Florence Shopping Overview

Ponte Vecchio - Landmark | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area in Florence

Italy and shopping – it’s a no brainer. Italians love fashion and food and in Florence both are on full display between the shops, boutiques, and markets all over the city.

For some of the highest end shopping in Florence, not much beats Via della Vigna Nuova where store upon store features the world’s top designers, all squashed together through the very narrow alleyway. Some of the most sought after retail space lives right at the corner of Via della Vigna Nuova and Via de’ Tornbuoni and it’s not surprising that on one corner is the Gucci store and on the other is Bulgari.

If you’re looking to not mortgage your life in shoes and handbags, head over to Ponte Vecchio where countless jewelers, art dealers, and souvenir shops cater to locals and travelers alike who come to haggle but also admire the ancient architecture. But if you really like a bargain and want to barter for the cheapest handicrafts, curios, and even produce, head to the San Lorenzo Street Market where you can find the best in designer knock-off goods.

Florence shopping is full of sights, sounds, and smells, and if you want to find the chicest goods in Italy, knock-offs of those chic goods, or just some authentic Italian handicrafts, there are shopping streets, areas, and markets that will be just right for you.

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