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Music Venues in Central London Overview

Trafalgar Square - Outdoor Activity | Square | Landmark in Central London, London

Hosting some of the biggest acts and artists in the world – along with plenty of no-names – Central London music venues attract people from all areas and various walks of life.

Heaven is a music venue in Central London that opened in 1979. Starting out as a predominantly gay hotspot that catapulted gay clubbing into mainstream nightlife culture, it’s now frequented by partiers regardless of their sexual orientation. Featuring the likes of Madonna, Adele, and Lady Gaga, the place is packed nightly as fresh acts take to the stage and keep the crowds dancing.

Central London music venue Walkabout Temple is like an oversized sports bar with live bands, hot DJs, and great drink specials. Karaoke nights draw a rowdy crowd of British and international students, as well as groups of pals, looking to work their vocal chords on the microphone.

Popular Central London Music Venues

  • * Heaven Live Music Venue / Nightclub

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