The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

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The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town in London's The City is a cool speakeasy entered via a fridge! Have a classic cocktail in this secret London spot with Party Earth. London England 51.5184105631976 -0.0789105892181396
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The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town - Speakeasy in London.
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Party Earth Review While it’s true that prohibition-style speakeasies are nothing new, The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town may be the only one that’s accessed through a refrigerator. A retro SMEG handcrafted in Italy, to be exact, that’s inauspiciously... ... read full review

  • Tube:

    London Overground: Shoreditch High Street; Central, Circle, Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan Lines: Liverpool Street

  • Phone:

    020 7078 9639

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  • Hours:

    M–Th 5pm–midnight, F–Su noon–midnight

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town Review

The Scene

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town in London's The City is a cool speakeasy entered via a fridge! Have a classic cocktail in this secret London spot with Party Earth.

While it’s true that prohibition-style speakeasies are nothing new, The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town may be the only one that’s accessed through a refrigerator.

A retro SMEG handcrafted in Italy, to be exact, that’s inauspiciously tucked in the corner of the cozy American-style diner The Breakfast Club.

After asking staff to “see the Mayor,” patrons pass through the SMEG and proceed down a staircase lit by an arrow-shaped sign promising THRILLS below.

A wooden door with a ship’s porthole soon follows, opening to reveal an underground bar where insurance brokers, artsy East Londoners, and trendy shoppers from the nearby Spitalfields markets all unite to perch on mismatched stools around stainless steel tables.

Cocktail purists lean against the timber walls and sip classic martinis, as the more adventurous go for house specials like the chili and lemongrass margarita or a Rosco Pisco Train.

Worn armchairs by the corner fireplace, meanwhile, attract couples who cozy in and discuss the several prominent paintings of mock ancestral founders, including one blinged out Granmaster Flash – a snazzy old dame who looks a lot like The Queen.

Despite the imposed secrecy, the venue’s vibe is relaxed. Anyone wondering if The Mayor takes itself seriously need only glance at the wall beneath the taxidermy, where another sign reminds guests that “no heavy petting is allowed.”

Alice had to enter a rabbit hole to find her Wonderland, but festive and friendly Londoners prefer to fall down a fridge to enjoy the alternate world of The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town.

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Tip from Emma:

Arriving before 6:30pm promises the best chance of getting in to Scaredy, but if it’s full you can always have a few drinks at The Breakfast Club while you wait for space to open up. Also, remember to follow the house rules, one of which clearly reminds visitors not to exit via the fridge…there’s another secret door for that, which leads you out of the BC’s bathroom!

  • Crowd

    Chilled-out city slickers, Spitalfields shoppers weighed down with bags, retro vintage junkies, cocktail seekers, and weekend suits looking to shed their ties, late 20s to late 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Diverse mix of tunes resonates from old-school speakers, including rhythm and blues, hip-hop, disco, and funk.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Bar snacks include cheesy fries, olives, and halloumi skewers. Happy Hour daily 5–6pm.

  • Prices

    Bar snacks £3–£6.50. Beer £3.90–£9, wine £4.50–£8.50/glass or £14.50–£36.50/bottle, cocktails £8–£9, cider £3.90.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Funky cool to trendy: Penguin polos with casual jeans and hoodies, retro knitted grandma jumpers, oversized leopard print coats, tailored suits, smart dresses.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursday to Saturday evenings for the largest and most diverse crowds, though entry is not guaranteed if venue is at capacity.

  • Close By

    The Shoreditch (145 Shoreditch High Street) is an eccentrically styled bar and club that draws a diverse crowd with unique cocktails and two dance floors.

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town User Reviews

Average rating:
A Great Hiding Spot For Scaredy Cats
Casey B. May 1, 2013
Finding speakeasies became a relentless hobby of mine last Autumn - even to the point that I considered my studies (which were a mere 2 days/week) were getting in the way of said hobby. So, as you might imagine, discovering that my love of speakeasies intersected with my other obsession - going to the Breakfast Club as many times as humanly possible - sent me on an emergency mission to visit The Mayor. That day, which had been rather gloomy and cold, had me and my friends running through Shoreditch to seek solace from the cold in the warm yellowness of the Breakfast Club. After asking the hostess to see The Mayor, she sat us down at a table in the main restaurant to wait our turn for entry. We shared a pitcher of sangria and relaxed at our table for about 30 min until The Mayor was ready for us. The waitress walked us over to a retro 50's refrigerator door, through which she directed us to walk. I was not expecting to enter a dark stairwell on my journey down to see The Mayor, but I liked it. It buffers you from the brightness and newness of the Breakfast Club and prepares you for entry into the intimate dimly-lit, hipster-ish speakeasy. We stood next to the bar where we ordered fairly standard Moscow Mules (it was that kind of a day) and absorbed the vibing ambiance in the room until we were seated at a table. There, I ordered a sweet potato veggie burger, which was surprisingly one of the best I've ever had...and that is saying a lot, being a Los Angeles native. While the bill can add up quickly after a meal and a few drinks, I found it to be worth every penny. The Mayor makes you forget about the terrible weather outside and anything that was previously on your mind earlier that day. It's as if going underground to Scaredy Cat Town is a shelter from the outside world. In the secret land of Scaredy Cat Town, there is no past or just live in the moment.
Alice Through The Smeg Door
Rory T. Apr 22, 2013
Upon walking into the Breakfast Club off of Bishopsgate, I was welcomed by a waitress called Alice, who asked us if it was a table for four. I replied as I had been instructed. "We're here to see the mayor of scaredy cat town" She adjusted herself and responded accordingly, letting us take a seat to the side and making sure the Mayor was free to see us. After a few minutes Alice returned and asked us to follow her. The small smirk on her face gave away the fact she knew we hadn't been here before but also because this was where it really got interesting. The amount of times I had been somewhere and raved about it, to be quickly made aware of something more interesting further in, were finally over. At last I was the person with the insider knowledge. Instead of walking us round the back or through a side door, the mayor of scaredy cat town is accessed through a vintage Smeg fridge. The door swings open to reveal a stair case with an equally vintage neon 'Thrills' sign, it's as if we were in the transition stage from the Breakfast Club, a 50's diner, down to the mysterious Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town. Alice was falling down a rabbit hole and dragging us with her. As you come through a large door, with a port hole for a window you are greeted by tall sturdy tables, dark corners, a single barman at a typically stacked bar and all the interesting things you could ever imagine to be hung on a wall. As long as you remember 'NO HEAVY PETTING', it's pretty much game on. What I enjoyed about this speakeasy was the table service and the quirky menu. It had a decent selection of cocktails, which I advise experimenting with, as I enjoyed possibly the best Mexican Mule i'd ever had and wouldn't let a damn good Red Lady not get mentioned just because i'm a man who likes a soppy drink. The Scaredy Cat Town doesn't have any natural light or clocks, which the latter only becomes apparent as you realise you've been there for more than a couple of toilet trips. This may come as a surprise but the toilets are equally as intriguing as the rest of the experience. The Mayor's restrooms are delightfully decorated with all sorts of 80's magazine covers, which could engross you for longer than may be considered decent, but they save the best bit of charm till last. As we make our way back through the looking glass and up the stairs, the sign you don't see on your way down politely asks you to exit through the left door. This left door takes you out through the toilets of the Breakfast Club, thus preserving the magic from the outside world. We made our way back into the night, feeling rather proud that the customers of the Breakfast Club were blissfully unaware of our whereabouts over the last couple of hours, or what was more likely is they were waiting for us to leave to get down there themselves.
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