Central London, London.
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Central London is a bit of an anachronism, as its boundaries are ill-defined and often blend with Covent Garden to the east and Mayfair to the west. At its core, however, Central London contains some of the city’s most popular tourist districts, as well as a large number of commercial and industrial firms. That means the area is continually swarming with a cross-section of city workers and international tourists either dashing to their offices or marveling at the sights.

The expansive public space Trafalgar Square, home to a number of impressive sculptures and statues, is a frequent jumping off point for anyone intent on exploring the city by foot, and is also a favorite for political demonstrations and massive end of year celebrations. From Trafalgar, it’s easy to venture north into the combined entertainment meccas Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, where an array of shopping venues, major theaters, and nightlife hubs attract an estimated twenty million visitors every year.

Since much of the nightlife in Central caters to the masses, partiers can expect to find tons of promoters handing out flyers, neon-lit bars and clubs touting drink specials to draw people in, and plenty of crowded dance floors. Of course, the sheer number of tourists in the area means that most of the venues are priced higher than average, but nonetheless the neighborhood does provide enough pubs, bars, and dance clubs to keep everyone happy even if they’re left with a little less cash.

And those with a keen eye will still manage to find quite a few discreet local gems tucked away in the narrower, quieter side streets – typically the farther from Piccadilly and Leicester the better.


Where to Go in Central London

  • * Albannach 20s / 30s / After Work / Burgers
  • * Verve 18 and over / 20s / 30s

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