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The White Horse - Historic Bar | Pub in London.

Party Earth Review Located in an early 18th-century inn, The White Horse has a long history as a laid-back booze hall, though the 21st century has added a dash of dance club to the old stallion. The building retains few of its original features, and even the slick white sign out front aims for a modern flair, but the uncluttered interior ... more


94 Brixton Hill
Brixton, London SW2 1QN

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30s / Bar / Casual / Club / Comedy / Conversational / Cover charge / DJ / EDM / Dance / Dancing / Diverse / Dress Code / Dub / Easygoing / Edgy / Funk / High Energy / Hip-Hop / Late Night Food / Live Band / Live Music / Low key / Mid 20s / Music Lovers / Pizza / Reggae / Rock / Ska / Stand-Up Comedy / Urban

Lining up along the bar waiting to get a drink at the at The Dogstar in Brixton.

Party Earth Review Although it looks like a traditional pub from the outside, The Dogstar is actually a large three-story space that transforms nightly into a vibrant and much-loved DJ club that attracts a casual but somewhat edgy urban crowd. While the downstairs area is focused mainly on dancing, the two upper levels are often given over ... more


389 Coldharbour Lane
Brixton SW9 8LQ

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Bars in Brixton Overview

Electric Brixton - Concert Venue in Brixton, London

Although not the most elegant slice of London life, Brixton bars are worth a visit. Regularly regarded as pioneering London’s up-and-coming music scene, these venues are known for their live tunes and sociable crowds.

Brixton has undergone massive urbanization and while darker corners of the neighborhood still exist, nowadays a mix of urbanites, hipsters, university students, and music lovers frequent the area.

The Dogstar is an ideal Brixton bar for grabbing a casual drink and listening to some fresh beats. A three-story joint boasting everything from reggae and hip-hop, to rock and ska, this drinking den also hosts comedy nights on Sundays.

The White Horse is another solid bar in Brixton. Originally an 18th-century inn, it meshes old charm with modern style. Attracting lots of young locals and college kids, the venue is always buzzing with lively chatter over rounds of Guinness and games of billiards.

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