Ibiza Outdoors Overview

Cala Gracio / Gracioneta - Beach | Outdoor Activity in Ibiza

When you’re talking about outdoor activities in Ibiza, you’re probably going to be talking about the beaches. And for good reason, there are a lot of them and they cater to all types. The beaches aren’t the only things to do outdoors in Ibiza though, and exploring the rest of the island is definitely worth your time.

Of course you can’t overlook the beaches. Whether you want a daytime rave scene, a place to play some sports, or an exclusive nook to work on your tan, there are beaches with multiple options for you.

One of the wildest beaches is Playa d’en Bossa, home to the famous Bora Bora beach bar where daytime partying takes on whole new dimensions. San Antonio Beach is another daytime party spot where revelers writhe to the rhythmic sounds of the DJ’s beats while others go kite surfing and snorkeling in the ocean. For a more relaxing beach spot, there’s Cala Gracio and Gracioneta, which are hidden by some cliffs and provide for a perfect relaxed setting.

Another great outdoor activity in Ibiza, and really an Ibiza ritual is simply setting up for the sunset. Partiers all over the island officially push the pause button as they gather at beach bars and cafés to witness the spectacle that is the sun setting, and welcoming another crazy night of partying.

If you’re going to be in Ibiza, you’re going to partake in some outdoor activity and fun. Whether that’s on the beach, at a hippie market, or just strolling the streets for some shopping, it’s all at your disposal – as long as you wake up in time from last night’s party.

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