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Partying in the French Riviera: The Alternative View of the City's Social Scene

Rocking out at The Quay's in the French Riviera.

Rocking out at The Quay's in the French Riviera.



Bar / Live Music Venue

Wayne's - Bar | Live Music Venue in French Riviera.

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Jun 13, 2012 —  Antibes is one of the few areas in the French Riviera where the vibe is very laid back and it’s actually easy to strike up a conversation on the beach. As for Nice, there are some live music venues, but no one would call it a full-fledged music scene.

The city’s true party scene actually takes place on the beach at night when crowds of people show up to drink, smoke, and jam with guitars and drum circles.

While there are a few good options in this admittedly beautiful area, the social climate can ultimately be a bit too superficial.

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