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Maitre Gims


Nov 30, 2018 Palais Nikaia

Stade Charles Ehrmann
163 route de Grenoble
06200 Nice

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French Riviera Concerts Overview

Maitre Gims - Concert in French Riviera

People come to the French Riviera for many things, but concerts in the French Riviera aren’t typically one of them. That isn’t to say there’s not plenty of good live music to witness or that the occasional A-list star doesn’t come to the Mediterranean to rock out – but for the most part, big time music lovers would do well to find bigger scenes and concerts in other major cities.

For those music obsessed and big show starved, there are still a few stalwart venues that have seen the likes of Madonna, Coldplay, and the Scorpions to name a few. Palais Nikaia, L’altherax, and Stade Charles-Ehrmann host the Mediterranean paradise’s biggest shows.

Smaller venues shouldn’t be forgotten as live music can be heard all through the Riviera on any given night. In Juan-les-Pins, revelers can catch live Brazilian beats at Pam Pam Rhumerie while in Nice, live rock can be had at Blue Whales, Ma Nolan’s and Wayne’s, jazz at Sun 7 Café, and Cuban and Latin music at La Havane.

Sure, French Riviera concerts aren’t the first things people think of when searching the seaside paradise, but if the hankering for a little live toe tapping and booty shaking hits, there are still plenty of places to catch a show whether it’s in a small dive or a big stadium.

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