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Icebar London Icebar London is the UK's first permanent bar made entirely of ice. Constructed from crystal ice imported from Sweden's Torne River, the bar is kept at a temperature of minus five degrees Celsius all year round, the better... London England 51.5112744 -0.1398416
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Icebar London - Bar | Drinking Activity | Restaurant in London.
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Party Earth Review Icebar London is the UK’s first permanent bar made entirely of ice. Constructed from crystal ice imported from Sweden’s Torne River, the bar is kept at a temperature of minus five degrees Celsius all year round, the better... ... read full review

  • Tube:

    Bakerloo, Central, Victoria Lines: Oxford Circus

  • Phone:

    020 7478 8910

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  • Hours:

    M–Th 3:30–11pm, F 2:45pm–1:10am, Sa 12:30pm–1:10am, Su 3–11pm

  • Recommended as:

    • Day Spot
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Ice Bar London
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Party Earth Icebar London Review

The Scene

Icebar London is the UK's first permanent bar made entirely of ice. Constructed from crystal ice imported from Sweden's Torne River, the bar is kept at a temperature of minus five degrees Celsius all year round, the better...

Icebar London is the UK’s first permanent bar made entirely of ice. Constructed from crystal ice imported from Sweden’s Torne River, the bar is kept at a temperature of minus five degrees Celsius all year round, the better to keep the bar stools, glasses, sculptures, igloos, and walls from melting.

The small space is best described as industrial chic, with corrugated metal floors and ceilings providing a stark backdrop that highlights the long, curved ice bar.

Several ice benches are scattered throughout the room for those in need of a chilly seat, while blue lighting adds an element of drama and mystery to the icy atmosphere.

After being outfitted in futuristic blue thermal capes, patrons are granted entry into the bar for forty minutes, and spend most of that time taking pictures and sipping vodka cocktails from frosty ice glasses.

While awaiting their appointed time slot, visitors can grab a drink and a bite to eat at the adjacent restaurant, Below Zero, which is usually full of a varied crowd of tourists and area professionals entertaining clients.

Though the Icebar is not a place to spend an entire evening, the impressive menu of fruity vodka cocktails, soothing music, friendly and accommodating bar staff, and chilly atmosphere make for a truly unique experience.

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Tip from Emma:

Don’t get too attached to the scenery. Once a year Icebar entirely redesigns the layout and theme of the bar with fresh ice!

  • Crowd

    Primarily tourists, 20s, 30s, and 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Ice sculptures, TVs, and ambient music.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Reservations are not mandatory but are recommended, especially Thursdays through Saturdays. Visits to the ice bar are limited to forty minutes, but guests can combine their booking with a reservation for lunch, dinner, or drinks in the adjacent Below Zero restaurant.

    The menu features modern European cuisine and sharing platters. Vodka cocktails available in the Icebar include the Icebar London (Absolut Vanilla, blackberry liqueur, apple juice, and cinnamon syrup) and the Seventh Heaven (Absolut Raspberri, Passoã watermelon juice, and guava syrup).

  • Prices

    Champagne Sessions £24 from 8pm F–Sa, includes champagne, followed by any drink of choice.

    Regular ticket £12.50–£16, includes designer thermal cape, gloves, personal ice glass, and choice of vodka cocktail or non-alcoholic drink. Refills £6.50/vodka cocktail, £8.50/champagne, and £3/non-alcoholic drink.

    Restaurant: appetizers £4+, entrées £12–£20, desserts £6.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code


  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any day or night. Whenever reservations are available.

Icebar London User Reviews

Average rating:
Left with nothing but a red nose
Kiren. K. Jun 7, 2013
So, after months of moaning to my partner, she finally agreed to take me to the Icebar. We waited for our time slot and followed the other excited groups into the ice room. We were told you get a cocktail of your choice upon entering the Icebar. Let me tell you now, my 'cocktail' was a mixture of less than an inch of vodka mixed with some fruit juice- definitely not my idea of a cocktail. The rip off prices to buy another one of the 'cocktails' is definitely not worth denting your wallet. I was left standing in the freezing cold, without a drink, wondering what all the fuss was about.
A lot of money to pay to feel cold for 40 minutes
Sophie C. Apr 27, 2013
Going to the Icebar is a bit like like going to a museum or tourist attraction. Tickets must be bought in advance and you are given an allotted time to arrive. You're required to turn up in advance of your time slot, but there is a small bar where you can buy a drink during the wait. When it’s time to go in, you’re given your special cape and herded in through the doors into the room of ice. As part of the entry price you are given a free cocktail which is of course served in an ice glass, but there is an opportunity to purchase more whilst in there. Make sure to keep hold of your glass though, as there are limited number and it’s also a good idea to drink around the glass evenly as there’s a chance it’ll melt away! Timeslots for the Icebar are 40 minutes as it does get very cold, even with the fur capes, and would be hard to bear for much longer than that. It’s also very small with little to do or see once you’ve taken a few photos and got over the initial excitement of everything being made of ice. There are better bars in London to go, especially for the price they charge. It is an interesting experience, so possibly worth going once but don’t be surprised if it’s a bit anticlimactic.
don't bother
Sam R. Dec 11, 2012
I don’t fancy being cold enough to spend this much money and be ushered out of the bar before hypothermia descends. I’m not a cocktail guy either, and holding a glass that made my hand numb as my girlfriend’s teeth chattered is not really “my scene.” Maybe if I had been drunker or a longer time in the bar is possible I would’ve liked it more but what you get is not worth the price I'd go to iceland instead.
Ice Bar is not what it's cracked up to be
Tara R. Dec 11, 2012
Maybe because I lived in Montreal where ice for six months a year is the norm, but I just didn’t get that much of a kick out of Icebar. It’s gimmicky, I hate waiting in lines (and believe me, you will wait in a line), and it’s expensive. Fifteen pounds for forty-five minute entry and a poorly poured drink? No, thank you. It was fun to take pictures and I suppose I understand why it’s such a popular experience, but the last Ice Village I went to included an ice hotel series of igloos and an ice bar and was much more compelling an experience than my three-quarters-of-an-hour-plus-one-hour-waiting Ice Bar mistravaganza.
Interesting, but a one-and-done kind of place
Craig B. Dec 11, 2012
This was an interesting experience that I'm glad I took part in, but I don't think I'd ever go back. Unless you've made a recommendation, you will wait in line for a while, give up a handsome sum just to get in and are fitted with a parka with mittens attached before you are shuttled into the cave of ice. The brightly colored drinks that glow under the black lights are pretty tasty, and it's pretty cool. It makes you feel like you're in a science fiction movie, but the allure is gone after a single visit. Groups rarely commingle, but this isn't really the place to make friends. So I say: go, but make sure you've got a proper British pub lined up for after.
Fun but just a gimmick
Jody P. Dec 10, 2012
I really enjoyed myself at ice bar but I don't think I need to go back. It is worth checking out although you'll pay a hefty cover considering you probably won't stay for more than one drink because of the cold. It is really cool to see though, despite the high cost. There are ice carvings and artwork carved into the walls. The engravings look really beautiful in the ice. All the furniture is made of ice. My favorite park was that the "glasses" were made of ice. I think that is such a great idea. The bar is pretty small but that makes sense considering how much it must cost to keep that space so cold. Anyway, it is worth going to once but you probably won't be really interested in going back.
go there once
Hayden F. Dec 5, 2012
this is a place you have to go during your visit to london. it is definitely an experience. you go in for a 45 minute session where you wear a parka and are given a drink in an ice cube glass.. entry fee is 15 pounds and provides the costs of all discussed above. people don't really mingle with other parties but rather they normally go with a large group and take pictures of themselves so they can show their friends that they went their and wore the parkas! also something that i didnt realize is that there is an ice booth in the back corner. when you walk in go straight and its right there... most people go straight to the bar so you might be able to grab it! also check out the ice engravings on the walls - there are lots of cool ones!
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