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Amnesia Amnesia has undergone a series of changes over the years, transforming from an open-air psychedelic oasis to an epic megaclub famous for hosting – and encouraging – all-night insanity. Ibiza Spain 38.948212 1.408439
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Amnesia - Club in Ibiza.
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Party Earth Review Amnesia has undergone a series of changes over the years, transforming from an open-air psychedelic oasis to an epic megaclub famous for hosting – and encouraging – all-night insanity. Thanks to its... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily midnight–6am (summer only)

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Amnesia Videos

Amnesia Ibiza 2010
Ferry Corsten Eddie Halliwell Cream Amnesia Ibiza 2009 (Press HQ for great sound & pic) PT1 of 2
Sven [email protected] Ibiza GRAND CLOSING PARTY ANIMALS START
Amnesia Ibiza - The Hottest Place On The Planet
Amnesia Ibiza Review 2006 Part #2 (the white island) AWESOME !

Party Earth Amnesia Review

The Scene

Amnesia has undergone a series of changes over the years, transforming from an open-air psychedelic oasis to an epic megaclub famous for hosting – and encouraging – all-night insanity.

Amnesia has undergone a series of changes over the years, transforming from an open-air psychedelic oasis to an epic megaclub famous for hosting – and encouraging – all-night insanity.

Thanks to its sheer size and varied theme nights, the massive two-room club is popular with a range of tastes, and the crowd can change dramatically from one day to the next.

A giant dance floor in the first room quickly gets packed to the gills each night, as intense clubbers stomping to heavy beats receive bursts of cool air rocketed down from dry ice cannons above the floor.

An even larger second room features palm trees and a greenhouse roof to create an atmosphere a bit more conducive to conversation, while an upstairs VIP area offers an incredible view of the madness below.

Although the vibe at Amnesia tends to be friendlier than at other venues of this size, the parties are just as wild, the energy just as high, and the dancing just as crazy – especially at the legendary Foam Parties and at the popular Cream party, which celebrates alternative lifestyles and excessive behavior.

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Tip from Lucas:

The foam at Sunday night’s party doesn’t start falling until 5am, so those who want to get wet and revel in the chaos should be prepared to stay until closing.

  • Crowd

    Entirely dependent on the night. Techno lovers, trance fiends, decked out party girls and alternative types, mostly 20s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin trance, techno, and house.

    The famous Cream party features top names in trance, electro, and house with big name DJs like Paul van Dyk and Calvin Harris. Other parties include Cocoon with frequent guest Sven Vath (techno, hard, and minimal), Together with various DJs including Skrillex and Afrojack, and the legendary Foam Party.

    See Schedule of Events for details.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    The Disco Bus drops patrons off right at Amnesia.

  • Prices

    Cover charge €35–€55. Beer €10, mixed drinks €12, water €6.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes. Many people dress in wild costumes.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Monday’s Cocoon party, Tuesday's Together party, Thursday’s Cream party, and Sunday’s Foam Party.

Amnesia User Reviews

Average rating:
Party all night long
Betsy J. Jul 23, 2013
I'll be honest. My whole trip to Spain started w/ my desire to see my favorite DJ, Paul Van Dyk play in Ibiza. So my boyfriend and I planned the rest of the week around clubbing at Amnesia & Paul. I bought the VIP tickets ahead of time which was the smartest thing to do once we got there and saw how crazy it was. We didn't get there until after midnight which was still too early really. Paul didn't come on until 4 am and my BF finally drug me outta there around 6:30 am or so. Paul was still playing and I didn't want to leave but he was done. The place is absolutely huge and I'm glad we did the VIP which gave us upstairs access overlooking the crowd below. I was prepared to be in the mosh-pit (if it went that way) so wore what I thought would be disposal heels but didn't need them w/ being on the 2nd floor most of the night. The club seems like it's in the middle of nowhere which was a bit far from where we were staying in the old historical part of Ibiza (behind the walls). The club scene is a huge contrast from the historical area but even more reason to take a trip there. A little bit of culture with a lot of partying, if that's what you want. Oh, and we went in late Sept. so it wasn't warm enough to be on the beach and most of the serious party-goers were already gone. I'd like to go back again but I'd go in high season to see what it's like. I would have liked to have checked out Pacha too but it didn't happen. Next time!
Party Party Party
Alida H. Jul 14, 2013
One of the best nights of my life, definitely lives up to its name. Amnesia is absolutely massive inside and has dancers all around the main room and the small room, which put on a great show all night. The crowd doesn't arrive till after 2am, although to avoid wait in lines, I'd arrive earlier. CAMERA's are apparently not allowed! Mine was confiscated and I was made to pay a couple euros for them to hold it in the cloak room. Inside people had cameras, so I believe the trick is to just put it in a guys pants or somewhere not noticeable when the bouncers check your bag ;) Drinks are pricey, but what do you expect in Ibiza. It is after all, IBIZA! Party capital. The crowd was great, very friendly atmosphere and people from all over the globe to strike up conversations with and take the night away. Put it on your bucket list! xox
Carmine X. Jun 28, 2013
Amazing People, Best Club in Ibiza
Alex C. May 30, 2013
The world best club
House Music Combines with Instrumentals for the Ultimate Ibiza Experience
Matt E. May 22, 2013
My first night in Ibiza, one in which I'd assumed lost after sleeping off a hangover; took the original expectations I had for my trip to the ultimate party island and took it to another stratosphere. My friend and I happened along a couple friendly Italians who took it upon themselves to show us an amazing night. That night started and ended with the Espuma Party at Amnesia. The club is enormous, the same as the line. So make sure you have tickets ahead of time. Separated into two completely distinct rooms, the Espuma and Terrace room is the place to be. House music is not house music until you have seen two guys come out with a sax and violin and start rocking out to some of the greatest hits, all while you have giant cannons blasting foam into the crowd. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience one that you will enjoy whether you are a fan of music, gorgeous women, or just a great clubbing atmosphere in general.
Sensory Overload
Edward S. May 15, 2013
Don't go to Amnesia to drink, you'll be bankrupt well before you're drunk. Go there to dance and listen to the finest dance music known to man. Live musicians, dazzling light shows and massive CO2 cannons are just some of the features that will make every night at amnesia incredibly memorable.
World Class
Timmy K. Mar 16, 2013
From CO2 cannons to espuma foam parties, disappointment is an aberration at Amnesia. During a one night expedition to Ibiza with no luggage and zero plans, the Cream Closing Party at Amnesia made for one of the best nights of my life. Captivated by the sounds of world class house DJ's like Benny Benassi, Calvin Harris, and Paul Van Dyk, the hardest part of the night was leaving at sunrise. The steep entrance fee is worth it, but prepare accordingly as a drink easily costs 20 euro. Entertainment does vary according to the night, so don't forget to check the line-up beforehand. If you've only one night in the party capital of the world, Amnesia is sure to leave you with some of the best friends and memories Ibiza has to offer.
Not for the faint of heart
Wanda V. Mar 12, 2013
Wake up the next morning forgetting a thing or two at this expansive and enormous club. Home to some of the best DJs in the world, Amnesia takes partying to a whole other level. Most of the time after 2 am it is shoulder to shoulder jam packed. There are two massive main dance floors that house an amazing sound system. Make your way upstairs to VIP and get away from the crowds for a classy area to relax and have a drink from the beautiful staff. Reach the balcony that overlooks the DJ booth and peer through the glass ceiling where you can directly view the DJ and their equipment. Definitely one of the best spots on the island.
Ellie E. Feb 13, 2013
After reading all the reviews I did not know what to expect with Amnesia but it was awesome! My friends and I had a great time. It makes for an exciting night, especially if you get there after midnight. Definitely check it out!
Alex B. Jan 31, 2013
This place is a huge complex. Went for Tinie Tempah and Eric Prydz and saw some of the best live performances I've ever seen. It was basically a concert, yet without all the hassle. There was barely any line at all; I just handed in the ticket and walked right in. The vibes in this place, with people coming from all over the world to attend clubs like this, is like nothing else I've ever seen. Zedd and Tinie Tempah had the crowd going until 6 am. He had all eyes on stage, roused a mosh pit, had every one jumping up and down and everyone was singing his songs in unison. It was an amazing club experience that once again felt more like a concert. Definitely must hit up if you're in Ibiza, I found it way better and more spacious than Pacha
We had to go!
Karla K. Dec 21, 2012
I was in Ibiza for my birthday and after asking people in our hostel and some of the people we randomly met, they told us Amnesia was one of the best clubs in the Island! I did my research that apparently reassured me that Amnesia would be an amazing place. We got there around midnight and there already was a line! The entrance cost was rather expensive, but we decided to go anyway, we had a good time, Ibiza can be quite wild when it comes to partying and we did see that but still I enjoyed my night, the drinks are quite expensive as well so I recommend going to a bar or buying your alcohol before hand and getting your drink on lol. Dress nicely but comfortable as I'd recommend dancing the night off when coming to party at Amnesia!
I Think I came on the Wrong Night
Risa C. Dec 12, 2012
Since I didn't read the party earth review before coming here, I came on a Friday or Saturday night (the two get confusing when you're on vacation) and I actually ended up leaving after about an hour. While the party was certainly entertaining with dancers on the stages and stilt walkers and all other sorts of intermixed entertainment, I came to Ibiza to hear house music and there was some Top 40 kind of ish going on which wasn't what I had expected. Also they weren't allowing cameras into the party so I had to check my camera at the door which made me incredibly nervous on vacation. I'd definitely give this place another shot on my next trip, but I would check the lineup ahead of time.
Jessica B. Dec 11, 2012
Amnesia is hands down my favorite club on the island! Some of the best parties I have ever been to have been at Amnesia. Monday nights for Cocoon Heroes is not to be missed & Fridays for Marco Carola's Music On party. If your looking for cheesy, house music I suggest you go on another night (try the Together or Cream Amnesia parties) another night of the week. They go well into the early morning so be prepared for a longggg night!! Like most parties in Ibiza, the party really gets going closer to 2AM. The dress code is also extremely casual. Most people were in shorts & tshirts and jeans, and usually in sneakers. They do accept credit card at the door so if you're running low on cash, and didn't buy a ticket prior to going to the partym you should be good to go.
Lauren T. Nov 27, 2012
This place is fantastic. I went to Ibiza this summer and Amnesia was my favorite club by far. The atmosphere is crazy - its huge with two main BIG rooms and people everywhere. I saw Afrojack and Knife Party there which honestly blew my mind. My biggest complaint is that they served drinks in glasses, which resulted in shattered glass EVERYWHERE and I cut my foot (not fun!). However if you're looking for a great time and great DJ's in the party capital of the world this is definitely the place to go! So nice that you can take the disco bus there. GO HERE! Afrojack came out in the crowd and danced -I had one of the best nights of my life at Amnesia!
Crazy Crazy Crazy
Gabe L. Aug 7, 2012
I went to Amnesia twice when I was in Ibiza. The first night was for the opening party of Together with Borgore and Chase and Status. The second night was for Cream with Calvin Harris. This place is insane. It really picks up around 1-2 am with a bunch of half naked British kids. Drinks are really expensive so I recommend pregaming hard. The main terrace is massive with a huge stage show. My friend and I managed to climb up onto a platform overlooking the crowd and the stage for Calvin. For those few hours on that platform I was king of Ibiza, and all the crowd were my minions who I summoned to dance.
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