Ibiza Music Venues Overview

Raco Verd - Bar | Live Music Venue | Restaurant in Ibiza

Known for its mega clubs and once-in-a-lifetime parties, Ibiza is truly a summer destination for those looking to rave. However, there’s another side (albeit much smaller) of the island that caters to live music lovers – and some of the Ibiza music venues have been known to host international stars and big time parties as well.

The clubs aren’t typically considered live music venues, but in Ibiza, rules simply do not apply. Sure, the mega clubs on the island host the biggest name DJs in the business, but they’ve also been known to bring in A-list musicians to perform impromptu shows throughout the summer.

If you’re looking for a little less oontz oontz and little more rocking out, the one place on the island for pure rock & roll and live music is the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, which hosts a summer rock series that has featured some of the biggest names in the world like MGMT, Florence and the Machine, LCD Soundsystem, and others.

Not to be forgotten though are the smaller live music venues that are spread out across the island like Villa Mercedes which features live jazz concerts, and Teatro Pereyra for smooth soul and funk.

The island may be known for its raving DJ scene inside massive mega clubs, but there are still plenty of music venues in Ibiza that caters to the headbangers, toe-tappers, and jazz lovers as well.

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San Antonio

Ibiza Rocks Hotel - Concert Venue | Hotel in Ibiza. more music venues in San Antonio

Ibiza Town

Teatro Pereyra - Bar | Live Music Venue | Lounge in Ibiza. more music venues in Ibiza Town

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