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Home to one of the largest nightclub scenes on the planet, Ibiza is a hedonistic summer escape where masses of partiers converge to indulge in the wild nights, sunny days, and anything-goes attitude. The season picks up in May and June when clubbers from around the world – from local ravers and hippies to European vacationers and service industry types – descend on the island and keep the nonstop party going straight through September. The main draw, of course, is the group of megaclubs that dominates the scene, each offering multitier dance floors and world-famous DJs, but Ibiza is also famous for its beautiful beaches and glorious sunsets. By midday, the beaches around the island are packed with sun worshippers and water-sport enthusiasts of all kinds, while some of the beach bars and cafés provide DJs who spin house music to elevate the party atmosphere. As the sun begins to set, however, the whole island seems to take a break from the almost nonstop festivities and jointly settles in to witness the end of another decadent day and prepare to start the party cycle all over again.


The Ibiza club scene is truly unique and features some of the largest and most outlandish nightclubs in the world – the wildest and most well-known of which are Pacha, Space, Amnesia, Privilege, Eden, and Es Paradis – where upwards of 10,000 partiers can fill the rooms on any given night. Such a popular scene naturally attracts the world’s greatest DJs, and partiers routinely flock to Ibiza to experience the talents of people like Carl Cox, Tiësto, David Guetta, Pete Tong, Paul van Dyk, and Sven Väth as they spin house, techno, trance, and hard house until dawn. But these same DJs are only part of an Ibizan evening, which can include costume parties, foam parties, theme nights, shows featuring trapeze artists and platform dancers, and every other club act imaginable.

Every night of the season, the megaclubs pack in thousands of revelers who swarm the countless dance floors. Although the clientele varies by club, overall the scene draws a young, international, techno- and house-loving crowd. There isn’t much of a dress code and what to wear is often dictated by theme nights, where appropriate attire could entail everything from an all-white ensemble to an over-the-top costume. The popularity of the clubs, the all-night parties, and the in-demand DJs all come with a price, however, and tickets and cover charges can run from €25 to €70. One way to save money, however, is to buy tickets in advance on a venue’s website, or from a plethora of internet cafés and supermarkets throughout the island marked with large BUY TICKETS HERE signs. Advance tickets can also save time, as they usually grant the ticket holder access to the VIP entrance at a club.

Drugs: A club scene of the magnitude found on Ibiza invariably carries with it rampant drug use. All drugs, however, are illegal, and due to increasing pressure by local ruling bodies, the clubs have instituted a zero tolerance policy on banned substances. Yes, it goes on all over the island, but getting caught with anything can result in heavy fines and nights in jail. Most clubs have a police presence outside, and there’s often a drug-sniffing dog making its way down the line.

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Ibiza didn’t earn its summer hotspot reputation on nightclubs alone – the beaches on this island paradise are prime locations not only for a relaxing tropical getaway from the chaos of the club scene, but also for continuing the party all day long. There’s no shortage of white-sand coastline filled to the brim with tourists and live DJs, but there are also many small pebbled spaces tucked away in beautiful inlets and coves that provide a quieter alternative. The island is only forty kilometers around, so an hour’s drive reveals beach options from quiet and remote locations that are practically deserted to densely-packed pockets where house music blares over the blending of margaritas. In fact, beach parties are the backbone of the daytime scene and help keep the festive atmosphere going. The blaring music also acts as a soundtrack for the sunbathers and the water-sports enthusiasts who spend the day surfing, diving, jet-skiing, and sailing. Overall, the island boasts nearly eighty beaches that offer enough to ensure that Ibiza days can be just as action-packed as Ibiza nights, or just as relaxing as…a day at the beach.

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It may be cliché, but the sunsets of Ibiza are such a sight to behold that they can singlehandedly bring everyone on the island together for a brief yet relaxing pause from the incessant sounds of house beats and the perpetual partying. Every evening, thousands of sun-soaked people flock to the cafés along the Sunset Strip in San Antonio to unwind and watch the day end in style. In fact, the sunset scene gets so crowded that it’s often hard to find a place to sit to actually enjoy the daily ritual, especially at Café del Mar, a small but iconic venue best known for its chill-out music compilations. Those who really want a break from the droves can simply choose a private cove and watch the sun sink into the Mediterranean in peace, or head to Benirràs, a small beach in the north that fills up with drum circles during the summer. The sunset tradition has become so popular that the scene can last for hours, recharging the crowd with softer sounds before the club-thumping cycle begins again.

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