French Riviera Shopping Overview

Plage de la Croisette - Beach | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area in French Riviera

There’s high-end, and then there’s the French Riviera. It should come as no surprise that one of the most beautiful places on earth, a place that attracts celebrities, billionaires, and models, would also have some of the chicest shopping on the planet. Not to say that there aren’t bargains to be found, especially if you don’t want to spend 200 Euros on a swimming suit, but if you plan on shopping in the French Riviera, don’t pretend to be sticker shocked.

Starting off in Nice, Rue Masséna is a pedestrian walkway that runs parallel to the beach and is lined with shops, boutiques, and cafés. Store upon store upon store beckons shoppers to purchase that day’s swim outfit or that night’s clubbing attire. By no means is the area cheap, but shoppers here can rest assured that they’ll find some bargains in between the chic and trendy shops.

Whether you’re in Cannes for the film festival or to just soak up the sun, there are a plethora of stores and boutiques that cater to the see-and-be-seen set. La Croissette Boulevard is probably the most famous shopping stretch as it sits flush against the ocean and features stores like Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana. Those with tired feet can unwind at a variety of cafés and hotel lounges along the same stretch.

For the most expensive, unique, and highest-end French Riviera shopping though, nothing beats Monte Carlo in Monaco. Here the streets may as well be paved with gold considering what the real estate costs and the wealthiest, most famous, and glitziest clientele in the world shop, play, and shop some more in this gilt-edged paradise.

Popular French Riviera Neighborhoods

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