London Wine Bars Overview

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Although it’s not a big wine growing city, London more than makes up for its lack of vineyards with the heavy amount of wine drinkers and the wine bars to accommodate them all over the city.

Sophisticated drinkers abound in London, so it’s no surprise to find a great many wine bars strewn throughout the city carrying the finest in California, French, Italian, Australian, and Spanish wines.

One of the best and possibly most famous wine bars in London is Gordon’s Wine Bar. This claustrophobic watering hole used to host famous patrons like Rudyard Kipling and Sir Laurence Olivier and claims to be one of the oldest wine bars in the world. In its present incarnation, the bar has been serving vino since 1890 and hasn’t slowed down since.

Another great place to drink, but also learn about wine in London is at Vinopolis. An interactive museum for adults, Vinopolis is a self-guided tour of wines from around the world with various tasting stations along the way. Read: take a cab home.

There are of course many more London wine bars to list, but know that they all have a few things in common. They make for great first date spots. They’re perfect if you want to just converse in a quiet spot with friends. And they’re a great excuse to tip one back in the middle of a tough day. No matter the reason, wine bars in London will provide you with endless options any day of the week.

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