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Party Earth Review Patrons will stroll into the past at Absinthe Bar, a museum and bar tucked away in an intimate cellar complete with dizzying posters of Van Gogh and the Green Fairy. The original 1850s bar adds to the authenticity and ambiance of the place, which also features four-spigot water fountains, delicate sugar spoons, and an antique wine collection. A unique display of hats isn’t just for show – the staff asks that absinthe-drinking customers don the hats as a tribute to the artists and writers who have turned to the green potion for inspiration for the past three hundred years. And when that artistic mood strikes, the easygoing yet adventurous patrons ... more


1 Rue Sade
06600 Antibes

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French Riviera Historic Bars Overview

Absinthe Bar - Absinthe Bar | Historic Bar in French Riviera

As a destination for the rich and famous for years, it stands to reason that there would be some timeless French Riviera historic bars for the glitterati to drink and play in. And while there aren’t a ton of historic bars, the ones that do exist bring a different kind of charm to this coastal paradise.

The best historic bars always have a few things in common. First, they usually have some incredible stories tied to them, like a drink was created there or someone famous wrote a novel there. Second, you can usually feel the history in the worn walls, floors, and bar that have taken abuse for years on end. And finally, most historic bars have a secret or two that can only be discovered by befriending the owners or bartenders.

One of the best historic bars in the French Riviera is Absinthe Bar. Opened in the 1850s, this bar is obviously known for one thing and one thing only – absinthe. Actually, it’s also known for the variety of hats hanging on the walls that the owner encourages customers to wear – but mostly it’s the absinthe. There’s also live jazz and blues throughout the week, and you never know if a struggling writer or artist will stop by to take down the green fairy for a little inspiration.

Historic bars always have a story to tell, and in the French Riviera those stories are typically about world-renowned writers and artists. So if you happen to be in the most beautiful place in the world, check out some of the coast’s drinking history – or get inspired like all the literary greats with a little bit of absinthe.

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