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10 Awesome European Stag Destinations

10 Awesome European Stag Destinations

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Nov 26, 2014 —  Make no mistake – there are plenty of great Stag Night destinations in Britain. The four capitals, Newcastle, Leeds, Nottingham, and of course your own town or city, where you might joyously receive additional beers from people who know you. Dublin is also obviously a hearty venue for rampaging raucousness if you want a short trip just across the sea.

Let’s say, however, that you wish to go further afield for a venture to the continent, blending booze, casinos (a la SuperCasino) and babes. We’ve picked 10 European extravaganzas - some of which are traditional while others are starting to grow in reputation for partying, gaming, drinking and eating.

More than 2,000 years of history in one city, with an awesome festival and the spectacular Kolner Dom Cathedral – and a host of taverns and bars of high quality to enjoy beverages in pre-wedding bliss. Lonely Planet recommends Salon Schmitz for coffee and cocktails, and a river cruise along the Rhine with optional Koelsch beers.

A leisurely boat ride on the canals followed by carnage in the red light district? Why not sir! Although the latter seems appealing you might not want to spend time gawping at ladies a-ppealing off their clothes – in which case Leidseplein, Rembrandplein, and the Jordaan may be a better bet. Plan your venture to The Dam well and you can enjoy annual dance spectaculars such as Dance Valley and 5 Days Off.

Cheaper than Croatia but still enjoying the splendid warmth of the Adriatic sea, the coast of Montenegro is described as the Pearl of the Mediterranean. It’s different, no doubt, but the Bay of Kotor is spectacular, and allows a ramble through a chain of interesting and unique cities for those seeking something different.

The Spanish capital shouldn’t take second place to Barcelona in the stag do stakes, with football, fiestas and fun top of the agenda. This year’s Champions’ League saw the city’s two clubs contesting the final, and the Guardian asked for the bars to watch out for – which includes visits from bullfighters and magicians.

It’s clean and classy, and crowds are starting to increase at this delightfully small capital on the Baltic coast, perhaps tempted by the near-24 hours of daylight in the summer and the huge range of outdoor activities. The flights are nice and quick and if the Finnish beers are too expensive Tallinn is only a three hour ferry ride away.

Modern meets Medieval in the Polish capital, with an old town as pretty as a picture and world-class vodkas such as Chopin and Belvedere. Hearty stews and gigantic slices of meat will soak the beers up in time for shooting, paintballing and other fun activities for the lads.

Still just about retaining its novelty value despite increasing popularity among Brits, the capital of Lithuania boasts the second largest old town after Prague, a seemingly never-ending collection of fabulous looking women, and authentic hostelries such as Alaus Namai (The Beer House) and the wildly popular Achemikas Cocktail Lab.

Sunny and sexy, with a classic collection of great pubs and clubs. The Portuguese south coast actually gets more sunshine in a year than California– perfect for beers in the day while admiring the view of the locals.
A world-class selection of golf courses will also blow away the hangovers.

It’s all about Oktoberfest: now more than 200 years old, these 16 days of beer-filled Bavarian bravado in September/October have become the temporary home of more than 6 million people, who drink from giant steins while hitting the amusement rides and eating bratwurst the size of canoes. Unforgettable, if you can remember it.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and enjoy perfect pasta and pizza, baking hot weather, and a cool Peroni beer or five. Fun activities include staging your own gladiator ‘fights’, wine tasting, and of course attending the fearsome Rome derby between Roma and Lazio.

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