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Home to one of the largest nightclub scenes on the planet, Ibiza is a hedonistic summer escape where masses of partiers converge to indulge in the wild nights, sunny days, and anything-goes attitude. The season picks up in May and June when clubbers from

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No doubt the most famous megaclub in the international clubbing community, Space is perhaps best known for its legendary We Love Space sessions on Sundays, a party that can last over thirteen hours and that draws an immense crowd of hardcore clubbers. Upon entering, patrons walk through a long outdoor corridor to the Sunset Terrace, where



Definitely the glitziest and most fashionable of the island’s clubs, Pacha also holds the distinction of being the only one open all year round. But like every other venue on the island, the club really shines in the summer when lines of stylish patrons are still filing in at 5am hoping to see and be seen. The club consists of several distinct areas, but the music here tends to be all variations



A virtual Shangri-La of clubbing, Privilege holds the distinction of being the largest club in the world where up to 10,000 people can dance shoulder to shoulder on any given night. Needless to say, everything about the place is massive, from the huge staircase at the entrance to the immense dome overhead to the many dance arenas that are simply jaw-dropping. The first such arena features a DJ booth



Amnesia has undergone a series of changes over the years, transforming from an open-air psychedelic oasis to an epic megaclub famous for hosting – and encouraging – all-night insanity. Thanks to its sheer size and varied theme nights, the massive two-room club is popular with a range of tastes, and the crowd can change dramatically from one day to the next. A giant dance floor in the first room



Considering Eden’s slightly faded look and industrial metallic framework, one might wonder just how this club got its name. But once the party starts and the laser lights begin to flash across the comparatively minimalistic design, it becomes infinitely clear what this club is all about – getting sloshed and letting it out on the dance floor. With two floors, two VIP areas, thirteen bars, and a

Es Paradis


Built to resemble a Greek temple inside and out – including its iconic pyramid roof – the multitier Es Paradis provides a captivating setting in which a clientele of glam-bassadors and glam-wannabes can dance the night away to an incredibly loud soundtrack. The white-on-white décor features elegant tented domes and huge hanging stars that cast pinpoints of white light over the crowd, as well as

Ibiza Rocks


On an island known for its club music scene, the Ibiza Rocks Hotel’s Wednesday-night concert has managed to carve out a home for live rock music that has attracted the likes of Keane, the Arctic Monkeys, MGMT, and a wealth of other big-name bands. The hotel’s rather blasé stucco façade gives way to


Playa d'en Bossa


One of the most well-known of Ibiza’s beaches, Playa d’en Bossa is comprised of two kilometers of white sand lined with a plethora of bars, clubs, and cafés, and offers enough aquatic activities to keep just about anyone occupied. Closer to town, pubs and bars provide a casual place to take a break from the sun, while the opposite end of the beach features more exclusive beachside cafés and terraces

Cala Gracio / Gracioneta


By far the nicest beach within walking distance of San Antonio, Cala Gracio/Gracioneta is actually two beaches inside a rocky-cliffed cove that creates a heart-shaped beach and calm waters. Long and narrow, Cala Gracio is the bigger of the two stretches of sand and draws the larger crowds, likely because it’s the closest of the pair to town and

San Antonio Beach


Situated between the town of San Antonio and the line of hotels stretching endlessly south is San Antonio Beach, a combination of well-maintained promenade on one side and a mile-long manmade beach on the other. Popular with a mostly British crowd, the area is home to a multitude of bars and cafés where many of the beachgoers start their cycle of partying. By day the scene consists mainly of sunbathers

Cala Conta


Small and rugged, Cala Conta is one of the less developed beaches on the island and is popular with a laid-back and largely local crowd of hippies, families, and nudists. A sandy peninsula in the center of the cove gives way to a rocky coastline that stretches into the distance on both sides and provides little nooks and hideaways for those who want a more private experience. Protected by an islet

Las Salinas


A rather exclusive beach just outside Ibiza Town, Playa de Las Salinas draws a more well-to-do crowd of jet-setters and the glitterati who leave their yachts behind to enjoy this pristine swath of sand. Although the dunes, cliffs, and salt fields that run along the rugged coastline give it a sense of exclusivity and isolation – and the beautiful sunbathing crowd is definitely on the mellower side


Sunset Strip


Popularly known as the Sunset Strip, this collection of western-facing waterside cafés is Ibiza’s undisputed center of sunset-watching. And firmly planted in the middle of it all is Café del Mar, the establishment that started the tradition. Now comprised of two different structures, the original space is a shiny little café resplendent with white tiles and mirrors, while the newer space is a hulking



With its panoramic views, relaxed atmosphere, and true Ibizan hippie-chic crowd, Kumharas is an amazing place to enjoy the famous island sunsets. The rustic décor only adds to the laid-back vibe, with sprawls of sofas and rattan tables that fill the open-air, twig-roofed terrace and offer front-row seating for the main event. Behind the terrace stands a giant stone tower flanked by the Bedouin-style

La Torre


It’s all about the scenery and the sunset at La Torre, a stunning guesthouse, restaurant, and bar perched high atop the Cap Negret cliffs on the western side of the island. Bathed in color and light, La Torre charms with its panoramic views of the blue sea and sky, the green hues of the surrounding nature, the red rock cliffs, and the gold sunset horizon for which it is most known. A rustic courtyard

The West End


As San Antonio’s nightlife district, the West End offers its mostly British denizens a sprawl of raucous bars concentrated within six square blocks just off the port. The neon signs of the endless bars on Calle de Santa Agnes begin to flash as soon as the sun sets, bringing out droves of young partiers who pack the entire area. The uproarious action also branches off onto the smaller but no less

Bora Bora


Whether patrons are looking for a place to go for a long pre-party before heading out for another endless club night, or just want to take part in a beachside free-for-all that rages on no matter what time of day it is, they’ll find it at Bora Bora. One of the most famous venues in Playa d’en Bossa, this bar, club, restaurant, and beach front

The Zoo Project


One of the most original club scenes on the island, The Zoo Project is a wild theme party that makes its home in an abandoned zoo and encourages partygoers, as the tagline says, to “release your animal.” The rowdy young crowd hardly needs to be told twice as they come ready to party, many of them decked out in animal prints and special makeup. The organizers cleverly use whatever is available in



Just off the San Antonio-Ibiza highway on the outskirts of sleepy San Rafael, Underground is an unassuming nightspot housed in a traditional Ibizan estate. Consisting of a small room with a bar, a larger room with a DJ booth and dance floor, and a spacious terrace with plenty of seating, the rustic structure has been left mostly intact, although a few imaginative details have been added to create

Teatro Pereyra


Nestled in a quiet back street in the shadows of the castle walls of Dalt Vila, Teatro Pereyra is a wood-beamed, high-ceilinged neighborhood saloon that offers a relaxing café environment by day and a spirited vibe by night. A front terrace sheltered beneath a white-columned arcade creates the atmosphere of an early 20th century New Orleans jazz house, a feel that is carried through to the interior

Villa Mercedes


Perched on an incline overlooking the harbor, Villa Mercedes is an early 20th-century two-story Mediterranean villa and compound that has been transformed into an elegant but accessible bar, lounge, and restaurant that draws a diverse crowd of locals, families, and tourists. The colonial villa itself sits in the middle of the sprawling area and provides a bistro-style experience on the ground floor

Raco Verd


Raco Verd (Green Corner) is an open-air bar and restaurant that’s been popular with an outgoing and welcoming crowd of locals for over fifty years. A spacious flower-laden terrace provides a relaxing environment for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, while the tree-shaded inner courtyard has been transformed into a live music venue, a relatively new feature that has proven a hit with the regulars. Although

El Ayoun


Tucked away behind an Arabian-style keyhole door in San Rafael is El Ayoun, an elegant restaurant and lounge with a decidedly Moroccan and Middle Eastern flair. Most of the venue’s space has been given over to the vast terrace and garden, whose white-tented dining enclaves and candlelit tables create a soothing aura conducive to long and lingering dinners. Inside, the bar and lounge areas feature


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