to flow with it. As you slowly glide along the steps, you start to feel your senses fade. Your heart starts to beat faster and louder. You start to glisten with sweat as the temperature increases along your dissent. You suddenly start to feel an energy pull you along as if in a familiar place. Then suddenly, you see it. A bright, beautiful, and attracting light. You follow it. No sound, no sight, except for this enticing light. You feel at peace. Then, the bass drops. Your moves are rhythmic and graceful. You are center of attention, after hours have passed. You are another victim to the glorious club known as Fabric.
Bass in your Face
Josh H. Jul 2, 2013
Fabric was the first club I ever went to in the UK. The feeling I got that night opened my eyes to the world of drum and bass and I loved it so much I didn't bother to explore any other clubs for at least 2 years. Every time I went I was just blown away by everything it had to offer. The sound in Fabric is absolutely mind-blowing. The Funktion Ones along with it's bass sensitive floor in the main room melt the crowd into this wave of energy, bringing everyone together in a strange synchronised mess. I wouldn't usually associate with the typical crowd that attend these sorts of parties, but it's amazing how well everyone can get along in a place with loud music. It's definitely one of those places where you can completely let go and go nuts. The smoking area is very welcoming too and you'll always meet someone new there. Leaving the club deafened and still grinning makes you realise how immense and surreal the environment you've just come from is and I always get that feeling of having accomplished an epic journey as my imagination turns the guys waving leaflets in my face into supporters waving flags, cheering me on. I don't usually like packed out spaces and sweaty crowds, but Fabric is something different. It's worth immersing yourself in an experience like this because once you're there, there's no other feeling like it. I'd recommend it to anyone. Overall, prices are quite high, but then it is one of the best clubs of its kind in the world. It's best to book beforehand to save time getting in. If you want water (you'll need it), ask for tap water, or buy a bottle and fill it up in the bathrooms, as buying water can get really expensive. Look out for the fake drugs too. It's all full of paracetamol and mephedrone these days.
My Fabric Story.
Contemplating J. Jun 30, 2013
I'm a drum''n'bass head, ever since i was a 14 year old kid in a secluded town in Lebanon. The word of fabric even reached Beirut, 3000 miles away from anything described as a drum'n'bass club night (at the time). The legends of Fabric also reached Beirut, how it only started out selling water, Craig and Terry's endless morning sets, we even know about the poser dubstep chavs! Probably the most important thing to know about Fabric is: Friday is head-bashing night. Filthy sounds of drum'n'bass, dubstep and occasional breaks and electro fill the main rooms with an even filthier energy. With hoods and baseball caps everywhere, it's difficult not to feel like a fish out of water. Once the headline acts come on though, the whole place just becomes one, and the complex rhythms of drum'n'bass are perfect for releasing all that weekly London stress with a group of friends. Expect artists like Klute, DJ Shadow, Friction and Jack Beats. Nuff said! Saturdays and Sundays are House/Tech-house...Saturdays are usually headline acts, where you'll very often see big names like Claude Von Stroke, Fedde Le Grand, Ricardo Villalobos, Alan Fitzpatrick and of course Terry and Craig's after hour sets. Also expect beautiful women, lots of them! Maybe too many of them for once, since you usually don't enough space to move your mouth to attempt at a pick-up line. Which works too. After enjoying the headlines acts and making out with a few girls who don't speak any English, it's time to head out to the smoking area, where it's probably freezing and you're not bothered to wait in the (constant) 20 minute queue to get your jacket. Here you will find your average bald bouncer who tells you to spit out your chewing gum and molests your girlfriend. You will also find your average drug dealer here, the one who doesn't usually sell it but will make the exception just for you, even if you don't do drugs and mostly baby laxatives, and you're a complete stranger who only needed a light. It's time to go back inside and watch that girl you made out with make out with someone else wishing you just accepted the dodgy looking guy's offer. Sundays at Fabric are quite similar, but more intimate and more Italian. The music is usually the same as Saturdays, but without the big names. The Sunday crowd is usually people still after-partying from summer in Space Ibiza, straight onto Fabric on Saturday, Club 1001 in Brick Lane and back to Fabric to finish off the weekend and start their squat Mondays with pride. I must sound really cynical, but I'm just really jealous. They are the true Londoners, roaming the streets at night not screaming and shouting like Brits in Spain. Never have I seen so many people do so many drugs, and with such finesse too. So as for reviewing Fabric, that was just part of my story, what will yours be? :) P.S. It is expensive!!!!!!! Don't bother with less than 20 pounds in ur pocket, and that's without the poison!
The greatest night out - if you enjoy crowds and house music.
Oliver I. Jun 3, 2013
Fabric nightclub has the ability to evoke shock and awe in the first-time goer who fails to realise how far back and underground the tiny door front stretches out. For a club with an exterior so inconspicuous the experiences that lay within will never fail to forge a stronghold in the memory of the visitor. Fabric is very much a - and forgive me for the cliché - 'marmite' nightclub; you will either love it or hate it. I would suggest you check that you possess these preliminary attributes before visiting: 1) A partiality for house and/or drum and bass music and, 2) no fear of big nightclubs or crowded dancefloors. If you have read that and thought, 'Hey! I possess those preliminary attributes! Go me!', then brilliant, excelsior, congrats! You should indeed visit Fabric. No other nightclub offers such a consistent rota of big names in underground electronic music.
Descending into darkness
cybil s. Apr 7, 2013
Ah yes, the one, the only, Fabric nightclub. If you want until after midnight you'll get a reduced cover charge and this is what a group of us did on a Friday night after the all the tube transportation closes! If you're wary of a heavy drug scene I would not recommend this place for you, but if have come to terms with that (or are on some yourself) then it can be a really fun time! Some people really lose their minds and find their dancing feet! You'll descend down many stairs into the pulsating and sweaty underground that is one layer of Fabric. There's many places to hang out away from the main floors, if you need a break from the drum n' bass or techno, depending on which night you go. I'm still not even sure what I haven't uncovered there. It's enormous, yet still easy to find your friends again. I would definitely start your party before you go though, its really weird if you just roll up and start buying drinks from the bar, stone cold sober-like. And it would be expensive. And who's into that? Before you know it, your legs will shaking as your ascend the staircase back up into daylight at 7am, near closing time. Have no fear, there's a McDonald's nearby.
The vibrating vomit of youth
Paul H. Mar 30, 2013
Eighteen pounds on a Friday night. Not bad considering how infamous the venue is. I jumped on board last second with some fun Australians at my hostel. Once inside our first stop was the bar. Drinks from five pounds and up didn't spur my enthusiasm but it was anticipated. Soon I found myself wandering through dark tunnels to different stages. Groups of people sauntered by in different stages of intoxication. The hair on my head held different types of static with each DJ's bass. Some people were high up on balconies swinging their hips and sticking their tongues down each others' throats. I wanted to be them. Why wasn't I having fun? Maybe I needed drugs. Everyone there was on drugs. Well not everyone, but most. The eyes in the club were heavy and black. At the bathroom I was greeted by a strange scene. A man, supposedly security, was watching people go into the stalls. He was making sure no one went in as a pair. Somehow he peacefully ignored the teens lurched over and waterfalling puke into the trough. Some were puking so hard it was spattering onto the already wet floor and onto their shoes. Their inexpensive shoes. For some reason that helped me understand the crowd there. I waited for a stall just because. I wanted to see one. I wanted to stand in one of the historic drug booths of London's Fabric. And so I did. After tiptoeing out of the bathroom I wandered more. I expected a giant open air venue with a single DJ wafting his hands over the crowd like they were his temporary kingdom. But more tunnels unveiled more stages. I'm not sure how many exist in the club. Between them are peculiar lounge areas where people laid with their friends and girls or boys, touching. I lost track of the Australians but didn't mind. I floated between DJs until I felt the alcohol leaving me. My first attempt to leave led me outside to a smoking area. A packed and unattractive fenced area where people sucked on their sticks. After some time I found the stairs I came in on and got lightly lost in the London night.
Music First at Fabric
Elizabeth L. Mar 4, 2013
Fabric is massive: the club, the DJs, the crowd, the bass. The line is generally massive as well, so plan to get there early or buy advance tickets. Soon you're inside a renovated cold-store that still has its industrial vibe. The coat check is up by the entrance on the ground floor, and everything else is underground. The club can feel like a brick maze, with stairwells leading from one room to the next. The décor is minimal, with full attention devoted to the custom sound systems. Room 1 boasts a bassbin-laden, Bodysonic dancefloor, and the design of Room 2 somehow intensifies everything - sound, lights and crowd. Room 3 is smaller - more like a house party, with windows overlooking Room 2. The dress code is casual (no suit coats or fancy-dress) and the scene varies depending on the night. Friday's FABRICLIVE (drum & bass, breaks) generally houses a younger, laid-back student crowd, while Fabric (house & techno) on Saturdays attracts a slightly more polished, 20s - 30s group. Regardless of the night, music is the main focus. You're likely to catch a world-class DJ in one of the three rooms, and the club's residents know how to work the room and the crowd. The stages in Room 1 & Room 2 sometimes host live acts, otherwise are filled with dancing clubbers.
Nice place
Jordi B. Feb 27, 2013
I went in fabric 3 years ago I and spend a good night i remember that you can find differents music style in its differents floors also if you ike live music this is a good place to visit. I'm just arrived in London I would like to go again I hope will found the same place that i visited 3 years ago.
Insane in the Membrane
Sam L. Jan 8, 2013
Working in London this summer, some of my young adult co workers recommend I try Fabric at least once because it is insane to say the least. After navigating my way with friends on the night bus (through the rain of course, when doesn't it rain) we stood in line for 30 minutes and paid an insane cover. But once we got in, we saw what the hype was about. The place is a clubber's wet dream--multiple levels of dancing and drinks and a stage to dance on, not to mention the deafening bass lines of the techno music. Drinks were expensive so we made sure to drink before we left. The crowd was mostly younger people with the exception of the creepy older men there for the show. Overall, it was a pretty great experience but I probably wouldn't pay that cover ever again.
Rachel G. Nov 16, 2012
One of the most well known clubs in the world. Some of the biggest names in the electronic dance music industry started off here or have made residencies here. Fabric is one the craziest nightlife experiences you can enjoy. The best part about it is that you can't get the same kind of feeling from any other venue. Fabric has that effect on people and that's what makes it such an amazing venue. This is somewhere you HAVE to stop by to get the feeling of what is to get lost in the sound of the music. Most amazing memories here.
Samuel H. Sep 21, 2012
Fabric is one of the most intense clubbing scenes I've ever experienced. There are several different rooms and levels with people raging everywhere. If you are into the rave scene, this is definitely a club worth checking out, if not, you may want to avoid it as there is typically very intense electro-house music blasting throughout all of the jam packed rooms in Fabric. Also, I would suggest buying tickets first so you don't have to wait in the huge line (cue) that usually forms for general admission to the club.
Fabric Fun
Kira A. Aug 8, 2012
Fabric is definitely one of the top electro-house music clubs in London. Although it's not on the same level as Ministry of Sound, Fabric is definitely a great time. Each of the rooms offers a different music vibe, so however you're feeling that night you're bound to find a room that you like. Fabric is usually packed to the walls with younger, university-aged people (mostly under 25). I got to see some big names like Jack Beats and Knife Party play there. You can even get up on the stage and dance if you want to!
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