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Wayne's For the wildest party scene in Nice, it's hard to beat Wayne's, a neighborhood bar that is always packed with an international crowd of locals, travelers, and English speakers looking to let their hair down. French Riviera France 43.69667 7.2747758
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Wayne's - Bar | Live Music Venue in French Riviera.
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Party Earth Review For the wildest party scene in Nice, it’s hard to beat Wayne’s, a neighborhood bar that is always packed with an international crowd of locals, travelers, and English speakers looking to let their hair down... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily noon–2am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Wayne's Review

The Scene

For the wildest party scene in Nice, it's hard to beat Wayne's, a neighborhood bar that is always packed with an international crowd of locals, travelers, and English speakers looking to let their hair down.

For the wildest party scene in Nice, it’s hard to beat Wayne’s, a neighborhood bar that is always packed with an international crowd of locals, travelers, and English speakers looking to let their hair down.

Although the terrace is a prime location for grabbing a drink and mingling in the afternoon, the real action starts when the sun goes down. Patrons who manage to elbow their way through the pack should check out the back room where the young and rowdy clientele gathers to dance on the tables to live music.

The bar gives off more of a club vibe after midnight, when even the friendly English-speaking waitresses join the crowd to dance.

Inexpensive drinks do their part to contribute to the energetic vibe and frenzied revelers, and the venue does its best to promote that scene to the fullest.

Patrons may even want to check Wayne’s website the next day, as they just may see pictures of themselves engaged in the previous night’s revelry.

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Tip from Lucas:

Wayne’s is best on Thursday nights in the winter – women come in droves for Ladies’ Night, which creates a great atmosphere on the dance floor.

  • Crowd

    Rowdy and outgoing, expats, backpackers, international, 20s to early 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live music every night. Sporting events shown on large TVs. Theme nights on Wednesdays, including Jungle Party and 80s Night.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Restaurant serves steaks, burgers, fish and chips, and ribs noon–11pm. Happy Hour daily 5–9pm.

  • Prices

    Entrées €9–€20, burgers €5–€9. Beer €3.50–€6, mixed drinks €6.50+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code


  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night for Happy Hour. The bar is packed every night in the summer.

Wayne's User Reviews

Average rating:
Dancing in Table Tops
Claire T. Jul 26, 2013
If you like Katy Perry's song "Last Friday Night" and you would like to do what's on the list of things she had done on a party, or you just have some party bucket list, well you could definitely cross out "Dance in Table Tops" and mark it as done when you go out and have some fun in Wayne's. Wayne's is just a small Irish pub and putting up a dance floor would literally take space so to save space and have a unique feel, long wooden tables are ready for all. Dancing or not, these long tables really serve their purpose. Dine and drink before the heat goes up and by midnight expect a very crowded dance area.
Wayne's World
Alida H. Jul 14, 2013
Great night out. Lots of foreigners looking for a fun night out. By the end of the night people were dancing on tables and the staff were great! and could speak english. Drinks were reasonably priced for the riviera, so is a great place for pre drinking before going to another nightclub or stay there for the whole night. Great vibe, would definitely recommend and I will be sure to go back.
Dancing on Tables!!
Andrea A. May 25, 2013
Honestly I've never been to a place that you can eat and dance on the same table! By day this place has food and drinks and they place music of course. But, when the sun goes down this place is packed! They have a coat check in the front and some people complained about that. To be honest, it is so crowded and stuffy you won't want you coat inside. Just pay the 2 euro. Once inside, head to the very back with the dj and grab a spot on one of the tables. Seriously, best times I've had have been at Waynes!
Hot, Sweaty and Upbeat.
Francesca D. Apr 8, 2013
In the mood for a quiet night? Then don't go to Wayne's. The outside and entrance make Wayne's look like a laid back Irish Pub. However, venture deeper inside and you will find a jungle of bodies dancing on tables, or frankly anywhere there's room! If you're looking for an exciting night in Old City Nice, definitely try Wayne's!
Low-priced drinks and high-energy atmosphere make Wayne's a local favorite for travelers
Alison D. Apr 1, 2013
The picturesque (not to mention predominantly French speaking) atmosphere of the French Riviera has the potential to intimidate even the most cultured world traveler. Luckily Wayne’s in Nice provides a laid-back and welcoming setting for those looking to dance, drink, and mingle with fellow travelers. With an English speaking staff, wide selection of pub food, and theme nights featuring pop music, you won’t find many locals here. What it lacks in French authenticity, Wayne’s makes up for in pure rowdy fun-having. Dancing on tables is a common occurrence. Wayne’s has become the local favorite of the hoards of Aussies backpacking through Europe every summer, and is often recommended by word of mouth along the way. Whether just grabbing a happy hour cocktail or staying past midnight to dance to more club-like music, Wayne’s provides a welcome oasis for young travelers looking to avoid the high prices and pretension generally associated with the Côte d’Azur.
Sarah S. Mar 28, 2013
Wayne's bar, ah the wonderful mistakes I made here. This bar guarantees you a great night. Whether it's dancing on the tables, flirting with sexy international travelers, or singing at the top of your lungs, this bar will make you forget your responsibilities and encourage you to JUST DANCE. A great escape from the pretentious and expensive clubs often found in Nice, Wayne's is a local favorite not to be missed.
Alcia Melgosa
alicia m. Mar 16, 2013
Wayne's Bar is your reference bar if you want to enjoy an evening in the heart of the old town in Nice. Stewars speak french an English so you won't find any problem to order your meal and drinks. Go there around 8pm, you will find inside at the botton large tables. These are the best place to sit down because the band will start playing quite near of you. Just at the moment you have finished the dinner, a very incredible band starts playing and people start shaking from the top of the tables. Be sure you will have an unforgettable night in this great atmosphere.
Oh, Wayne's
Tara R. Dec 6, 2012
Good Old Wayne’s. I spent many a night merrily forgetting my responsibilities when I had to be up at seven in the morning. I even came here alone once and made friends within five seconds. There are many friendly, fellow travellers here all looking for a good night out, and Wayne’s definitely does that. You’ll end dancing on the tables--there’s something wrong with you if you don’t—if only to get away from sweaty everyone else. The drinks are cheap and the staff are great, which you don’t always find at bars in France. Come here drunk and come here often.
Wild Wayne's Travelers Bar
Danielle N. Nov 28, 2012
I spent my twentieth birthday talking the bartender into giving me free shots of tequila, getting strange older Italian men to buy me drinks, and jumping around on table tops to the music of a rowdy live band. This place is great- it's in a safe area- and it's run by an awesome staff. Ladies night is a most legitimate event and the food tastes delicious if you arrive early enough for some dinner. This is a great spot to meet other travelers, and to meet locals looking to keep the party going all night long. We were lucky enough to come across a Scottish guy with a few French friends, who knew where the after party nightclub was, and the after-after-party “locals only” tapas bar (1 Euro Coronas at 7am? Where am I..?). I couldn't give you the after-afterparty location even if I wanted to. But I highly recommend this spot for a fun boozy night out. :)
Multiphasic irish pub where you will have a wild night of fun and the chance to meet people from all over the world.
Karla C. Nov 1, 2012
Wayne's is one of the hottest spots in Nice, with an Irish pub theme and a friendly English speaking staff, this place attracts both locals and turists who are looking for a good time. In the afternoon you can relax while sitting in the terrace and have a nice chat with a cold drink in hand, but at night is when the real fun begins, in the early hours there is band playing live music and after midnight a DJ is sure to make everyone have a blast while they dance on the tables. When it comes to having a wild night of partying, there is no other bar in the area that can beat Wayne's.
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